Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation

Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation

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Introduction to Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation

Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation (云南旅游职业学院, website) is the only tourism, college-level, public full-time higher vocational college in Yunnan Province, which is approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education.

Since its establishment in 1956, the school has gone through five important developments: Kunming Geological School was established in April 1956; Kunming Geological School, Chongqing Geological School, and Sichuan Geological Technical School “merged three schools” in 1965, 1994 Appraised as a national key secondary professional school by the Ministry of Education; On December 25, 1997, the Ministry of Geology and Mining signed an agreement with the Yunnan Provincial Government to transform the Kunming Geological School into a Yunnan Tourism School, directly under the former Yunnan Tourism Administration; 2010 On February 26, it was formally approved by the provincial government. On May 9, 2011, it was filed by the Ministry of Education. The Yunnan Vocational College of Tourism was formally established. It was headed by the former Yunnan Tourism Development Committee. In 2014, it passed the qualification assessment for talent training in universities; in 2018 Starting in October, the school is headed by the Provincial Department of Education.

Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation is located at 268 Longquan Road, Kunming, covering an area of 142617.53 (142617) square meters and a total construction area of 100277 square meters. The new campus under construction is located in Songming Vocational Education Base, covering an area of 973 mu.

The school currently has 289 in-service staff members, including 10 seniors (including 9 professors), 68 associate highs (including 34 associate professors), 2 doctors, and 112 masters. At present, there are 3 young expert training targets determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than 20 members of the Yunnan Tourism Expert Service Team, 50 examiners of the Yunnan tour guide examination site, and 5 golf teachers have obtained the qualification certificate for the promotion of international professional golf managers. (PDA) and Scottish Teacher Qualification Certificate (AI).

Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation has the School of Hotel Management, the School of Tourism Management, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Culture and Arts, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Resource Engineering, the School of Information and Media, the School of Internet and Basic Teaching, the Department of Physical Education, and the Department of Ideological and Political Education The Eight Departments and Three Departments “have 38 majors. There are more than 10,000 students.

The school’s mission is to train tourism professionals, serve the development of the tourism industry, carry out tourism scientific research, and promote the tourism culture of Yunnan. It will give full play to the development of Yunnan’s tourism industry and its own advantages in running schools, and focus on developing tourism and related majors. Guided by the characteristics of socialist ideology, conscientiously implement the party’s education policy, adhere to the direction of running socialist schools, and adhere to the vocational education policy of “taking people as the root, taking service development as the purpose, and promoting employment as the direction”; study and implement 2018 The spirit of the National Education Conference, implementing the “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan”, strengthening the connotation construction of modern higher vocational education in schools, based on Yunnan, relying on industries, serving the whole country, facing South and Southeast Asia, and establishing high-quality and influential tourism vocational colleges The goal is to focus on full-time higher vocational education, vocational training and technical services, and run schools in various forms; to train professionals required for tourism and socio-economic development, and to train and transfer high-quality technical and technical talents for the strategic construction of a strong tourism province in Yunnan .

With more than 60 years of school running history and accumulation, the quality of talent training, serving the society, and scientific research of the Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation has been recognized by governments at all levels, society, parents and students. The school is the “National Key Construction Vocational Education Teacher Training Base” determined by the Ministry of Education, the “China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Education and Training Base” awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (formerly the National Tourism Administration), and the “National Science Popularization Education” identified by the China Association for Science and Technology. Base “; in 2018, the school was listed as the first batch of” Top 15 Demonstration Schools of Vocational School Management in Yunnan Province’s Action Plan for the Improvement of Management Level “; Yunnan Tourism Vocational Education Group led by the school was established as a” Yunnan Model Vocational Education Group Construction of Schools ” Units “; the major of tour guides is the National Tourism Academy Demonstration Program recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the school is the national school-enterprise cooperation demonstration base (guides and hotel management majors) recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the guides and hotels The management major is a high-level backbone major in Yunnan Province; the provincial modern apprenticeship pilot specialty in cooking technology and nutrition, gemstone identification and processing, and wedding service management major.

Guided by the national “Belt and Road” policy, Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation relies on Yunnan ’s unique geographical advantages facing South and Southeast Asia, and the development and upgrading of Yunnan ’s tourism industry and emerging opportunities for emerging businesses. As a platform, we have continued to carry out in-depth foreign education and training exchanges and cooperation, and our international influence has continued to expand. In 2017 and 2018, we were named “Top 50 International Influence” for two consecutive years.


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