Yangzhou Hospitality Institute

Yangzhou Hospitality Institute

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Introduction to Yangzhou Hospitality Institute

Yangzhou Hospitality Institute is a full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college was founded by Mr. Zhang Li, Chairman of R & F Real Estate Group, one of the top 10 real estate companies in China. Adopt the training mode of the Hotel Management Institute of Lausanne, the world’s number one hotel education.

Yangzhou Hospitality Institute is located at No. 500 South Zhan Road, Yangzhou, at the intersection of G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway and S28 Qiyang Expressway, adjacent to Yangzhou Railway Station and Bus Station, and the transportation is very convenient. The campus has a garden-style architectural style with unique Yangzhou characteristics. The teaching facilities are complete and advanced, the living facilities are complete and convenient, and the campus environment is beautiful and quiet. Modern teaching buildings, lecture halls, teaching hotels, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, cafeterias, teachers and student apartments are built. Provide students with an excellent learning and living environment.

The total number of faculty members of the college is 207, including 116 full-time teachers and 15 part-time teachers, including 28 full-time teachers with deputy senior titles or above, and 48 full-time teachers with master’s degrees or higher. Sending professional teachers to the hotel industry for on-the-job training, and organizing full-time teachers to carry out various types of teaching competitions at various levels, the vast majority of teachers’ vocational education and teaching ability have been significantly improved, which has effectively guaranteed the continuous improvement of the quality of talent training.

Yangzhou Hospitality Institute has established a wide range of off-campus internships and employment bases. There are two subordinate colleges, including the School of Hotel Management, the School of Air Transport, the School of Architecture and Architecture, the School of Culture and Tourism, the School of Art, the School of Economics and Management, and the School of Information and Technology. In addition to the 101 hotels owned by R & F Group (including Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel and other top hotel brands), students of the School of Hotel Management can also choose Hyatt Group, Shangri-La Group , Marriott Group, Kempinski Group, Accor Group, InterContinental Hotel Management Group, Michelin Restaurant and more than 50 internationally renowned hotel management groups under any international five-star hotels for internships and employment, these hotels provide students with a broad Internship and employment platform. The students of other majors of the college are all trained by the positions required by the companies under the R & F Real Estate Group to truly recruit students, which means employment, and achieve seamless connection between enrollment and employment. In addition, the college has 6 overseas internship employment programs including Canada, Dubai, Australia, and paid internships in the United States.

The college adopts developmental education oriented by professional ability and professional quality, and is committed to cultivating senior management and technical talents in various industries with excellent theoretical and practical skills. Realize the implementation of the school-enterprise cooperation, a new employment model oriented by enterprise needs, and provide R & F Real Estate Group with a targeted orientation to train middle- and high-level management talents required by various enterprises and oriented to the production line. The college will consolidate the wisdom and strength of the whole school, adhere to the “application-oriented and distinctive” school running philosophy, adhere to the school motto of “learning art forest, Derby orchid”, implement the boutique strategy and international strategy, and build the school into a distinctive, domestic The first-class application-oriented vocational colleges have made outstanding contributions to the country’s economic construction and social development.


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