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Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) was founded in 1951, and designated as one of the key provincial institutions of higher education by Yunnan Provincial Government in 1995. YUFE is a multi-disciplinary university which excels in economics and management but also offers high-quality programs in philosophy, law, liberal arts, natural science and engineering. The university offers undergraduate courses and graduate courses. Located in the north of “he city of eternal spring” Kunming, YUFE occupies an area of 81.5 hectares. The campus environment is pleasant and all necessities are provided to students for their convenience. The university’s facilities are among the best ones in the business-oriented universities in China. The university has an advanced multifunctional library that hosts collection of 1,870,000 books volumes and high-tech laboratories, multimedia conference centers, electronic reading rooms and modern multi-function gymnasium. The clean and comfortable dormitory, equipped with complete supporting facilities, is much appreciated by students and teachers alike.

YUFE now enrolls students from 31 provinces and a total of more than 32,000 students including full-time undergraduates, graduates, part-time students, international students and adult education trainees. The teaching team of YUFE consists of over 1,500 faculty members including over 1,055 full-time lecturers. The University has established 20 schools and 2 departments. YUFE offers 50 Bachelor’s programs in the fields of economics, management, laws, philosophy, liberal arts, natural science, engineering and arts. Moreover, YUFE is entitled to grant first-class Master’s degrees in 10 areas, including Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Marxist Theory, Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology, as well as Public Management. There are a total of 57 second-class master’s degree programs and 10 professional master’s degree including philosophy, economics, laws, natural science, engineering and management. We have established a training system that focuses on undergraduate education with graduate education, overseas student education and further education, creating more and better employment conditions for the students. In 2013, YUFE was officially approved to confer the doctor’s degree, and applied economics, statistics, business administration are the first-class disciplines that were approved.

In addition to teaching, YUFE has established 69 full-time and part-time research centers. The university publishes a academic periodical, namely Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, aiming at promoting the globalization of higher education and academic research. YUFE has established close links with more than 80 universities in nearly 30 countries around the world by recruiting overseas students, conducting faculty and student exchange programs as well as joint degree programs. Now, more than 30 foreign teachers and over 700 long-term or short-term overseas students are teaching or studying at YUFE every year. In addition, YUFE has also created a set of international courses taught in English for the discipline of International Commercial Chinese. YUFE has joined 4 universities in China and Australia to found the “Shangri-la University Alliance” that enrolls students from all over the world. Currently, the student number of the five Sino-foreign joint education programs approved by the Academic Committee of the State Council has increased to 2500.

With a history of more than 50 years, the picturesque and tranquil campus of YUFE has fostered many talents. With the motto of “learn vigorously and practice earnestly, be virtuous and ambitious”, YUFE has been striving to become a well-known finance and economy oriented university and open itself to the world by hosting academics and students from home and abroad in the 21st century. Right here in YUFE, you can feel the pulse of the development of Chinese economy, understand the contemporary Chinese spirit of seeking truth from facts while keeping pace with the times, and witness the process of China blending into the world.


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About Kunming

Kunming (City Panorama), capital of Yunnan Province, is the political, cultural, economic, and transportation center of Yunnan Province and a portal to Southeast Asia and southwest China. A large number of travelers have been attracted there to enjoy its spring-like climate and spectacular scenery. Kunming has a population of about 6.2 million people, of which about 6% are minority nationalities including Yi, Hui, and Miao people. You can get an insight into the lives of the minority communities by visiting Yunnan Minority Village and Jianshui Ancient Town. 

  • Kunming is known as the Spring City” due to the fact that every season is like spring. It is a good place to escape the hot summer and the frozen winter.
  • Covered with blossoms and lush vegetation all year round, Kunming is reputed as the Flower City”.
  • Home to many ethnic minority groups, Kunming is the focal point of the Yunnan minority culture.
  • Blessed with karst landscapes, snowcapped mountains, and red lands, Kunming is a heaven for photographers
  • It is convenient to travel from Beijing/Shanghai/Xi’an, and easy to travel to Lijiang/Dali/Shangri-La/Chengdu.


In Kunming, picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Its dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of cities and nationalities in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes.
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