Yinchuan University of Energy

Yinchuan University of Energy

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Introduction to Yinchuan University of Energy

Yinchuan University of Energy (银川能源学院, website) was founded in October 1999. In March 2012, the school was officially approved by the Ministry of Education to be upgraded to an undergraduate college. In May 2016, it was added as a bachelor’s degree awarding unit by the Autonomous Region Degree Committee.

Yinchuan University of Energy currently has the School of Chemistry and Bioengineering, the School of Electric Power, the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Information and Media, the School of Grammar, the School of Preschool, the School of Design and Innovation, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship , International Education College, College of Continuing Education, Basic Ministry, Marxist Teaching and Scientific Research Department and other 15 teaching units. The school is based in Ningxia and faces the west. It builds undergraduate majors based on “demand” and vigorously develops advantageous specialty majors. It has formed specialty majors such as chemical engineering and technology, energy chemical engineering, energy and power engineering, and automotive service engineering. The existing 24 undergraduate majors are basically docked with the “four leading industries, five traditional pillar industries, and six emerging industries” that will be the focus of Ningxia’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. There are 1 district-level advantageous specialties, 1 district-level key disciplines, 1 district-level advantageous specialties, 3 district-level key specialties, and 5 district-level “production-education integration” demonstration construction specialties.

Yinchuan University of Energy currently has more than 12,000 full-time students, including 6,487 undergraduates. 650 faculty members, including 483 full-time teachers, 129 “dual-teacher and dual-energy” teachers, 283 master and doctoral teachers, 4 new century talents, 3 autonomous region-level teaching teachers, and autonomous region-level outstanding teachers 2 people, 1 provincial and ministerial discipline leader, 1 provincial and ministerial model of teaching and educating model, 2 selected as “Ningxia Young Scientific and Technological Talent Project”. There are 3 provincial and ministerial teaching teams, and the “Energy Chemical Engineering Teachers Team” was selected as the Huang Danian-style teacher team of universities in the region. There are 80 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level, and 13 invention and utility model patents. The school covers an area of 850,000 square meters, with a total area of 190,000 square meters for teaching and scientific research and administrative buildings. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 66.504 million yuan. The library holds 720,000 paper books.

Yinchuan University of Energy was identified by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region in 2016 as “a pilot institution for the transformation and development of local undergraduate universities in Ningxia”, and was promoted and reported by “China Education” and China Education News Network as “typical cases of national education reform and innovation”. Successively won the “Advanced Collegiate Quality Engineering Advanced Group”, “Special Contribution to Yinchuan Economic Construction”, “The Fourth National Education Reform and Innovation Excellence Award”, “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Training Base Construction Award”, and “National Excellent Journal of Private Universities” prize”.

Yinchuan University of Energy is currently supporting universities in Minning and Fuzhou University. The Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry-Industry Integration Innovation Base was selected as a university. The national “Internet + Made in China 2025” industry-education integration promotion plan project is intended to cooperate with colleges and universities. Site survey unit for workers, Ningxia’s first private university science and technology association unit, National Natural Science Foundation-dependent unit, Ningxia’s only private university recruiting international students.


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