Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities

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Introduction to Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities (右江民族医学院, website) is a full-time undergraduate university directly under the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located in Baise, Guangxi. The school undertakes the training of undergraduates, graduate students and international students. It is the largest higher medical education center, medical service center, and medical scientific research center in the border areas of the three provinces of Guangxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou.

The predecessor of Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities was Baise Higher Medical College, which was founded in 1958, was upgraded to an undergraduate medical school in 1978, and was renamed Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities. He was awarded the bachelor’s degree in 1982, and passed the national undergraduate teaching qualification assessment in 1997. In 2000, he obtained the qualification to recruit foreign students. In 2007, he received an excellent level in the undergraduate teaching level assessment of the Ministry of Education. In the year, he was awarded the “National Civilized Unit”, “National Graduate Employment Typical Experience Universities” (Top 50 National Universities for Employment), and the Ministry of Education Clinical Medicine Professional Certification for 6 years. In 2017, it successfully passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities covers an area of 1.0655 million square meters. The total building area of teaching and administrative buildings is 154,200 square meters, of which the total building area of teaching and scientific research and auxiliary buildings is 111,800 square meters. The building area of administrative buildings is 42,300 square meters. Meters, the student dormitory covers an area of 72,100 square meters, has a total value of 149,959,200 teaching and scientific research equipment, and a library collection of 750,600 books; sponsors provincial academic journals “Journal of Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities” and “Youjiang Medicine”; students Rich network information resources such as self-learning platforms, to achieve full coverage of the campus network; a full-featured clinical skills training center, a national-level standardized training base for residents; a direct-affiliated hospital and 5 non-directly Affiliated hospitals and 55 teaching practice bases.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities has a basic medical school, a clinical medical school, a school of public health and management, a school of pharmacy, a school of medical testing, a school of medical imaging, a graduate school, a school of nursing, a school of international language and culture education, and an adult education school (continuing education College), Marxism College, School of Stomatology, General College of Medicine, 13 secondary colleges, and 1 department (department) including the Ministry of Physical Education.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities has established 26 full-time undergraduate, specialty, and professional directions. Basic medicine and clinical medicine are authorized as master-level disciplines for master’s degrees, forming general undergraduate education, specialist education, graduate education, international student education, and adult education And other multi-level, multi-type school structure. The school has 25,328 students, 13,780 full-time students, including 9,586 undergraduate students, 146 preparatory students, 421 graduate students, 181 international students, 3,446 vocational college students; 11,548 students with part-time diploma education.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities covers 4 categories: medicine, science, literature, management, etc .; 26 full-time undergraduate and specialist majors, of which the undergraduate major in clinical medicine has been enrolling in the first batch of undergraduates in Guangxi since 2018. Medical majors will be enrolled in the first batch of undergraduates in Guangxi from 2019. It has 2 first-class disciplines in Guangxi, 4 advantageous characteristic disciplines in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 1 Guangxi clinical medical research center, 2 key construction disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 9 key disciplines in Guangxi, 7 specialty characteristics of Guangxi higher education institutions, 6 autonomous region specialty programs and experimental training base (center) construction projects, 5 autonomous region specialty programs and curriculum integration construction projects, 2 autonomous region-level boutique online open courses, 4 autonomous region-level boutique video public courses, and basic medicine 2. Master degree authorization points for two first-level disciplines in clinical medicine, covering 21 second-level disciplines. There are three types of master degree authorization points for clinical medicine, stomatology, and nursing. A multi-level and multi-type school structure has been formed, such as general undergraduate education, college education, graduate education, international student education, and adult education.

