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Introduction to Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College (YWICC) is located in Yiwu, the world’s “small commodity capital” and a comprehensive reform zone for international trade. The school’s predecessor was Hangzhou University Yiwu Branch, which was founded in 1993. It covers an area of more than 1,000 acres and a building area of 296,000 square meters. It has a beautiful natural landscape and a unique architectural style. It is a beautiful landscape garden university. Ten thousand people. The school is a high-quality vocational college in Zhejiang Province and the first batch of pioneering university construction pilot schools. It ranks among the top 50 vocational colleges in China in terms of education effectiveness, top 50 in service contribution, and top 50 in international influence. Top 50, won the national college practice education and innovation and entrepreneurship base, national college cross-border electricity business talent training model school.

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College has 9 humanities and tourism colleges, colleges of mechanical and electrical information, colleges of economics and management, colleges of foreign languages and foreign trade, colleges of architecture and engineering, colleges of creative design (mall design college), entrepreneurship colleges (e-commerce colleges), colleges of international education, and public teaching departments. There are 32 majors in teaching units, and there is an adult education (self-study) college. Currently, there are 530 officially-editing teachers, 169 senior titles, 23 doctors, and 420 masters. Among them, one is the provincial “151 Talent Project” training candidate, a provincial teaching teacher, a provincial rookie, and a provincial vocational college. There are 22 leaders; there are 4 national teaching achievement awards, 6 national backbone majors, 4 national 1 + X certificate system pilots, 2 national productive training bases, and 2 central financial support training base construction projects. 1 National Double Teachers Base, 1 National Skills Master Studio, 3 National Excellent Courses. Relying on Yiwu’s market advantages, the school has broken the rules, pioneered and innovated, combined with the actual situation of running the school and market demand, and has embarked on a path of running a school with the characteristics of “creating” the school. It has achieved remarkable results in cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents and serving the local economy.

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College established the Entrepreneurship Academy in 2008, offering e-commerce entrepreneurship classes, second-generation experimental classes, AliExpress entrepreneurship classes, etc., and a 12,800-square-meter entrepreneurial park. Existing creative studios, teacher workstations, youth innovation centers, Yitai Youth Exchange Center and more than 30 entrepreneurial practice bases, forming a one-stop service system for teaching, incubation, warehousing, logistics, financial services, and business registration for students Establish a practical platform for entrepreneurial activities. Every year, nearly 20% of the students in the school devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship activities, and the graduate entrepreneurship rate is stable at about 12%, ranking first in the province’s universities. The school’s entrepreneurship education has strongly promoted the scale and cluster development of Yiwu e-commerce village, the most typical of which is Qingyan Liu Village, which was called by Premier Li Keqiang as “the first village of Chinese online stores”. In addition, the school gave full play to the advantages of e-commerce education, and carried out targeted e-commerce poverty alleviation with Longnan, Gansu, Wenchuan, Sichuan, and Haixi, Qinghai. The school has been awarded the National Top 100 Colleges and Universities Entrepreneurship Promotion Work Top 100 Universities, the Provincial Demonstration Entrepreneurship College of General Universities, Top 10 Provincial “Twelfth Five-Year” E-commerce Training, and the Provincial Outstanding Organization for Entrepreneurship Training Project.

The Yiwu Creative Park in the school is the first creative cultural park in the country to focus on the “innovative design of small commodities”. The park has 2 national-level R & D platforms, including the National Tourism Commodity R & D Center and the National Forest Products Creative R & D Center. It has settled in 70 high-end design institutions and product R & D technology “small and micro enterprises”, and has created more than 20 teachers and students’ studios. It is China The Academy of Fine Arts, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Fu Jen University and other more than 150 well-known colleges and universities design student practice bases, each year arranged to receive more than 2,000 internship training teachers and students. The park has an annual average of more than 3,000 service manufacturing enterprises and a cumulative creative output value of nearly 400 million yuan.

Since 2007, Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College has recruited international students, and has trained more than 8,000 international students with high standards in international trade and business. Now it recruits and trains more than 1,100 international students each year. It ranks first among similar universities in the country and 80% of its students come from ” More than 40 countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The school offers 7 language courses, including Arabic and Spanish. It is the vocational college with the most language courses in the province and fully meets the language learning needs of students and citizens. The school vigorously integrated the development of “Yi Xin Europe”, actively “going out” to run schools, and opened the China-Europe (Spain) Cross-Border E-Commerce Training Academy and the China-West Cross-Border E-Commerce Training Base in Spain.

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College combines regional economic development and the distinctive characteristics of Yiwu market to run the school, which has attracted widespread attention and reports from domestic and foreign high-end media such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, New York Times, Reuters and so on. The school will uphold the school motto of “Sangde Chongwen, Entrepreneurship,” and strive to make strides towards the goal of a first-class high-level vocational college in a well-known province in China.

(Data updated as of June 2019)

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Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College Logo

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