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Introduction to Zhanjiang Preschool Education College

Zhanjiang Preschool Education College (湛江幼儿师范专科学校, website) originated in Lianjiang County Normal School established in 1925. In 2016, it was approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. school. Zhanjiang Preschool Teachers College, as the first batch of preschool teachers colleges in Guangdong Province, and Lingnan Normal University School of Basic Education implement one school and two licenses. In the past 100 years of school running, the school insists on training and training of excellent kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers as its main goal. The school serves as a provincial training base for kindergarten principals and kindergarten teachers in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province has established a joint construction unit of the National Teacher Education Innovation Experimental Zone, a standardized language demonstration school in Guangdong Province, and a deputy director unit of Guangdong Preschool Education Vocational Education Group. Zhanjiang City The sponsoring unit of the Early Childhood Education Association (Early Childhood Education Alliance) has won the Guangdong Provincial Civilized Unit, Guangdong Provincial Advanced Education System Advanced Collective, Guangdong Province “March 8 Red Banner Collective”, Jinwen Civilization Post, Advanced Elementary and Secondary School Continuing Education Advanced Unit, Zhanjiang City Civilized Unit Model, Volunteer strategic cooperation unit of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.

Zhanjiang Preschool Education College currently has four campuses: the main chapter of Mazhang, Chikan, Suixi and Lianjiang. The main campus is located in Zhanjiang Education City with a strong cultural atmosphere and well-known universities. The built-up area covers an area of 498.69 acres, and another 500 acres of land are reserved. The total value of teaching equipment is 30.6 million and the total value of fixed assets is 53.16 million yuan. It has a collection of 502,400 paper books and 108 professional training rooms and dedicated classrooms. The school has a high academic level, rich teaching experience, dedicated and dedicated teachers. There are currently 442 full-time teachers, including 65 senior and senior professional and technical posts, 191 master’s and doctoral degree teachers, including returnee teachers. 15 people.

The school upholds the deep history accumulation, strengthens the superior specialty, becomes the fine teacher specialty, develops the emerging specialty, strengthens the specialty specialty. Pre-school education, Chinese language education, mathematics education, English education, music education, art education, physical education, art education, history education, modern education technology, ideological and political education, science education, business English, applied electronics technology, digital media applications Technology, logistics management, tourism management, hotel management, cooking technology and nutrition, applied English, secretarial, social sports, social work and other 25 college-level specialties, enrolling students in 12 provinces and regions across the country; at the same time enrolling five-year, three-two There are 10326 full-time enrolled students in pre-school education at the secondary and ordinary three-year levels. In addition, there are three adult correspondence college majors including preschool education, language education, and English education, with 454 students studying. In 2019, the school fully participated in the higher vocational enrollment expansion plan. There were 20 out-of-school cooperative schools, and the total number of enrollment expansions was 2529, ranking the top in the province.

Zhanjiang Preschool Education College adheres to the characteristics of normal education and strengthens the cooperative and interactive relationship with kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. It has more than 100 educations including 2 affiliated kindergartens, the first kindergarten in Zhanjiang, the first kindergarten in Lianjiang, Yutangfu, Sheraton Hotel Practice bases and professional practice bases. The students of the cooking technology and nutrition major were invited to the Boao Forum for 7 consecutive years to “cook for the heads of state”. The school adheres to the combination of teaching, learning and research to provide a growth platform for teachers and students. In 2018, the school hosted the “Power System” annual meeting. In 2019, in the “Innovative and Strong School” assessment, the school ranked 33rd in the province’s vocational colleges, and the pass rate of the 2019 graduate teacher qualification certificate was 70%. On average, more than 400 students are admitted to undergraduate colleges and universities each year, and the employment rate of graduates has been above 98% in recent years.

Zhanjiang Preschool Education College has achieved remarkable results in teaching and educating people. Teachers have won 170 national, provincial and municipal awards including the National Outstanding Teachers, Nan Yue Outstanding Teachers, Zeng Xianzi Fund Award, and the May 1 Labor Medal. Five of them were hired as high-level experts in Zhanjiang Talent Station. In 2019, the school won one national second prize, one provincial first prize, one second prize, three third prizes, and five outstanding prizes in the “National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest.” “Guangdong University Students’ Extracurricular Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition won 1 special prize, 1 second prize, and 7 third prizes.

In the past three years, Zhanjiang Preschool Education College has successively undertaken 141 scientific research projects at various levels. The number of scientific research projects in the humanities and social sciences ranks 6th in the province. It has published more than 400 papers in various academic journals. unit. The school will gradually promote educational exchanges and cooperation with governments and educational institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and other countries.

Zhanjiang Preschool Education College has seized the opportunity of the country’s vigorous development of preschool education and innovation-driven development strategies, and the integration of production and education. Based on Zhanjiang, facing Guangdong, and serving the whole country, it strives to build the province’s leading, first-class Beibu Gulf region, and the country’s High-influenced and distinctive high-level normal colleges.


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