Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College

Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College

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Introduction to Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College

Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College (张家口职业技术学院, website) is a full-time ordinary college approved by the Ministry of Education with the goal of cultivating high-end technical professionals. It is the first batch of higher vocational colleges in the country to be launched. It was originally established by Zhangjiakou University, Zhangjiakou Agricultural Machinery Engineering School, The three schools of Jiaotong School were merged and formed. Over the years, the college has trained more than 70,000 professional and technical personnel for local economic development.

Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College now covers an area of 425.9 acres, with a construction area of 143,000 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 310 million yuan, of which the average value of teaching instruments and equipment per student is 4935.88 yuan, and the collection of books is 837,800 (including e-books). The college currently has nearly 5,000 full-time students, 435 staff members, including 252 full-time teachers, 3 doctors, 2 doctors, 120 masters, 17 masters, and 153 teachers with senior titles (among them 40 professors). The college has 1 “Hebei Province outstanding young and middle-aged experts”, “Hebei model teachers, outstanding teachers” 6 people, selected “Zhangjiakou City Outstanding Talents, Outstanding Talents” 6 people, selected Hebei Province colleges and universities related teaching 6 members of the Steering Committee, 7 persons selected at the second and third levels of the “three, three and three” talents in the new century in Hebei Province, 10 candidates for the first batch of “Famous Teachers” in Zhangjiakou City; 29 professional leaders in the college, There are 74 backbone scientific research teachers, 132 dual-quality teachers, and 126 part-time teachers from enterprises. The average annual social training is nearly 6,000.

Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College has 8 departments and basic departments, social sciences, and physical arts, including automotive engineering, information engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, applied foreign languages, decorative arts, and economic management. There are 28 majors in operation, with 6 characteristic backbone specialties such as automobile inspection and maintenance technology, including: mechatronics, road and bridge engineering technology, and national financial support for higher vocational colleges to improve service industry capacity building majors; automobile inspection and maintenance The two majors of maintenance technology and mechatronics technology are provincial demonstration majors; “NC machining programming and operation”, “Automotive engine technology and maintenance” 2 provincial-level excellent courses, 30 college-level excellent courses, of which. The college has a national-level electric automation technology (new energy direction) training base, a national-level auto repair training base and a provincial-level electromechanical training base, and is a graduate employment (entrepreneurial) service base for colleges and universities in Hebei Province. There are 9 on-campus training centers and 94 off-campus training bases. It has the National Model Skills Appraisal Office, China Automobile Talent Training Project Authorized Teaching Base, Special Skills Certification Training and Assessment Base, National First-Class Automobile Driver Training School, and Hebei Famous and Excellent Driving School.

Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College was successfully approved as a national-level auto repair and training base in 2007, and obtained 3.2 million yuan in special construction funds from the central government. 80690 square meters; led the formation of Zhangjiakou Transportation Vocational Education Group in 2009; was identified as a model construction unit in Hebei Province in 2010; with the support of the municipal government, it established “Zhangjiakou” City Advanced Manufacturing Technology Innovation Service Platform “; in 2011, it successfully passed the second round of evaluation of talent training by the Ministry of Education; it was successfully approved as a national-level electric automation technology (new energy direction) training base and Hebei college graduate employment (entrepreneurship) Service base; two majors of mechatronics major and road and bridge engineering technology that have been approved by the central financial support for higher vocational schools to improve their professional service development capabilities. In September 2013, he co-founded the “Zhangjiakou Private Economic College” with Zhangjiakou City Federation of Industry and Commerce; after 2012, he was again named the Civilized Unit of Hebei Province in 2014. In 2014, he was awarded the title of “Advanced Collective of Educational Work in Zhangjiakou City”; the college’s leadership team was rated as the “Outstanding Achievement Leadership Team in 2013” by the Municipal Party Committee; and it was named the “Advanced Unit for Recruitment of College Students in Hebei Province” and the “Ninth Social Science of Zhangjiakou City” “Outstanding Achievement Organization Award”, which has won 39 provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards. In recent years, more than 30 million yuan have been accumulated in the construction of training bases and provincial demonstration schools that have received financial support from the national, provincial, and municipal levels.


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