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Yantai Engineering and Technology College


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Introduction to Yantai Engineering and Technology College

Yantai Engineering and Technology College (烟台工程职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general college that is hosted by the People’s Government of Yantai City. The college is located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone in the Yantai Area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The predecessor was founded in 1957. The Yantai Senior Technical School was established in 1990. It is one of the first two pilot technical schools in China. 1. Established Yantai Engineering Vocational and Technical College in 2006; added the school card of Yantai Technician College in 2012; in 2015, it was approved as a “3 + 2” counterpart through-section training pilot school for vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges. The college is the “National High-skilled Talent Training Base (2012)”, “National High-skilled Talent Training Base”, “Shandong Technician Training Base”, “Shandong Technician Workstation”, “Shandong Province’s First Gold and Blue Collar Training Base” , “Shandong Province Special Operation Operation License Training Base”, “Yantai Social Work Professional Talent Training Base”, “Yantai High Skilled Talent Training Base”, “Yantai Sunshine Engineering Training Base”. For more than 60 years, the college has trained more than 60,000 highly-skilled talents for society.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College covers a total area of 864 acres (including the internship factory), a building area of 213,248.07 square meters, fixed assets of 526 million yuan, a collection of 674,000 books, and an e-book of 4,047 GB. There are 135 experiment and training rooms (workshops), 6 applied technology research institutes, 30 on-campus practice bases, and 118 stable off-campus internship training and employment bases.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College has achieved remarkable results in professional construction. It has eight departments: mechanical engineering, electrical and new energy engineering, information and media, economic management, automotive engineering, aviation services, power engineering, and industrial technology applications. “Serving Yantai City”, insisting on serving local economic and social development as its mission, facing the pillar industries and key industries of Yantai, and carefully creating intelligent manufacturing, marine and environment, commercial circulation, urban transportation, modern services, cultural media, high-end chemicals and materials, information The eight major professional groups, such as technology, are provincial pilot schools of the new apprenticeship system for enterprises. The “Urban Rail Transit Professional Group” has only one college in our city, and the “Aeronautical Services” specialty was first established in the city. The college participates in two national-level resource library construction projects, including one famous teacher studio in Shandong province, one innovation and technology transfer platform in Shandong province, three provincial demonstration and brand professional groups, and ten provincial financial support key construction majors. 4 special specialty courses, 5 provincial teaching teams, 16 provincial excellent courses, 11 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 20 provincial education reform projects, 6 provincial teaching resource banks, and 7 provincial teaching achievement awards Item, 1 provincial new apprenticeship pilot program.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College has more than 820 faculty members, including 569 full-time teachers, 181 professors and associate professors. The quality of “double-teachers” accounts for 85.4% of professional teachers, 1 master’s supervisor, 2 “provincial chief technicians” 3 “Provincial Teaching Teachers”, 2 “Provincial Young Skilled Teachers”, 5 “Provincial Technical Experts”, 6 Chief Technicians in Yantai City, 1 Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 7 City-level Outstanding Contributors, There are 144 senior technicians and 18 municipal technical experts.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College won 59 government scientific research achievement awards; 300 vertical scientific research projects, 37 horizontal scientific research projects (enterprise-entrusted projects), and the amount of accounts reached 2.015 million; published 208 books and textbooks; published 1976 academic papers (among which 83 articles such as SCI and EI, 221 articles of Peking University Chinese core); obtained 349 patent authorizations (including 49 invention patents); transferred and transferred 24 scientific and technological achievements, 2017 and 2018 %) “Respectively reached 7.44 and 24.82, exceeding 7.0 for five consecutive years, which is higher than the national median of exemplary vocational colleges.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College aims to train high-quality technical and technical personnel. Explore and improve the teaching system of combining work with study, implement integrated curriculum reform, and integrate ideological and political education, professional education, and craftsmanship education into the entire teaching process. Implement the five-level competition mechanism of department, academy, city, province, and country to form a competitive culture that promotes learning through competition, promotes teaching through competition, and everyone participates. In the past three years, students have participated in various competitions at all levels and won more than 600 provincial-level awards. The total number of awards and first-class awards are among the highest in the province. The qualification rate of graduates and the certification rate of professional and technical grade certificates are above 98%, and the employment rate is above 98%. They are widely distributed in Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., LG Lejin Display Co., Ltd., Taihe New Materials Co., Ltd., Haier Group and other major universities. Medium-sized and foreign companies.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College adheres to the open school model of “integration of schools and enterprises, integration of production and education”, relies on industry, industry, university, research and research alliances, takes projects as the link, adheres to the “wide and sophisticated” school-enterprise cooperation concept and Shandong marine resources and environment The research institute, Zhenghai Group, Shulang Garment, Eddy Precision and other more than 170 research institutes and large and medium-sized enterprises in Yantai City have established a multi-form, multi-level, close production-study-research cooperation relationship. The college is a cooperative college of German DMG company, a talent training base of China Aviation Association, and a cooperative college of Schneider Electric Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. At present, there are two provincial-level enterprises and schools co-construction engineering majors (mold design and manufacturing, mechatronics technology), two Shandong Province modern apprenticeship pilot majors (mechatronics technology and Zhenghai Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., e-commerce major and Yantai Xingshang Electronics Co., Ltd.). The college has jointly established a cross-border e-commerce productive training base with Alibaba and eBay, and has jointly established a smart control training center with Schneider Electric. It is advancing cooperation with Huawei to build an IoT and 5G technology training center, big data and artificial intelligence. The training center, the intelligent manufacturing training center in cooperation with Siemens, the welding technology automation training center in cooperation with CIMC Raffles, and the China-German innovation platform in cooperation with Dresden University of Technology, Germany. By exchanging information and sharing resources with the top companies in the industry, it promotes the comprehensive improvement of the quality of talent training.

Yantai Engineering and Technology College actively integrates new and old kinetic energy in provinces, cities, and Yantai Development Zones to transform major engineering and industrial development needs. Relying on the Department of Electrical and New Energy Engineering, it cooperates with HKUST Xunfei, Guoxing Intelligent, Irvine Marine, vPro Robotics and other companies Established the “Yantai Artificial Intelligence Applied Technology Research Institute”, which focuses on research involving industrial robots, intelligent processing, intelligent oceans, and smart cities, and assists enterprises in the application and production transformation of key artificial intelligence technologies; relying on the Department of Information and Media, In conjunction with Beijing Moss Data Technology Co., Ltd., the “Yantai Big Data (Cloud Computing) Applied Technology Research Institute” was jointly formed to build government, industry, academic, Research four-in-one collaborative innovation platform.


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