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Introduction to Yiyang Vocational and Technical College

Yiyang Vocational and Technical College (益阳职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public vocational college hosted by the Yiyang Municipal People’s Government and established under the approval of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education. The college is close to the Changzhang Expressway exit of the Yingfengqiao transportation hub, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is a green school in Hunan Province.

Yiyang Vocational and Technical College has a campus area of 580 acres, a building area of over 200,000 square meters, and total assets of 302 million yuan. The college has 392 faculty members, including 265 full-time teachers, 5 professors, 82 deputy senior titles, 3 doctors and post-doctors, more than 100 masters, 3 provincial middle-aged and young backbone teachers, and provincial young backbone teachers. The target group was 4 people, 7 domestic visiting scholars, 25 professional leaders at the college level, and 172 “double teacher” teachers. The college offers 29 three-year vocational majors, which are open to students across the country, and currently has more than 9,000 students. The school has a department of automotive engineering, a department of economic management, a department of modern business, a department of shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, a department of biology and information engineering, a department of ideological and political theory and basic courses, a college of continuing education (vocational training center), and a five-year higher vocational management Department of 8 teaching institutions. There are more than 100 internship training bases such as modern manufacturing, automobile inspection and maintenance, automobile driver training and certification, industrial robots, electronics, electrical appliances, ships, grain and oil testing, finance and accounting e-commerce, and garden flower cultivation.

Yiyang Vocational and Technical College currently has 2 provincial specialty programs and 2 provincial teaching reform pilot programs. Focus on advancing the construction of three special specialty groups of ship engineering technology, rural e-commerce, and smart agriculture. Among them, the ship engineering technology group is the first batch of Hunan Province’s first-class characteristic professional group construction projects, and the ship engineering technology group is the second batch of Hunan Province’s modern apprenticeship pilot programs; the automobile testing and maintenance technology program newly established the only large-scale passenger in the province. Truck driving professional.

Yiyang Vocational and Technical College has successively cooperated with Sunbird Yachts, Taohuajiang Yachts, Aosikang Group, Zhongnan E-commerce Park, Huatuo Jinfu Digital Technology Group, FAW Mazda, Shenzhen Tianfa Group, Chongqing Deckert Corporation, Xiangchuan Heavy Industry , Chutian Technology, Shenzhen Baiguoyuan, Huilun Crystal, Nanjing Suning, Hangzhou Moli and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises have established stable cooperative relations and launched in-depth cooperation in running schools. The college is the first vocational college in Hunan province to offer e-commerce majors to industrial parks.

Yiyang Vocational and Technical College takes advantage of traditional characteristics and professional advantages to actively serve local economic and social development. Make full use of the advantages of professional human and technical resources to provide various training and technical support for communities, enterprises, and rural areas. The college is “the vice chairman unit of the fifth council of the Hunan Automobile Industry Association, a member unit of the Hunan Human Resources Service Association”, “the Hunan Province automobile manufacturing high-skilled personnel training and training base”, and the “Hunan Province enterprise talent training demonstration base” “,” Municipal workers in vocational colleges in Hunan Province, transfer of rural labor, outsourced laborers, service outsourcing industry talent training base “;” Chairman Unit of Yiyang Modern Manufacturing Vocational Education Group “,” Vocational and Adult Education in Yiyang The director unit of the Institute ”is the base of the Yiyang City Vocational Technical Skills Competition; it is the“ base for training of demobilized veterans in Yiyang, employment skills of reservoir immigrants, cultivation of new-type professional farmers, innovation and entrepreneurship of college students ”


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