Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical College

Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical College

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Introduction to Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical College

Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical College (西双版纳职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time general high school with higher education qualifications established on the basis of several original colleges and technical secondary schools, which was registered by the Ministry of Education and approved by the Yunnan provincial government in July 2001.

The college is located in the center of Jinghong City, where the beautiful Xishuangbanna Prefecture is located. Jinghong City is located in the south of Yunnan Province and is one of the outstanding tourist cities in the country. It borders Laos and Myanmar, and is adjacent to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Lancang River-The Mekong River runs through the entire territory of Jinghong City and connects the six countries.

Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical College currently covers an area of more than 200 acres, a building area of 62,000 square meters, a teaching and production experimental base of more than 1,400 acres, and has established training bases in many enterprises and institutions. There are eight departments including the basic education department, the language and literature department, the arts and sports department, the agricultural department, the medical department, the tourism finance department, the continuing education department, and the TV university branch. The college has become the national computer test, English test. There are currently more than 8,000 students and 313 faculty members. Among the 217 full-time and part-time teachers, there are 9 masters, 40 teachers with graduate degrees and doctoral, master’s and postgraduate courses; 41 professors, associate professors, 95 lecturers, and 5 foreign teachers. Off-campus part-time teachers with professional expertise. At present, the construction of campuses characterized by ethnic style and garden style has been basically completed; teaching buildings, laboratories, student apartments, and cafeterias with higher levels of modernization have been put into use; broadband networks have penetrated the entire hospital.

Based on the pre-employment education, academic education and training, as well as the development orientation based on Xishuangbanna, serving Yunnan, facing the whole country, and radiating southeast, the college implements multi-form, multi-level, multi-channel schooling. Under the educational concept of “educational marriage and cooperative schooling”, the college has signed and carried out educational exchanges and cooperative schooling work with many domestic and foreign universities. Namely: Southwest University, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming Medical College, Yunnan Agricultural University, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Dali College, Thailand ’s Chiang Rai Royal University, Lampang National Institute of Technology University, Chiang Mai Far East University, etc. The college adheres to the market demand-oriented, follows the road of running a combination of teaching and practice, and trains various types of intermediate and advanced composite application talents for the society.

The college has 24 full-time three-year college majors, nine five-year college majors, and 15 secondary college majors. The college awards scholarships to outstanding students and student cadres with excellent academic performances each year. The maximum scholarship amount can reach 4,000 yuan per person.


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