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Zhangzhou Institute of Technology


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Introduction to Zhangzhou Institute of Technology

Zhangzhou Institute of Technology (漳州职业技术学院, website) was formerly known as Zhangzhou Vocational University, which was founded in 1984. In April 2002, it was renamed Zhangzhou Vocational and Technical College with the approval of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government. The school is a full-time public vocational college hosted by the Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government. It currently has more than 900 full-time and part-time teachers, including more than 230 teachers with senior titles, and more than 640 teachers with “double-teacher” qualifications. Full-time students Almost 13,000 people. There are 10 secondary colleges and teaching units such as the public teaching department, the ideological and political theory teaching and research department, and the adult education department; applied electronics technology, computer network technology, food processing technology, logistics management, numerical control technology, construction engineering technology, etc. Fifty higher vocational majors are mainly in engineering, with a coordinated development in liberal arts, economics, and management, and are closely connected with regional economic development.

The Zhangzhou Institute of Technology currently has 6 national key majors, 2 national professional service capacity building majors, 7 provincial quality majors, 12 provincial demonstration majors, and 3 provincial college innovation and entrepreneurship education pilot programs. There are 18 majors in the quality evaluation of professional construction in higher vocational colleges in Fujian Province; 1 national training base for backbone teachers in higher vocational schools; 1 national career development and employment guidance demonstration course, and provincial excellent courses, 4 provincial-level excellent resources sharing courses for innovation and entrepreneurship education in provincial universities, 8 national planning textbooks for vocational education during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and 19 unique working pages; 2 provincial comprehensive vocational teaching reform pilot projects, and provincial education 6 reform pilot projects, 5 provincial college reform research projects; 1 national modern apprenticeship pilot project, 7 provincial modern apprenticeship projects, 2 provincial “dual system” reform majors; 2 provincial teaching teams 7, 10 provincial-level teaching teachers, 16 provincial-level professional leaders; 1 second-level national teaching achievement award, 2 special provincial awards, and 3 first-class awards And 6 second prizes.

Since 2004, school students have won more than 220 third-level awards and more in national vocational skills competitions such as the National Numerical Control Skills Competition, and more than 500 third-level awards in provincial vocational skills competitions and more. In recent years, the school has successively undertaken 2 “national competitions” and more than 50 “provincial competitions”, and has won 8 first prizes, 27 second prizes and 43 third prizes. “114 first prizes, 80 second prizes, and 47 third prizes.

The Zhangzhou Institute of Technology has continuously expanded the channels for running schools. It has joined with relevant technical and vocational colleges and industry associations in Canada, Germany, Singapore and other countries and Taiwan to introduce joint schools, teacher training, advanced education concepts, management concepts, courses, and professional qualification standards It has carried out substantive cooperation and has taken the lead in setting up a Daimler-Benz Star-Cast Education Program in the province to further improve its school running ability.

Under the leadership of the Zhangzhou Municipal Government, Zhangzhou Institute of Technology cooperated with more than 200 well-known enterprises such as Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Co., Ltd., Fujian Malata Group, and Fujian Zishan Group Co., Ltd. The “Zhangzhou School-Enterprise Cooperation Committee”, which involves the participation of the government, enterprises and schools, vigorously promotes order training and the combination of engineering and learning. It has implemented order training in 19 majors, and implemented “alternative engineering and training” talents in each major. So far, more than 50,000 technical personnel have been sent to the society that can meet the needs of production, construction, management, and service. With positive contributions, the quality of talent training is generally welcomed by employers and society.

The effectiveness of Zhangzhou Institute of Technology in school running has been fully affirmed and praised by the higher-level leadership departments and all sectors of society. In 2002, it was awarded the advanced unit of vocational education in Fujian Province. In 2003, it was identified as one of the 90 higher vocational colleges in the country that is responsible for the training of NC technology application professional skills in short supply. In 2004, it successfully passed the level of higher vocational talent training. Excellent evaluation, passed the second round of evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges in 2015; won the national advanced unit of vocational education in 2005; determined by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in October 2007 as “National Model Higher Vocational College Construction Plan” The project construction unit passed the national acceptance check in June 2010; it was rated as the “National Typical Graduate Employment Experience College” by the Ministry of Education in April 2010; it was identified as the national key construction vocational education teacher training training by the Ministry of Education in June 2012 Base; in May 2014 won the fourth “Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School Award”. The school ranks 18th in the national vocational colleges and universities in the “2012-2016 National General College Competition Evaluation Results (Higher Vocational Group)”; in Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (CASEE), Wuhan University, China The “2018-2019 China Higher Vocational Colleges Competitiveness Ranking” jointly released by the Scientific Evaluation Research Center (RCCSE), China Education Quality Evaluation Center and China Science and Education Evaluation Network ranked 90th.


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