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Introduction to Zhangjiakou University

Zhangjiakou University (张家口学院, website) is a teaching and applied undergraduate university established in April 2013 with the approval of the Ministry of Education as the main subject of education, medicine and management, and the multidisciplinary support of literature, science, physical education, and art. The school is located at the south foot of the West Taiping Mountain in Zhangjiakou City where the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held. The Great Wall of China winds through the campus, which is the only landscape of Chinese universities. Now it is the national primary and secondary school teacher training base, Hebei primary and middle school primary and secondary school teacher training base, and the first batch of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic training base.

The Zhangjiakou University campus covers an area of 656 acres, with a planned area of nearly 1,000 acres. The total area of the existing school building is 220,000 square meters. The campus is built on the mountain, with green shades, green terraces, and water features. It is an ideal place for studying and studying. The school’s existing teaching and research equipment is worth more than 75 million yuan, and the library’s paper collection is 1.16 million. It has 10 experimental centers and 120 training bases. It has 1 affiliated primary school, 1 affiliated kindergarten, and 2 affiliated hospitals. Among them, Zhangjiakou First People’s Hospital is an affiliated hospital directly under our school.

Zhangjiakou University’s existing colleges of education, teacher education, grammar and law, mathematics and information science, foreign language school, school of tourism and environment, school of economics and management, school of nursing, medical school, clinical medical school, sports school, ice and snow school, art There are 14 secondary colleges and 1 ideological and political theory teaching and research department in the college and the music school. The school has 29 undergraduate majors, covering 10 disciplines, forming a professional group of teacher education disciplines based on young teachers, a professional group of nursing medical technology oriented to basic health and health, and a financial and accounting management professional group serving small, medium and micro enterprises. Ecological environment professional group, focusing on the special features of the winter Olympics and snow. There are more than 12,000 full-time students.

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Zhangjiakou University has a team of teachers with excellent quality, reasonable structure and innovation. There are 507 full-time teachers, including 229 teachers with senior professional titles, 75 professors, 299 master-doctoral teachers, and more than 100 outstanding teachers of various types at the provincial and municipal levels. The school actively participates in international inter-school exchanges and cooperation, and has a good cooperative relationship with Wright State University in the United States and Regent International Education Group in New Zealand.

Zhangjiakou University has trained more than 60,000 outstanding graduates who have adapted to the needs of economic and social development for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas. In recent years, the employment rate of fresh graduates has been above 95%, which is among the top universities in the province. The University has actively integrated the three historical tasks of “2022 Winter Olympics” preparation, “Capital Water Conservation Function Zone” and “Ecological Environment Supporting Zone” construction, insisting on the path of connotative development, quality development, and characteristic development. Regional well-known universities make unremitting efforts!


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