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Introduction to Xianyang Normal University

Xianyang Normal University is a provincial undergraduate college featuring teacher education. The school started in May 1978 at Xianyang College of Shaanxi Normal University. In December 1978, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the “Xianyang Normal College” was established. In May 2001, it merged with Xianyang Education College of Shaanxi Province to establish Xianyang Teachers College. In October 2004, Shaanxi Radio and TV University Xianyang Branch was incorporated. In July 2016, Shaanxi Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School was placed under the school.

Xianyang Normal University is located in the historical and cultural city of Xianyang. It has two campuses, Weicheng and Qindu. The campus covers an area of more than 800 acres, has a training base of 2,650 acres, and has a building area of 500,000 square meters. The total assets of the school are 1.457 billion yuan and the total value of equipment is 166 million yuan. The school recruits students from 28 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions. There are more than 15,000 full-time students and more than 30 foreign students.

Xianyang Normal University currently has 16 secondary colleges and 33 research institutions, with 54 undergraduate majors (19 in teacher education and 35 in non-teaching majors), covering literature, science, history, law, education, 9 disciplines including management, engineering, economics, and art. There are 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot project, 1 provincial-level specialty, 7 provincial-level specialty construction sites, 7 provincial-level majors, 26 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, and 6 provincial-level teaching teams. , 1 Provincial Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Education Base, 5 Provincial Talent Cultivation Model Innovation Experimental Zones, 9 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 3 Provincial College Students Off-campus Practice Education Bases, and Provincial Comprehensive Comprehensive Reform Pilot Projects 4 projects, 23 provincial education reform projects, 12 provincial teaching achievement awards, and 8 provincial excellent teaching material awards. Approved as a research and training base for innovation and entrepreneurship education in Shaanxi universities, a base for innovation and entrepreneurship in the practice of educating people in Shaanxi province, a pilot college for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in colleges and universities in Shaanxi province, and a model employment and entrepreneurship guidance service institution in Shaanxi province. 1 Provincial New Engineering Research and Practice Project, 1 Provincial Teacher Education Online Open Course, 3 Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Courses, 348 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs for College Students Above the Provincial Level, and Various Provincial and Above More than 1,000 awards for subject competitions.

Xianyang Normal University has more than 1,250 faculty members, more than 400 staff with senior titles such as professors and associate professors, and more than 80% of them have doctoral and master degrees. There are more than 50 teachers including the special allowance of the State Council, Shaanxi Province has outstanding contributions to the young and middle-aged experts “Three Qin talents”, young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation leaders, science and technology award review experts, social science federation experts and other more than 50 famous provincial teaching teachers 6 people, Xianyang City, the fourth batch of cross-century academic and technological leaders, top science and technology talents, outstanding contributions experts, 8 talents.

Xianyang Normal University has undertaken 45 national research projects, 436 provincial and ministerial research projects, and 485 department-level research projects; 22 provincial and ministerial research awards, and 120 department-level research awards; Academic journals have published 5,442 papers, with an average annual publication of 1026, of which 911 are core journals, and 283 have been indexed by SCI, EI, and CA. Chinese history (historical geography) is a provincial-level dominant discipline, and the “Guanzhong Ancient Mausoleum Cultural Research Center” and “Shaanxi Rural Basic Education Development Research Center” are key research bases for philosophy and social science in Shaanxi (universities). It has Shaanxi Social Science Popularization Base, Xianyang City and Yangling Demonstration Zone Teacher Education Center, Xianyang City Cadre Education Training Base and Xianyang Development Research Institute.

Xianyang Normal University insists on open schools and has established friendly and cooperative relations with 82 universities and research institutions in 19 countries including the United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, Poland, South Korea, and Japan, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over 800 teachers and students have passed the ” “Project” led to travel to the Philippines and Thailand as Chinese volunteers, teach in kindergartens in Singapore, travel to South Korea to conduct exchanges and study tours, and study in the United States and South Korea to study dual degrees and Master and Ph.D. More than 100 foreign teachers from 10 countries have been hired to teach at the school, and more than 650 foreign students have been trained.

In the 40 years since the school was founded, Xianyang Normal University has fully implemented the party’s education policy, adhered to the roots of people, and has delivered more than 100,000 senior applied talents to the society.


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