Xi’an Vocational University of Information

Xi’an Vocational University of Information

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Introduction to Xi’an Vocational University of Information

Xi’an Vocational University of Information (西安信息职业大学, website) is a full-time undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is the first batch of pilot universities for undergraduate education reform in the country.

The university was founded in 1992. The school adheres to the direction of running a socialist school, adheres to the fundamental task of building people with morality, adheres to the development strategy of “quality school, school development with characteristics, and strong school with talents”, and gradually forms a school-running school model that integrates production and education, and adopts connotative, The characteristic development path aims to build the school into an undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics and satisfactory to the people. Comrade Zhang Ming is the chairman and principal and Comrade Zheng Zhizheng is the party secretary.

The university is located in the university town of Chang’an District, Xi’an. It covers an area of ??more than 600 acres and a building area of ??214,000 square meters. 11 secondary colleges and engineering training centers, engineering training centers, computer training centers, electronic experimental training centers, urban rail transit training centers, including software colleges, schools of economics and management, colleges of transportation engineering, colleges of architecture, polytechnics, and entrepreneurship schools And other teaching institutions, teaching, internship (training) facilities are complete, living facilities are complete.

Xi’an Vocational University of Information has been rated as “China’s top ten universities with development potential” and “China’s top ten characteristic universities”. In 2014, the school won the title of “Most Employment Competitiveness” in the Shaanxi List of the National Quality Media Education Alliance General Evaluation List. In the second (2011) touching Shaanxi education figures (institutions) promotion activity was named “Most Featured Professional College”, in the fourth (2015) touching Shaanxi education figures (institutions) promotion activity, was rated “Most Employable College” and Dean Zhang Ming won a series of awards including “Outstanding Contributors to Promote the Development of Shaanxi Education”.

In accordance with national strategies such as “Made in China 2025”, “Internet +”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Cloud Computing Technology”, and “Big Data”, the University proactively adapts to the needs of regional economic development, industrial upgrading and technological progress. And other strategic emerging industry development directions, coordinating and optimizing the school’s professional system, guided by the latest changes in industry, technology, and occupation in Shaanxi, opening software engineering, communications engineering, electronic information engineering, Internet of things engineering, computer application engineering, and networking Engineering, big data technology and application, intelligent manufacturing engineering, rail transit signal and control, e-commerce, etc. 10 undergraduate majors in Shaanxi much needed, 36 higher vocational majors.

Xi’an Vocational University of Information has formed 6 disciplines and specialized groups mainly focusing on intelligent manufacturing engineering, software engineering, electronic information engineering, computer application engineering, e-commerce, and transportation. Build a professional system with engineering as the mainstay, information specialty as the specialty, and professional and industrial high-level vocational technology. Leaded by provincial key majors, first-class majors, backbone majors such as electronic information engineering technology, software technology, communication technology, applied electronics technology, e-commerce, etc., with microelectronic technology, information security and management, industrial robots, and drone applications Technology and other school-level key majors and specialty majors are the starting points, and the radiation has promoted the synchronous development of other majors in the school.

Xi’an Vocational University of Information has built a modern campus with a variety of functional buildings, including teaching, scientific research, office, sports, and life, as well as complete facilities and a beautiful environment. There are 2 teaching buildings, 16 student apartment buildings, 2 experimental training buildings, 3 engineering training center buildings, 1 library building, 1 gymnasium, 1 student cafeteria, 1 bath center building, and various other types. 3 playgrounds. The library is rich in books. In 2015, the construction training center building was 36,000 square meters. In 2013, it was successively identified as a “skills training base” by the high-tech zone and the Xixian new zone. All kinds of teaching and living facilities are well-equipped and have perfect functions, which meet the needs of coordinated development of connotation construction.

The school invested more than 100 million yuan to build a gymnasium, which provided conditions for the development of physical education and sports competitions. In recent years, the school’s football, basketball, track and field, roller skating and other sports teams have competed in various competitions in the province, and have achieved many excellent results.

Standing at the historical starting point of the reform and development of vocational education in the new era, Xi’an Vocational University of Information has not forgotten its original intention and moved on. Undertake the glorious mission of undergraduate-level vocational education reform pilots, and take Lideshuren as its own responsibility, and train a group of great country craftsmen and skilled craftsmen for the four modernizations of our country. The school has always maintained the attributes and characteristics of vocational education, adhered to the school-run mode of integrating school-industry cooperation with production-education, improved the education mechanism of combining moral and technical training, and work-study, followed the “connotative, characteristic, and standardized” development path and strived to build the school “Shaanxi is inseparable, the industry agrees, and international exchange is possible.” The undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics and people’s satisfaction promotes the development of higher quality and higher level of vocational education, and contributes to the development of Shaanxi’s economic and social and information industry and the construction of a strong province of higher education in Shaanxi. Make new and greater contributions and provide a solid talent guarantee for the realization of the “Two 100 Years” goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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