Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology

Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology

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Introduction to Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology

Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology (漳州科技学院, website) is located in the characteristic cultural town of Pantuo, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou City, at the foot of the beautiful Liangshan Mountain, beside the Swan Lake, beside the 324 National Highway. A non-profit vocational college founded by Tea King, Tianren Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tianfu Group, Mr. Li Ruihe, in 2007.

Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology focuses on national economic transformation, industrial upgrading of enterprises, and the strategic layout of the “Belt and Road” initiative to consolidate the foundation for running schools, deepen the integration of production and education, and build professional brands. At present, the school is a national Spark Program project, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” science and technology support program project and a national foreign aid training program to undertake colleges, national tea culture backbone teacher training bases, national high-skilled talent training bases, and national women’s entrepreneurship and employment training demonstration bases. , National New Vocational Farmer Cultivation Demonstration Base, Fujian Provincial Higher Vocational College Tea Industry Application Technology Cooperative Innovation Center, Fujian Provincial University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, the nation’s first vocational college with qualifications for recruiting foreign students and Taiwan students.

In recent years, the school has continuously optimized the professional structure and innovated the talent training model. It has won 3 provincial-level specialty groups (tea industry, food industry, cultural and creative industry), and 2 provincial-level demonstration points of integration of production and education (marketing, tea arts). And tea art marketing). In the province’s vocational college skills competition, the total score of private colleges ranked first.

The Tea Academy is a national demonstration point of national culture innovation and inheritance. It is a training base and a productive training base for the provincial tea industry demonstration professional group. The tea cultivation and tea processing specialty has been awarded the provincial demonstration specialty and the national vocational college skills. The first prize and second prize of the Chinese Tea Art Competition; won the first prize of the Chinese Tea Art of the National Handmade Tea Competition and the Fujian Vocational College Skills Competition for 6 consecutive years.

The Business School is a pilot unit of provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education reform and the modern apprenticeship system. It is a provincial demonstration professional group. The marketing major has won the provincial demonstration of integration of production and education. Won the second and third prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition Marketing, and won the first prize in the Fujian Vocational College Skills Competition Marketing for 3 consecutive years.

The School of Health Management is the provincial Fujian-Taiwan food processing and safety application technology engineering center in Fujian universities and a professional base for the provincial food industry. It has won the second and third prizes of the agricultural product quality and safety testing, industrial analysis and inspection competitions of the provincial vocational college skills competition.

The Cultural and Creative Professional Group of the School of Arts and Design is a provincial-level production and education demonstration specialty construction and training unit. Students have won the second prize of the provincial vocational college skills competition art design second prize, the animation design third prize, and the garden landscape design third prize. University Design Exhibition Silver Award.

The School of Architecture and Engineering has won the first, second, and third prizes of the architectural CAD competition of the Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition for many times; the second prize of engineering graphics and the third prize of engineering surveying and engineering cost; the innovation of the “He Vocational Education Cup” in Fujian Province Bronze Award in Entrepreneurship Competition.

Zhangzhou College of Science & Technology has established school-enterprise cooperative relations with Zhangpu County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, more than 10 talent service centers, and more than 110 enterprises, establishing a broad graduate employment cooperation platform.

New era, new dream, new journey! The college will focus on and serve local economic development, gather major health industry upgrades, build a deep integrated development of Fujian-Taiwan education, and build a five-in-one cultural industry park of “medicine, education, teaching, research, and production” to achieve upgrading to a professional undergraduate Institutions work hard.


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