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Introduction to Xihua University

Xihua University (西华大学, website) is a provincial comprehensive university with a comprehensive range of disciplines and coordinated multidisciplinary development. It is a nationally-supported university ’s foundational capacity building project. It is an outstanding university in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education. Demonstration colleges of educational reform, the first batch of civilized campuses in Sichuan Province, and advanced greening units in Sichuan Province.

The university was founded in 1960 under the name Sichuan Agricultural Machinery College. In 1978, it was listed as a provincial key university by the Sichuan Provincial Government. In 1983 it was renamed Sichuan Institute of Technology. In 2003, Sichuan University of Technology and Chengdu Teachers College merged to form Xihua University. In 2008, Sichuan College of Economics and Management was incorporated as a whole.

Xihua University became the first batch of bachelor’s degree awarding units in the State Council Degree Committee in 1982. It began to recruit master degree students in 1985 and has the right to grant masters degrees in 1990. The university has four campuses: Pengzhou, Rennan and Yibin, with a campus area of nearly 3,000 acres. The library covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters, more than 2.6 million volumes of paper documents, and more than 8 million volumes of electronic books and periodicals.

The university has first tested the “chief scientist” model in provincial universities, and has more than 960 senior professional and technical personnel. Among them, the special professor of the “Cheung Kong Scholar” of the Ministry of Education, the national candidate for the new century multi-million talent project, the special government of the State Council More than 140 experts including subsidy experts and Sichuan Province’s “Thousand Talents Plan” have introduced talents and academic technology leaders. A number of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and well-known experts at home and abroad have been hired as special professors of the school. Teacher Tang Dan won the first prize in the liberal arts group of the National Young Teachers Teaching Contest with outstanding results in the first place, and won the May 1st Labor Medal of Sichuan Province. Teacher Wu Changdong won the National College Young Teachers’ Electronic Technology Foundation and Electronic Circuit Course Teaching Competition 1 Wait for the prize.

Xihua University adheres to the service orientation of “based on Sichuan, facing the west, and radiates the whole country”, upholds the school motto of “seeking truth, virtue, and excellence”, inheriting the excellent school tradition of “advancing with difficulties and self-improvement”, and establishing “educating people as the foundation” , Quality school, talent strong school, characteristic school, governing school according to law “school philosophy, adhere to the” reform and innovation, open school, coordinated advancement, characteristic development “school running ideas, and actively adapt to the national and Sichuan economic and social development needs, With the promotion of connotation as the core, we will comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training and the level of school running.

Xihua University adheres to the undergraduate education, actively develops graduate education and international education, and coordinates the multidisciplinary development of engineering, science, management, law, economics, arts, culture, education, agriculture, and medicine. There are currently 28 colleges, 32 master’s degree programs, and 89 undergraduate programs. Co-established Confucius Institute with Trinity University of Indonesia. More than 40,000 full-time students. The school recruits students from all over the country. It recruits students of high-level sports teams of table tennis, aerobics, and Taekwondo, and children of border guards. Qualified as a nationally-recommended excellent fresh undergraduate graduate exemption from studying for a master’s degree.

Xihua University has national and provincial specialty programs, national and provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, provincial applied talent training bases, Sichuan Province’s “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” major, and Sichuan Province’s “Outstanding Agroforestry Education Training Program” “There are more than 40 professional, provincial applied undergraduate demonstration majors, and 4 majors have passed the engineering education professional certification.

The University has a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Sichuan Province, the Sichuan 2011 Plan for Collaborative Innovation Center, Sichuan Military-civilian Integrated Collaborative Innovation Center, Sichuan Province’s “Double First-Class” Construction Support Discipline, Provincial Key Disciplines, and Ministry of Education and Provincial Key Labs, Provincial Philosophy Key research bases of the Chinese Communist Party, provincial and national key research bases, provincial key laboratories of colleges and universities, and key research bases of philosophical and social agencies, as well as other department-level platforms. In the past three years, he has undertaken more than 400 national and provincial key scientific research projects, and obtained more than 40 national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards and various achievement awards.

Xihua University implements the “Undergraduate Innovation Fund Funding Plan” and “Graduate Innovation Fund Funding Plan”, establishes college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship fund and innovation education credits, strengthens the construction of open laboratories, and has a provincial university science park. The College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club was rated as the Sichuan University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club. The comprehensive quality, hard work and innovative spirit of students have been welcomed and praised by employers, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90%.

In recent years, universities have won more than 450 national awards and more than 840 provincial awards in major challenge competitions at home and abroad, such as the Challenge Cup national extra-curricular academic and scientific work competitions, and the Chinese Internet Plus entrepreneurship competition. The design work of the student team won the only special award in the finals of the 2017 College Bridge Design Competition; the student won the nomination award for the International Special Award of the American College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest; the student Yang Wenhao won the silver medal of the “Automotive Technology” project of the 44th World Skills Competition, which achieved China The breakthrough of zero medals in this event was cordially received by Premier Li Keqiang. Olympic champion Chen Longcan coached the school and led the high-level table tennis team to win the 28th World University Summer Games Table Tennis Men’s Team Championship. Zhu Yuling won the 21st Table Tennis World Cup Women’s Singles Championship; Xihua Lalaxue won the World Cheerleading Championship Third place. Participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala and other performances; won two championships and one runner-up in the National University Campus Sound Competition.

Xihua University is the first pilot university to be promoted nationwide by Yiban, and the results of network education have been selected for the exchange of information in the National University Ideological and Political Work Conference; won the first prize of the eighth national university campus cultural construction outstanding achievement, and the ninth outstanding achievement special award; The school’s “classroom + practice + network” ideological and political course reform was reported by CCTV. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng, Minister of Propaganda Department of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and other senior leaders came to the school to investigate and guide the work of Yiban.

The university has expanded its opening of schools. By cooperating with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the construction of the Sichuan Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Pilot Zone, Chengdu National Central City and Tianfu New District will be jointly established as the “Sichuan Military-civilian Integration and Innovation Center”. Cooperate with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Southwest University of Finance and Economics and other universities to train master and doctoral students; build “Yibin Research Institute” to promote open school. Extensive teacher-student exchange, academic and scientific research with over 70 universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Montenegro, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries Cooperation provides a wide range of channels for students to study abroad.

Since the founding of the school, Xihua University has cultivated for the country various academicians including Wang Huaming, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ren Zhifeng, a member of the American Inventor Academy of Sciences, Shi Qinghua, chief expert of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., and Liu Yongxing, chairman of Hope Group and Oriental Hope Group. More than 260,000 talents have become an important base for the national and Sichuan province’s scientific and technological, economic and social development talents and intellectual support. The school is comprehensively deepening reforms, working hard to innovate the training mode of talents, increasing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, establishing discipline characteristics, and building the school into a first-rate and well-known provincial comprehensive university in the province with distinctive characteristics.


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