Yunnan Arts University

Yunnan Arts University

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Introduction to Yunnan Arts University

Yunnan Arts University (云南艺术学院, website), founded in 1959, is a comprehensive arts college in Southwest China with distinctive characteristics and complete arts. The school is located in the southwest of Yuhua District, Chenggong New District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, covering an area of ??800 acres. At present, there are 12,071 full-time students (including 740 graduate students, 10,918 undergraduates, and 413 college students); there are 694 full-time faculty members, 21 doctors, and 321 masters, including associate professors and above. Teachers account for 42% of full-time teachers.

Yunnan Arts University has gathered a large number of famous artists and cultivated a large number of various types of artistic talents for the society. For the country, a group of artistic talents including Yunnan, Hani, Naxi, Qiang, Lahu, Qiang, Jingpo, Brown, Pumi, Achang, Nu, Jinuo, Deang, Dulong and other ethnic minorities in Yunnan have been cultivated for the cultural and artistic career of Yunnan. Prosperity and development and the construction of a strong national cultural province in Yunnan have made important contributions.

The university has a complete set of school majors. The existing 38 undergraduate majors cover all majors in the arts category of the “General Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Majors Directory” issued by the Ministry of Education, involving arts, literature, management, and engineering. Various levels of training, with full-time master’s degree education, master’s degree in arts (MFA) graduate education, on-the-job master’s degree education for college teachers, full-time college education, international student education, higher vocational and technical education, correspondence education, post-secondary education, and secondary Qualifications for art majors and other levels, which are open to the whole country and countries around the world.

Yunnan Arts University currently has 10 teaching units: School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Art and Design, School of Drama, School of Dance, School of Film and Television, School of Arts and Culture, College of Continuing Education and Higher Art Vocational Education, Mandarin College (Independent College, Co-organized with enterprises) and affiliated art schools (secondary vocational professional schools), and 3 teaching departments of Marxism College, Public Teaching Department, and Physical Education Department. Currently, there are 2 provincial-level doctoral awards for construction projects and 6 first-level disciplines for master’s degree awards. It has obtained the right to grant master’s degrees in all fields under the master’s degree in art.

The university is based on Yunnan’s rich and colorful national cultural soil, and its goal is to make the school a regional high-level art university with international influence and distinctive characteristics.


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