Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College

Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College

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Introduction to Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College

Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College (云南体育运动职业技术学院, website) is currently the only independent vocational college in Southwest China. The school was formerly known as the Yunnan Youth Sports School, founded in 1964, and was upgraded to a technical secondary school in Yunnan Province in 1978. In 1994, the school and the Yunnan Institute of Physical Education and Training (adult colleges) established in 1983 jointly run the school. After the merger of the two schools, a set of two brands was adopted to run the school. The school was divided into the Sports Commission University and Hailiao campuses. In 1998, the Yunnan Institute of Physical Education and Continuing Education was merged into Yunnan Normal University. The staff of the former Institute of Physical Education remained unchanged and stayed to continue to run the Yunnan Provincial Physical Education School. In September 2001, the University Sports Commission University campus was collectively relocated to Hailiao and merged with the expanded Haidai campus. On May 26, 2004, with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education for the record, the school was upgraded to the Yunnan Vocational College of Sports. On August 30, 2017, the college was approved by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education as one of the 12 high-quality vocational colleges in Yunnan province (construction period of 3 years). In 2018, the college was rated as a vocational college by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education Top 15 careers.

Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College currently covers an area of more than 320 acres, with a building area of over 90,000 square meters, of which a multifunctional comprehensive training hall can be used for 14 projects simultaneously. The school library has a collection of 210,600 books, and has an electronic reading room. At present, there are 2543 full-time vocational students, 70 professional athletes and 300 professional athletes. There are 260 faculty members, including 137 full-time teachers and coaches, 59 high vocational titles (8 people with senior professional titles, 51 people with associate high professional titles), 2 doctors, and more than 50 masters. There are 1 Yunling teaching teacher and 4 provincial teaching teachers.

The school currently has a college of physical education, a college of social sports and sports management, a college of sports training and coaching, a college of sports media and art, a ping-pong net college, a college of sports health and rehabilitation, a golf college, a college of competitive sports, a college of continuing education, 13 secondary colleges including affiliated schools (athletic schools), martial arts colleges, fitness instruction and management colleges and taekwondo colleges, which have sports training, sports services and management, social sports, sports health care, sports rehabilitation, physical education, news Editing and production (sports news direction), horticulture technology (golf lawn maintenance management direction), dance performance (sports dance direction), electronic information engineering technology (sports electronic information direction), tourism management (sports tourism management direction), leisure services and Management (golf services and management direction), economic management, security and other 18 majors. In addition, the school also has a correspondence station (undergraduate level) for the Capital Institute of Physical Education and Chengdu Institute of Physical Education.

Yunnan Physical Science and Sports Professional College offers 14 sports such as track and field, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, judo, boxing, tennis, martial arts, diving, fencing, weightlifting, golf, football, basketball and so on. More than 1,400 outstanding sports talents, of which 3 won the Olympic champion, 5 won the world championship, 12 won the Asian championship, and more than 100 won the National Games and national championships. For many years, the school has won the titles of “National Advanced Unit for Amateur Training”, “National Advanced Unit for Sports”, “National Advanced Unit for Mass Sports”, “National Advanced Collective for Education System”, “National High-level Sports Reserve Talent Base”, etc. It is known as the “talent pool”, “transportation station” and “cradle of outstanding players” of Yunnan competitive sports.


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