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Introduction to Yunnan University Dianchi College

Yunnan University Dianchi College (云南大学滇池学院, website) was founded in 2001. It is an independent college with the largest scale and first-class talent training quality in Yunnan Province, which was set up by Yunnan University, a national “double first-class” university, and approved by the Ministry of Education. The school has two campuses-Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort Campus and Kunming Yanglin Campus, covering an area of 696708 square meters and a building area of 382335 square meters. The total asset value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 97.696 million yuan; the school library has 1.495 million books and 717,000 electronic books; there are more than 19,000 campus network information points, which are located in various areas of the campus, and the network exit bandwidth is 20G; Equipped with water dispenser, toilet, uninterrupted hot water supply system and other facilities; socialized logistic support system provides medical and catering services to teachers and students, including services such as medical care, catering, shopping, and banking.

Yunnan University Dianchi College currently has 8 disciplines and 50 undergraduate majors, covering economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, management, and arts. There are 11 branches, 2 public teaching departments, and 1 research center. There are more than 18,000 full-time students from 27 provinces (cities, districts) across the country, and more than 40,000 graduates.

A total of more than 2,500 people have been admitted to graduate school, of which 70% have passed the “985” and “211” colleges, and have been hailed as the “cradle of graduate students” by the society. Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University and other 24 “985” universities and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences all have our students studying for graduate students, and more than 70 undergraduates from our university studying for doctorates in “985” universities. . More than 3,500 people have been admitted to civil servants and public institutions, and have been hailed as “the cradle of civil servants” by the society. The pass rate of the national uniform legal professional qualification examination reaches about 50% of the number of reference students. The qualification rate of assistant accountants and other qualification certificates ranks among the top in private undergraduate universities in the province. The passing rate of the English majors ‘eighth and fourth level exams, as well as the Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese majors’ passing rates ranks first in the province’s independent colleges and tops the province’s universities. The passing rates of the CET-4, CET-6 and CET-2 exams have ranked first among independent colleges in the province for more than ten years, and are among the top universities in the province.

Yunnan University Dianchi College mainly relies on the strong faculty of Yunnan University, and employs well-known teachers from other universities in the province. It has gathered many well-known scholars and experts from related disciplines in Yunnan Province, and formed a specialized and combined structure with excellent teachers in Yunnan University as the main body. Faculty with reasonable and overall effectiveness. The school currently has 1065 full-time teachers, 77 outside teachers are hired, accounting for 43% of the titles of professors and associate professors or above, 72.68% of masters and doctors, 4 provincial teachers.

Guided by the core values of socialism, Yunnan University Dianchi College has opened a series of brand lectures such as “Talent Forum”, “Doctor Forum”, “Dianchi Forum”, “Alumni Forum” and other campuses. Cultural activities, participating students reached 85% of the total number of students. The school’s more than 40 student associations cover six major categories: current affairs politics, social welfare, learning practices, entertainment and leisure, sports, and entrepreneurial combat. The Dianchi College Women’s Volleyball Team is the only school sports team participating in the National Women’s Volleyball A League. The colorful campus cultural activities have become a beautiful business card for our school.

Yunnan University Dianchi College students won the first prize in the American Mathematical Modeling Contest, and the first prize in the undergraduate group of the National College Student Measurement and Control Design Contest; and in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, Software Design Contest, Electronic Design Contest, Entrepreneurship Contest, English Contest , “Foreign Research Institute Cup” National English Speech Contest, Reading Contest, Writing Contest, Chinese National Japanese Speech Contest, “Caiyun Fund” Japanese Speech Contest, Chinese College Students’ Thai Speech, Thai Skills Competition, National Sports Dance Championship, Yunnan University Student Entrepreneurship He has won more than 800 national and provincial awards in various competitions such as career design competitions. Among the “Top Ten Upward Good Youths in Yunnan Province” selected by the League and Provincial Committee in 2018, 2 were from Dianchi College. 3 times won the title of annual university student of Yunnan Province.

Yunnan University Dianchi College has been awarded by the Ministry of Education as “National Typical Colleges of Graduate Employment Experience” (also known as “National Top 50 Universities for Employment”), “National Demonstration Colleges for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform”, and “National Typical Experience Colleges of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” ( Also known as the Top 50 Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), is the only school recognized in China’s independent colleges. In addition, the college won the title of “2018 China’s Typical Demonstration University of Entrepreneurship and Innovation” by the China Internet News Center, and was awarded the “First Prize for the Assessment of University Students’ Employment Responsibility Target System” for 11 consecutive years by the Education Department of Yunnan Province. It was also awarded by the relevant departments of Yunnan Province. “Advanced Units for Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in Yunnan Province”, “Typical Experiences for Graduate Employment in Yunnan Province”, “Advanced Collectives for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Yunnan Province”, “Practice Bases for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Yunnan Higher Education Institutions”, “Practice in Yunnan Province” Educational Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center “,” Yunnan Typical Experience Colleges of Innovation and Entrepreneurship “,” Yunnan Provincial Demonstration School for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform “,” Provincial College of Transformation and Development Pilot “in Yunnan Province,” Characteristic Private Colleges and Universities “,” Yunnan Province ” Dianchi Youth Entrepreneurship Park was awarded the “Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park” and “Provincial Campus Entrepreneurship Platform”. In 2017, the school’s “Exploration and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform” project won the first prize of the eighth teaching achievement in Yunnan Province. The school has been selected to investigate the summer practice projects of Chinese college students for 4 consecutive years, and is the only four short-listed colleges among Chinese independent colleges, private colleges and universities in Yunnan Province.

China Central Television, Yunnan Television, Jilin Television, Kunming Television, China Government Network, Xinhuanet, People’s Network, Guangming Daily, China Youth Daily, China Education Daily, Yunnan Daily, Kunming Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfeng Window, and other national, provincial and municipal media, as well as dozens of new media, have reported our school’s achievements in talent cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship, and campus culture.

Yunnan University Dianchi College has been named the Provincial “Safe Campus” five times by the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Comprehensive Management Committee, and the Provincial Public Security Department, and five times as the “Advanced Collective of Public Security Work of Provincial Enterprises and Institutions. For two consecutive years, it has been rated as “advanced collective for financial assistance for students from families with financial difficulties” by the Provincial Department of Education, and “advanced collective for medical insurance for college students” by the Provincial Medical Insurance Center. In addition, it also won the title of the first batch of “5A-level Social Organization Units” and “Kunming Garden Units” in Yunnan Province, and was awarded the “Kunming May 1st Labor Award” by the Kunming Federation of Trade Unions.


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