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Introduction to Yantai Vocational College

Yantai Vocational College (烟台职业学院, website) was established in 2001. It is a full-time public college approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government and sponsored by the Yantai Municipal People’s Government. Seven schools including Shandong Foreign Economics School, Yantai Education College, and Yantai Radio and TV University have been merged and formed. The college is a “national model backbone higher vocational college”, a “national high-quality higher vocational college”, a pilot college for direct training of non-commissioned officers, and a special school for national defense education.

The college is located in the high-tech industrial development zone of Yantai City, which is located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, with the blue sea and golden sand to the north, and the surrounding trees and grass. It covers an area of more than 1,500 acres, the school building has a construction area of 540,000 square meters, fixed assets of 900 million yuan, teaching equipment and equipment of 190 million yuan, and a collection of 1.46 million books. There are 13 departments, with 759 full-time teachers, including 57 professors, 306 associate professors, 432 masters and doctors, and more than 16,000 students in higher vocational schools. More than 50 teaching majors are set up, covering nine professional categories such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, construction, transportation, finance, commerce and trade, food and chemical engineering, etc., and are closely connected with the emerging national strategic industries and major industries and product clusters in Yantai. Has a three-year college education, “3 + 2” books through the sub-division training, the preparation of technician training and other full-time college level education model.

Yantai Vocational College has 15 national key construction majors, 1 central financial support training base, 3 national quality courses and excellent resource sharing courses, and 8 national planning teaching materials. Has 3 high-level professional groups in Shandong Province, 3 provincial brand professional groups, 9 provincial specialty specialty programs; 78 provincial excellent courses and excellent resource sharing courses, 5 provincial training bases; 1 national outstanding teacher People, 10 provincial teaching teams, 9 teaching masters in Shandong Province, 4 young skilled teachers in Shandong Province, and 1 chief technician in Qilu; won 2 national teaching achievement awards, 18 provincial teaching achievement awards, and various scientific research More than 350 awards were awarded; the skill competition became a brand. In the past five years, it has won more than 1,000 awards for various types of skill competitions at all levels above the provincial level, and more than 1,700 teachers and students. In 2018, participated in 10 vocational college skills competitions and won 5 gold and 5 silvers to maintain the leading position in the country. He went to South Africa to participate in the “BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition” with the first place in the Chinese selection contest and won the first prize. .

Yantai Vocational College adheres to the school’s mission of “serving local economic construction and cultivating high-quality technical and skilled personnel”, constructing a school-enterprise cooperation model of “government-led, industry docking, corporate marriage, and project embedding”, and conducts comprehensive cooperation with 8 counties and cities in Yantai Strategic cooperation; undertaking the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” production-education integration project; leading the formation of the Yantai Service Outsourcing Vocational Education Group and becoming the backbone vocational education group in Shandong Province; working with Google, FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Wanhua Chemical, Yantai Zhangyu, Dongyue Automobile and other well-known companies have cooperated closely to introduce more than 20 high-quality teaching projects such as Toyota T-TEP, GM ASEP, Cisco CCNA, FANUC, etc., and a total of 10 majors have been established by schools and enterprises; national, provincial and municipal training and appraisal bases have been established. 20, carried out 25 national and provincial training programs, 38 vocational skills appraisal training sites, completed more than 100,000 person-years of social training, and won the National Top 50 Contributions to Higher Vocational Colleges Service, Top 50 Teaching Resources, and “Top 50 International Influences”.

Yantai Vocational College adheres to an international perspective and continuously expands channels for international exchanges and cooperation. Serving the “Belt and Road” initiative, conducting “Belt and Road” automotive skills training with the Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University in Nepal; cooperating with the German Handicraft Industry Association to develop high-skilled talent training, teacher training, and examination and certification bases to build the only “German Handicraft Industry” in Shandong Province Guild training examination certification base “; co-construction of advanced automation technology joint demonstration training center with Siemens; cooperation with the Italian Refrigeration Technician Association to carry out training programs of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The college conducts teacher-student exchange, academic research and other cooperation with universities in more than 20 countries, including Angus College in the United Kingdom, Kaiser University in the United States, Queensland University of Technology in Australia, Kayani University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Dongming University in Korea, and Osaka University of Technology in Japan . In 2018, it won the “Belt and Road International Education Exchange Award” by the China Education International Exchange Association.

Yantai Vocational College promotes the college spirit of “stubborn hard work, unity and cooperation, pursuit of excellence, and solid work”, and has formed a good reputation in running schools for many years. More than 5,000 students are enrolled each year. The freshman registration rate, enrollment score, and school scale are among the top in the province’s similar institutions. The overall employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for years, and the social satisfaction rate has reached above 95%. Advanced Collective of Shandong University Graduates’ Employment Work “and” Shandong Provincial University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration College “, he is the director unit of the Modern Apprenticeship Research Center of the Chinese Vocational Education Association, the chairman unit of the Shandong Province Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Alliance, and the Shandong Vocational Education The deputy director unit of the society and the vice president unit of the Shandong Vocational Education Association won the titles of “National Advanced Unit in Vocational Education”, “Huang Yanpei Outstanding School Award”, “Shandong Civilized Unit”, “Shandong Provincial School-Enterprise Cooperation Integrated School Demonstration School” and other titles. .


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