Zaozhuang Vocational College

Zaozhuang Vocational College


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Introduction to Zaozhuang Vocational College

Zaozhuang Vocational College (枣庄职业学院, website) is a full-time public college approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Zaozhuang Technician College is a technical college approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government to train preparatory technicians and senior technicians. The Zaozhuang Vocational College and the Zaozhuang Technician College are integrated. It is invested and built by the Zaozhuang Municipal People’s Government and managed at the provincial and municipal levels.

Zaozhuang Vocational College has two campuses: Zaozhuang New City and Taierzhuang Ancient City. It covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a construction area of 240,000 square meters. There are currently 140 experimental, practical training rooms and internship bases. There are more than 13,000 students in the school, more than 550 teachers, and more than 75% of the teachers are “dual teachers”. Teachers have won the National Model of Teaching and Education, National Technical Experts, National May 1 Labor Medal, Shandong Vocational College Teaching Master, Fumin Xinglu Labor Medal, Top Ten Labor Stars of Shandong Province, Chief Technician of Shandong Province, Shandong Technical Experts, Outstanding young scientific and technological talents in Shandong Province.

Zaozhuang Vocational College consists of 11 teaching institutions, including medical schools, 11 party and government management organizations, and an independent legal entity. Established 36 higher vocational majors and more than 20 senior technicians and technicians majors, established 2 key financial support construction majors, 5 national high-skilled talent training base construction project key majors, 3 provincial specialty majors, 2 Provincial brand professional group, 1 provincial demonstration professional group, 2 special training courses, 18 provincial-level excellent courses and 5 provincial-level professional education resource sharing courses.

Zaozhuang Vocational College students have won more than 100 national, provincial and municipal skills competition awards, among which the chemical production technology major won the first prize of the national vocational college skills competition group first prize, the stomatology major won the national health vocational college oral cavity First place in the skills competition group. Broaden the channels for running schools, improve the employability of students, and actively cooperate closely with the government, industry, and enterprises to lead the establishment of 4 municipal vocational education groups, and jointly build the Sino-German Nuohao Automotive Academy and Manbotong Animation Academy, with more than 100 Enterprises cooperate to establish productive training bases and off-campus practice bases. The college has set up a student entrepreneurship park in Zaozhuang City (secondary) college to strengthen education in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the employment rate of students has remained above 96%.

Zaozhuang Vocational College has successfully hosted the first China Welders TV Contest, the third National Workers Vocational Skills Competition CNC Turning Finals, the national race chemical production technology selection contest, etc., and has been established as a national high-skilled talent training base and national employee vocational skills training Bases, national-level migrant worker training demonstration bases, national employee education training demonstration sites, national Xueleifeng education bases, Qilu craftsman craftsmanship experience bases, were awarded national advanced units of college and secondary school student volunteer summer “three going to the countryside” social practice activities National colleges and universities of advanced energy-saving management, national model units for greening, advanced units of vocational education in Shandong Province, advanced collectives of ideological and political education in Shandong universities, advanced collectives of technical education in Shandong province, etc. , Was commended as the advanced collective for comprehensive assessment of the city’s economic and social development.


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