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Yangjiang Polytechnic


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Introduction to Yangjiang Polytechnic

Yangjiang Polytechnic (阳江职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive general institution of higher learning established by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. Our school takes “Chongde Yuanzhi, Jingyi Bocai” as the school motto, in accordance with “based on the place, taking the majors required by regional development as the main body; training sustainable development of high-skilled practical talents; and building an important contribution to regional development “Higher vocational colleges” positioning, running excellent teachers, running strong engineering subjects, highlighting advantages, condensing characteristics, focusing on the cultivation of practical ability and humanistic quality education. Cultivate high-quality technical and technical personnel with people’s satisfaction, social needs, and sustainable competitiveness.

The campus of Yangjiang Polytechnic covers an area of more than 500,000 square meters, the total value of teaching instruments and equipment exceeds 100 million yuan, and the total assets of the college are more than 400 million yuan. Existing Chinese Department, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Mathematics, Department of Finance and Economics, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Food and Environmental Engineering, Department of Art and Design, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Physical Education, Department of Ideological and Political Education and Department of Continuing Education, etc. 2 It has 39 majors, 11,167 full-time students, 632 faculty and staff, 484 full-time teachers, 116 senior titles, and 243 dual-teacher teachers.

Yangjiang Polytechnic has 2 provincial majors and 12 school-level majors. Formed four distinctive professional groups such as marine engineering, advanced manufacturing technology, blue tourism, and teacher education. Our college actively develops a talent training model combining production with education, work with study, and school-enterprise cooperation. It has established 118 experimental training rooms in the school and 225 external training bases. The advanced manufacturing training base built by the college and the enterprise is the most advanced mold production training base in South China, and has been rated as a provincial production demonstration base. The college invested nearly 20 million yuan to build a cooperative career in Guangdong and Germany. The Education and Training Center has taken the lead in implementing the “dual system” talented person training model in the national vocational education; our college has used the advantages of normal education and teaching to build Yangjiang Vocational and Technical College Affiliated School, Affiliated Yangdong School and The experimental schools affiliated to the college have a total of nearly 8,000 degrees, and have become an important practice base for Yangjiang high-quality basic schools and college teacher education majors.

Yangjiang Polytechnic’s teaching reform and scientific research innovation capabilities have been continuously improved. The college’s teaching and scientific research innovation capabilities have been continuously improved. In recent years, it has received 3 scientific research awards above the municipal department level, 1 provincial engineering technology center and 1 municipal key laboratory, 1 patent each, 46 provincial scientific research projects, and published the core Thesis and SCI have collected more than 20 papers, edited monographs and over 50 textbooks. Students have won many national and provincial vocational and technical competitions. The initial employment rate for graduates in 2019 is 97.15%.

Yangjiang Polytechnic is the first batch of intangible cultural heritage research bases in Guangdong Province, Chinese cultural heritage bases, Guangdong SME training demonstration bases, Guangdong social science popularization advanced demonstration bases, Guangdong environmental education bases, and Guangdong primary and secondary schools intellectual property education. Pilot schools, Yangjiang city talent work demonstration site, Yangjiang youth employment transfer training center, Yangjiang teacher principal training center, Yangjiang poverty alleviation employment skills training center. Our college has also set up 8 national industry vocational skill test stations and training points.


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