Xinghua College of Chang’an University


Xinghua College of Chang’an University

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Introduction to Xinghua College of Chang’an University

Xinghua College of Chang’an University (长安大学兴华学院, website) was established in 2006. It was approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. ——Chang’an University, a full-time general undergraduate independent college based on a new mechanism and model. The college is located at 81 Fuyu Road, Yanta District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

Xinghua College of Chang’an University relies on Chang’an University’s high-quality discipline resources, adhering to the characteristics of Changan University’s school, and opens architecture, civil engineering (highway and bridge, industrial and civil construction), transportation, traffic engineering, built environment and energy applications 15 majors including engineering, marketing, electronic information engineering, automation, mechanical design and manufacturing (vehicle engineering), engineering management, electrical engineering and automation, environmental design, accounting, administrative management and international Chinese education.

The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and the dean is fully responsible for the college’s education, teaching, and administrative management. The leaders of the college, the heads of various professional departments, and the teachers are mainly selected from Chang’an University and have a high academic level and teaching ability. The college attaches great importance to the training and training of young teachers, and gradually realizes a “teacher-based” professional teacher as the backbone, backbone teachers as the core, and professional discipline leaders as the leading team of teachers to ensure the quality of talent training.

Xinghua College of Chang’an University adheres to the guidelines of educating people, putting quality first, focusing on quality, emphasizing ability, and highlighting characteristics. After more than ten years of development and accumulation, a unique campus culture has been formed, the school motto of “Mingde’s thick learning, truth-seeking and innovative”, the school spirit of “unity, loyalty, enterprising and enterprising”, the “practical truth” and “ Good learning style “. The college’s vision is: to strengthen Zoran, to build a high-quality independent college with strong self-development capabilities and a domestic leading level, and to train more high-quality talents for national and local economic and social development.


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