In the past five years (2015-2019), Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities has received 59 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 humanities and social science projects from the Ministry of Education, and 123 science and technology projects from Guangxi. yuan. New breakthroughs have been made in the construction of scientific research platforms and innovation teams, one of the second batch of key research bases set up by the National Civil Affairs Commission, and the establishment of one Guangxi postdoctoral innovation practice base; the Guangxi Clinical Medical Research Center, the Guangxi Natural Science Foundation Innovation Team, and Guangxi One high-level innovation team in each university. Received 4 second prizes and 1 third prize in Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award; 1 second prize in Guangxi Natural Science; 1 third prize in National Industry Science and Technology Award; 1 and 3 second prize in Guangxi Social Science Achievements 2 items; 24 invention patents. He has published more than 3,500 academic papers, of which more than 220 papers have been collected by SCI, EI, ISTP, etc .; 61 academic books and textbooks have been published.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities currently has 830 full-time teachers, including 412 senior professional and technical personnel. In recent years, the school has organized the implementation of the “Double Hundred Project”, sending 135 outstanding teachers to study abroad, and applying for the autonomous region and national education fund projects to select 33 outstanding teachers to study abroad. Hire professors from Imperial College of Technology, “Shanghai Shuguang “Scholars” and other high-level talents come to work in the school. At present, there are 5 experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, 2 specially-appointed experts from Guangxi, and 1 outstanding expert from the autonomous region. 3 people, 15 candidates for the “Guangxi Excellent Talents Funding Scheme”, 1 autonomous region scientific and technological personnel, 1 autonomous region advanced worker, 1 “Bagui teacher”, 8 national outstanding teachers and outstanding educators, There are 2 famous teachers in Guangxi, 9 outstanding teachers in the autonomous region, 1 outstanding educator in the autonomous region, 2 winners of the “Guangxi Youth Science and Technology Award”, 2 autonomous region-level teaching teams, 2 Guangxi high-level innovation teams, and Guangxi college excellence There are 2 scholars, and 1 candidate for the “Hundred Talents Plan” for introducing high-level overseas talents to universities in Guangxi.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities was approved by the Ministry of Education as “the first batch of pilot universities for outstanding doctor education and training programs”, won 1 national university student off-campus practice education base construction project, 1 Ministry of Education professional comprehensive reform pilot project, 4 Autonomous Region Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, 2 Autonomous Region Teaching Teams, 1 Autonomous Region Talent Cultivation Innovation Experimental Area, 7 Autonomous Region Institutions of Higher Learning Specialty Specialty, 5 Autonomous Region Specialty Specialty and Curriculum Construction Projects, 6 Autonomous Regional Excellent Courses In the past year, he has won 1 special prize, 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, and 7 third prizes.

Talent Cultivation Since its establishment 61 years ago, the school has trained more than 50,000 medical graduates who “can be used, used and retained”, of which 65% are ethnic minority students. They are widely distributed in grass-roots medical and health institutions. , Most of them become the backbone of the business unit. According to statistics, the overall proportion of graduates of our school in grassroots employment has reached more than 60%, and the overall satisfaction of employers with school graduates has exceeded 94%. The talent training of the school has effectively met the development needs of the regional medical and health undertakings, and has made outstanding contributions to safeguarding people’s health and promoting economic and social development.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities has an average pass rate of 99.6% in the past four years. In 2013, he won the third prize of the 4th National Medical College Student Clinical Skills Competition Finals and the first prize of the South China Division. In 2014-2017, he won the second prize of the South China Division 3 times and the third prize once. 2 first prizes in the 4th National Higher Medical College Pharmacy / Traditional Medicine Students ‘Experimental Skills Competition, 2017 5th National Higher Medical Colleges Pharmacy / Traditional Medicine Students’ Experimental Skills Competition 1st Prize, 2nd Prize 2 Items; 1 first prize and 1 second prize in the sixth Pharmacy / Traditional Chinese Medicine Experimental Skills Competition of the National Medical College of China in 2019; online morphology reading of the first “Zezhong Cup” national medical laboratory technology majors in 2017 1 third prize and 1 excellent prize in the film grand prix; 1 third prize in the clinical operation skills demonstration competition for undergraduates in the National Dental College (Department) in 2019.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities has signed educational cooperation and exchange agreements with educational institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. County University launches a Chinese-foreign cooperative education program. Since 2014, the school has organized and implemented the “Double Hundred Project” by self-funding. As of November 2019, 135 outstanding teachers have been selected to study abroad. In recent years, the school has sent 226 teachers to study abroad, study and visit abroad.

Youjiang Medical University For Nationalities In recent years, the school has successively obtained “National Civilized Units”, “National Graduate Employment Typical Experience Colleges”, “National Relief Model Hospitals”, “National Medical and Health System Pioneering and Advanced Activities” and “National Health System Hospital Culture “Construction Innovation Award” and “Guangxi Advanced Medical Education Advanced Unit” and many other honorary titles.


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