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Introduction to Yantai Nanshan University

Yantai Nanshan University (烟台南山学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate college invested and established by the national large-scale enterprise group Nanshan Holdings and approved by the Ministry of Education. The wise are happy, the benevolent is happy, Nanshan College, between mountains and seas. The school is located in Longkou, Yantai, Shandong, a newly-developed seaside city. The East China Sea campus faces 10,000 acres of black pine forest on the coast of the sea. The Nanshan campus is adjacent to the national 5A-level tourist scenic area, covering an area of ??3028 acres and a construction area of ??772,300 square meters.

Yantai Nanshan University currently has seven secondary colleges of engineering, business, humanities, aviation, music, health, and chemical engineering. There are 75 college admissions majors and 26 departments (departments and centers), covering engineering, management, economics, literature, art, and medicine, with more than 20,000 students.

Yantai Nanshan University relies on large enterprise groups to take the road of public welfare education. Based on Jiaodong, with a focus on Shandong, it faces the whole country, focusing on industry, coordinating development of industry, management, economics, literature, art, and medicine, and training high-quality application-oriented talents. Around 2030, private undergraduate colleges with distinctive development characteristics will be built. In the middle of this century, comprehensive strength entered the ranks of private colleges and universities nationwide. The school focuses on cultivating students’ practical ability, while imparting relatively solid basic theories and basic knowledge, which can be summarized by the “four things”, that is, “ability to work, innovation and ideas, entrepreneurship and methods, and development and foundation.”

The university specially invites famous academicians and experts to serve as development consultants, hires university mentors and masters to take the lead in disciplines, and introduces well-known enterprise experts to serve as “dual teacher” professors, forming a group of experts and professors as the backbone, and master and bachelor students as The main teacher team. The school teachers adhere to the ancient teaching of “learning as a teacher and acting as a model for the world”, adhere to the belief of “rigorous scholarship, meticulously educate people”, devote themselves to scientific research, and meticulously teach, explaining the value and significance of people’s satisfactory education, and creating a well-known Nanshan education Quality brand.

The university has advanced teaching facilities. The library has a building area of ??nearly 38,000 square meters and a collection of more than 2 million paper books. The school has more than 200 laboratories of various types. Among them are mechanical engineering experimental center, electrical information experimental center, commercial experimental training center and other teaching sites, aluminum alloy pressure processing engineering technology center, high-level textile engineering comprehensive laboratory and other scientific research facilities, as well as civil aviation aircraft maintenance simulation center , Maintenance maintenance training center, 23 single and double-engine trainer aircrafts, 6 aircraft simulators, high-performance full-motion simulators, land-air communication practice room, simulated flight practice room, wind tunnel laboratory and other experimental equipment.

Yantai Nanshan University builds students’ basic skills operation platform, professional skills training platform, and comprehensive skills application platform to jointly cultivate high-level application-oriented talents. “Yantai Nanshan College-Nanshan Group Engineering Practice Education Center” was approved as a national university students’ off-campus practice education base. The school has cooperated with more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises such as Australian Wool Development Co., Ltd. (AWI) and Zhongchuang Software to organize practical teaching according to the requirements of business management skills, effectively improving students’ practical skills and employability. And Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. and other units successfully declared the Collaborative Innovation Center of Higher Education in Shandong Province. Won the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award and was approved as the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Base.

Yantai Nanshan University has realized the linkage of professional setting, enrollment, training and employment, and extensively carried out school-enterprise cooperation order training, internships, joint scientific research and other activities to improve students’ employment and entrepreneurship. Every year, it signs “order training” agreements with more than 40 companies such as Nanshan Group, China Coal Industry and Mining Group, and Zhongchuang Software. The student employment satisfaction rate is more than 90%, and the graduate employment rate is in the forefront of the province. Established a comprehensive employment recruitment service system. Each year, special enterprise recruitment fairs, professional special recruitment fairs, and college supply and demand meetings are held. More than 800 recruitment companies enter the school. The school continuously strengthens innovation and entrepreneurship education, and has established a college student entrepreneurship incubation base, and strives to improve the entrepreneurial level of college students, and encourages students to enter the society and start their own businesses. In 2016, the university student entrepreneurship incubation base was approved as a provincial provincial entrepreneurship demonstration platform. In 2018, it was appraised as a “Typical Experience College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

Yantai Nanshan University makes full use of resources such as excellent traditional culture, red culture, and advanced culture of contemporary enterprises (Nanshan culture), is committed to the construction of modern universities, and strives to train newcomers of the era who can serve as national rejuvenation. Dozens of sculptures, more than a hundred publicity columns, and thousands of cultural walls spread across the campus. The sense of chemistry is no sound. The Confucius Institute joins the Nanshan Confucius Institute to spread the excellent Confucian culture such as “filial piety, filial piety, loyalty, and faith”; Established 55 stylistic teaching clubs to explore new ways of stylistic teaching; set up East China Symphony Orchestra, orchestra, Philharmonic choir and other art and cultural societies to disseminate elegant arts; host “mountain wind and sea rhyme” campus brand activities, integrate speech contests, photography exhibitions The methods that students love to hear, calligraphy, painting, music exhibitions, etc. have formed a strong environment for moral education, intellectual education, and aesthetic education. The university spirit is embedded in the students’ hearts and integrated into their daily practice.

Yantai Nanshan University’s student restaurant was rated as a “Food Hygiene Grade A Unit” by the Shandong Provincial Department of Health, and the student dormitory was evaluated as an excellent unit by the apartment of the University Logistics Management Office of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education. The student apartment is equipped with independent study rooms, bathrooms, balconies, water, electricity, and heating. The wired and wireless networks are fully equipped. The school has convenient living facilities such as restaurants, baths, supermarkets, haircuts, as well as high-standard sports venues, auditorium theaters, and other cultural and sports buildings. It also has advanced functions such as the International Conference Center and the University Student Activity Center, which lays a foundation for the comfortable life of university students A solid foundation.

The school actively cultivates national and provincial quality projects and landmark achievements. Seven majors including material forming and control engineering, electrical engineering and its automation, tourism management, automation, textile engineering, aircraft power engineering, and environmental design were rated as provincial-level specialty programs. Won five awards in the eighth Shandong Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award and three awards in the seventh Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. The “Professional Teaching Team of Material Forming and Control Technology” won the project of Shandong Provincial Teaching Team. “Research on Evaluation and Promotion Strategy of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industry Development” was approved by the National Social Science Fund. “Design and Preparation of Longitudinal High Thermal Conductive Polymer-Based Composite Thermal Interface Materials” was awarded a project by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


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