Yunnan Polytechnic College

Yunnan Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Yunnan Polytechnic College

Yunnan Polytechnic College (云南理工职业学院, website) is invested and hosted by Yunnan Yunneng Xinghan Education Development Co., Ltd., a large state-owned enterprise in Yunnan-Yunnan Energy Investment Group and Yunnan Xinghan Education Management Co., Ltd. The construction was approved by the Provincial Department of Education in April 2017, and was approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government in March 2019 for the establishment of the college. It will be approved by the Ministry of Education in May and will become a full-time general higher professional occupation with independent qualifications for diplomas. Colleges.

The college covers an area of 533 mu, with a planned construction area of more than 480,000 square meters, and a total investment of 1.9 billion yuan. The first-phase construction has been completed with a construction area of 175,000 square meters and an investment of about 1 billion yuan. The college plans to establish secondary schools such as the School of Energy Engineering, the School of Big Data, the School of Rail Transit, the School of Architectural Engineering, and the School of Art and Design, as well as an assembly training promotion center, a rail transportation comprehensive training center, a big data training center, and BIM Engineering training centers, construction engineering training centers and other comprehensive training platforms have created good conditions for the cultivation of students’ practical ability.

The professional setting of the college is aimed at the industrial sectors that are mainly developed in Yunnan Province, the current and future development of industries and industries in the Central Yunnan New Industrial Zone, and the industrial layout of the Yunnan Energy Investment Group, reflecting the quality and level of the industry’s core technical skills. And specifications. Majoring in science and engineering majors, gradually adding majors such as civil engineering, water conservancy, manufacturing, electronic information, materials and energy, transportation, finance and other majors, and in accordance with the needs of economic and social development for talents, combined with the actual situation of the college, adjust the majors in a timely manner. Settings. The first batch of majors are 6 majors, including construction engineering technology, engineering cost, electromechanical technology for urban rail transit, urban rail transit operation management, software technology, big data technology and applications.

Yunnan Polytechnic College will be built as a banner to lead Yunnan’s “New Science and Technology” higher vocational colleges, with “New Engineering, New Vocational Education, and Internationalization to Achieve New Science and Technology” as its goals and paths, and make it a distinctive feature of the college. Highlighting the type characteristics of “new vocational education” not only distinguishes the undergraduate adaptability of “Fudan Consensus” and “Tianda Action”, but also fully highlights the special characteristics of “New Engineering”. According to the requirements of “internationalization”, the quality of talents training should be benchmarked against international standards, and internationalized talents should be trained to serve the “Belt and Road” initiative and cultivate talents for relevant countries.


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