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Yunnan University of Business Management


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Introduction to Yunnan University of Business Management

Yunnan University of Business Management (云南经济管理学院, website) is a predecessor of the Yunnan Educational Technology Training School founded in 1992. It is one of the earliest private schools in Yunnan. In 2014, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as a full-time private undergraduate college. Since the establishment of the school, it has experienced the development process from leased land to self-built school buildings, from non-degree education to diploma education, from secondary vocational education to higher vocational education, and then to applied undergraduate education. It has trained more than 90,000 graduates for the country.

Yunnan University of Business Management is located in the spring city of Kunming, located in the core area facing the radiation center of Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia. It enjoys rich economic, cultural and educational resources in the provincial capital. The existing Haiyuan and Anning campuses cover a total area of 1155 acres. The total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 177,793,300 yuan, and the library’s total literature resources are 4,235,400 volumes. It has a new generation of “digital campus” with “gigabit backbone” and “20G exit bandwidth”. The campus environment of the school is beautiful, and the basic facilities such as teaching, scientific research, sports, and life are complete.

Yunnan University of Business Management currently has 7 second-level colleges of finance and accounting, international business school, engineering school, school of arts and media, school of education and medical school, offering 36 undergraduate majors, covering management, economics, engineering, and medicine , Education, literature, art, and law. There are 36,234 full-time students, including 59 foreign students. 1506 full-time teachers, 581 full-time teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 38.58% of full-time teachers; 826 full-time teachers with postgraduate degrees (masters and doctors), accounting for 54.85% of full-time teachers, employing part-time teachers outside school 685 people. There are more than 10 experts in Yunnan Province, including the Ten Thousand-Year Plan Teacher, Yunnan Province has outstanding professional and technical talents, Yunnan young and middle-aged academic technology leaders, Yunnan Province teaching masters, and Yunnan Province colleges and universities outstanding young teachers and other experts.

Yunnan University of Business Management adheres to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adheres to the direction of running a socialist school, fully implements the party’s education policy, and adheres to the “student-centric, loving education, serving regional economic and social development, and training high-quality applied talents” The concept of running a school, upholding the motto of “honesty and virtue”, has formed a good school style of “educating people with love and knowing by practice”, integrating ideological and political education throughout the entire education process, and integrating socialist core values into all aspects of education and teaching.

Yunnan University of Business Management through the comprehensive reform and innovation of talent training model, professional construction, curriculum system, curriculum construction, teaching material construction, applied teaching content, teaching methods, credit system, etc. The application-oriented talent training approach has formed the “334” talent training model. At present, there are two experimental teaching demonstration centers and virtual simulation experimental centers in Yunnan universities, two provincial teaching teams, seven provincial quality courses and bilingual demonstration courses, and 144 provincial quality projects. Economic management, engineering training, Civil engineering and other 11 experimental centers and a number of off-campus practice teaching bases. The project has established a key laboratory in Yunnan Province and a science and technology innovation team in Yunnan Province. It has jointly established the Academician Jin Jianming Work Station with the Yunnan Institute of Ecological Agriculture; established the Natural Medicine Research Institute, the Modern Supply Chain Research Institute, and the Rural Rejuvenation Research Institute, Research Institute of Industrial Intelligent Application Technology, Big Data Accounting Research Institute, Child Development Research Institute and other scientific research institutions. In recent years, school teachers have hosted more than 130 national social science funds, social science funds of the Ministry of Education, and provincial and provincial-level projects, and participated in the National 863 Project Crop Genotype Induction Regulation and Expression Technology (GPIT); He has published more than 4,100 academic papers, including 10 articles in SCI, 11 articles in EI, I4 articles in CSSC, and 85 articles in CPCI. He has obtained 3 invention patents, 185 new practical patents and appearance patents, and 90 software copyrights.

Yunnan University of Business Management took the lead in setting up the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among universities in the province, established a national incubation space, a small enterprise entrepreneurship demonstration park in Yunnan province, and a provincial campus entrepreneurship platform in Yunnan province, and actively explored “professional + entrepreneurship” Ecosystem of applied talent training and entrepreneurship education. “The Construction and Practice of the Entrepreneurship Education System of Applied Universities” won the first prize of the eighth teaching achievement in Yunnan Province, and the student entrepreneurial team won the fifth prize of the fifth China Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the third China First prize of Vocational Education Society Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Yunnan University of Business Management has won a number of honors including “China’s Excellent Private Education School”, “Yunnan Civilized School”, “Yunnan Provincial Private Education Advanced Collective”, “5A-level Social Organization”, “Yunnan Typical Employment and Entrepreneurship University”. In recent years, the year-end employment rate of school graduates has remained above 98%, and has won the “First Prize for the Responsibility Assessment of Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in Yunnan Province” for 9 consecutive years.

As the construction unit of the first batch of application-oriented talent training demonstration colleges in Yunnan Province, the university will be based in Yunnan, facing the country, radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia, serving regional economic and social development and industrial structure adjustment, cultivating a solid professional foundation, strong practical ability, and a sense of social responsibility And innovative entrepreneurship, high-quality application-oriented talents with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, artistic, and labor.



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