Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities


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Introduction to Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities (广西民族大学相思湖学院, website) was established in April 2002. It was formerly known as Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities. In February 2004, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to become a full-time undergraduate college (independent college). In March 2006, education The Ministry agreed that the Xiangsi Lake College of Guangxi University for Nationalities was renamed the Xiangsi Lake College of Guangxi University for Nationalities.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities currently has two campuses, of which Xiangsihu Campus is located at No. 1, Pengfei Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City, with a construction area of 160,000 square meters. The Xiangsi Lake campus has a complete teaching infrastructure with 76 multimedia classrooms, 15 multimedia digital language laboratories, 4 computer public laboratories, 54 professional laboratories, 68 off-campus practice bases, and teaching equipment of 63.32 million yuan. There are 2,421 teaching computers, 890,000 books in the library, and 610,000 e-books. The school stadium covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Wuming Campus is located in Nanning Education Park, Wuming District, Nanning City, covering an area of 616 acres, and various constructions are in progress.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities currently has Marxism College, Law School, School of Management, Polytechnic, Business School, School of Sports and Health Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, School of Culture and Media, School of Art and Design, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, etc. There are more than 11,200 full-time students from 10 second-tier colleges in 14 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities has set up 37 undergraduate majors such as international economics and trade. Over the past 17 years, it has formed 5 distinctive clusters of disciplines in economics and trade, management, art, language and literature, and information engineering , School influence is increasing day by day. Since 2017, the scores of arts, broadcasting, sports, and liberal arts enrolled in Guangxi for three consecutive years have ranked first among the eight independent colleges in the region. The enrollment rate of students in 2019 is 94.87%, and the employment rate of graduates in 2019 is 95.05%. In recent years, more than 300 students have obtained postgraduates from well-known universities at home and abroad, such as Beijing Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, University of Newcastle, UK, University of Leuven, Belgium, and University of Marseille, France. In the past 17 years, it has cultivated 15,100 various application-oriented talents for national unity and frontier consolidation.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities currently has 237 full-time teachers, 678 part-time teachers, 317 teachers with a title of associate senior or higher, and 520 teachers with a master’s degree or higher. In recent years, full-time teachers of the school have obtained 2 national scientific research projects, 90 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 117 department-level scientific research projects, published 39 monographs (including textbooks), and published more than 1,000 papers. He won 1 third prize of science and technology by the Ministry of Education, 1 first prize of provincial journal papers, 1 first prize of Guangxi district teaching achievement award, 4 second prizes, and 2 outstanding achievements of Guangxi educational science research. Among the 8 independent colleges in the region, it became the first to receive the first prize in the teaching achievement of the autonomous region, the first to receive the first prize in the teaching competition for young teachers in the region, the first to receive the gold prize in the “Internet +” contest among college students in the region, A peer-to-peer institution.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities has established a long-term stable exchange and cooperation relationship with 29 universities in 8 countries including Britain, France, Japan, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and 1 region of Taiwan. The school has established overseas (Thailand) internship bases at the Thai King Power Group (KING POWER) to promote students’ overseas employment, established overseas (Indonesia) education internship bases at the Confucius Institute at Tanjung Bura University, Indonesia, and promoted traditional Chinese culture. Implement the “3 + 1” international talent training model in 19 majors such as international economics and trade (3 years of domestic study + 1 year of study in a language target country). Each year, more than 380 overseas students study abroad. In the past 17 years, a total of 7,287 students have been sent abroad (borders) to carry out exchange studies and internships in various projects. In addition to cooperative universities, multinational organizations and related units such as the Thai Consulate General in Nanning and the US Embassy in China have visited and actively promoted various cultural exchanges. Our college has recruited 31 international students from universities in Thailand and Indonesia and has offered courses in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

The college’s innovation and entrepreneurship education is at the forefront of universities in the region. Established five major collaborative education and innovation platforms for school-enterprise cooperation, maker space, incubation base, poverty alleviation system, and cultural display, and a four-in-one talent training system of “ideological and political theory course + professional course + innovation and entrepreneurship course + quality development course”. The quality of application-oriented talent training has achieved remarkable results. Since 2018, students have participated in the fourth and fifth national “Internet +” innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and won a total of 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 15 bronze medals, and national competitions. 1 bronze medal.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities has continuously enhanced its ability to serve national strategies and local economic and social development. Since 2017, it has undertaken classroom translations and life translations for 3 local party and government cadres training courses organized by the Autonomous Region Party School and 19 Baise Cadre Colleges for two consecutive years. On May 18, 2019, we hosted the “523 Free Happy Grassroots Volunteer Service to Chinese and Vietnamese Singers Concert at Campus” by Guangxi Literary Federation. Relying on the advantages of non-universal language teaching, we organized students to participate in China-ASEAN Expo and Investment Summit volunteers for 15 consecutive years. Service, send teachers and students to participate in the “Sudiman” Cup badminton and other international and domestic top referees. Organized 2018 girls to participate in the mass cultural performance of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2018, which was highly appraised by the central delegation, leaders of the autonomous region and all sectors of society.

Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities has successively won the pilot colleges of the Ministry of Education’s production-academia collaborative education project, the Guangxi new undergraduate school for the overall transformation and development of pilot schools, the Guangxi university “Sanquan” education training pilot college, the second batch of animation Talent training base, Guangxi Musicians Association national music creation training base, Guangxi college graduate employment and entrepreneurship work outstanding unit, Nanning animation talent training base, Guangxi college advanced logistics work college, autonomous health school, safe and civilized campus. Students participated in various competitions and won more than 230 awards at provincial and ministerial levels.


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