Xi’an Vocational and Technical College

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Xi’an Vocational and Technical College

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College (西安职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive full-time higher vocational and technical college organized by the People’s Government of Xi’an and approved by the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province. In the long-term school-running practice, it has trained tens of thousands of high-quality laborers and technical and technical talents in the front line of production, construction, service, and management for the country. It has a wide influence and a good reputation in the society. The college has been awarded the “civilized campus” of the provincial education system, the “best unit” of spiritual civilization construction in the city’s education system, the “civilized campus” in Xi’an, the “advanced collective of teachers’ morality” in the Xi’an education system, and “advanced enterprises and institutions in production safety” “And other titles.

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College is located in Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, close to the first new-type urban industrial demonstration park in Northwest China. It covers an area of 382 acres. It has a mechanical and electrical engineering college, a school of animation software (big data application college), and electronic engineering. College, School of Economics and Management, School of Accounting and Finance, Preschool Teachers College, College of Bioengineering (College of Rural Rejuvenation), School of Architecture and Rail Transit, Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory, Teaching Department of Basic Courses (Ministry of Physical Education), More than 500 employees, more than 9,000 students. The college now has 46 three-year vocational majors. Among them, “Construction Engineering Technology” is a construction project supported by the central government, and “Anime Production Technology” is a provincial first-class professional construction project. , “Electronic Information Engineering Technology”, “Logistics Management”, “E-Commerce” and other 5 provincial first-class professional training projects, “Mechatronics Technology”, “Accounting”, 5 provincial key specialties, 3 provincial specialties The comprehensive reform pilot project has formed an integrated two-wing multi-wheel drive professional framework with equipment manufacturing as the main body, information technology industry and modern service industry as the two wings, new energy technology, construction technology, cultural creativity and biopharmaceutical drive. The college is the second batch of national “Scientific Work Capability Enhancement Program (10 Million Projects)” project institutions, the Ministry of Education ’s modern apprenticeship pilot construction project unit, the Ministry of Education ’s first batch of “1 + X” certificate system pilot institutions, Department of Innovation and Pioneering Education.

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College closely focuses on the regional industry, focuses on practical teaching, vigorously develops school-enterprise cooperation and order training, works with Xi’an Municipal Public Administration Bureau and its subsidiaries, Xi’an Qujiang New District Management Committee and its subsidiaries, and Xi’an National Civil Aerospace The Industrial Base Management Committee, China Geely Automobile Xi’an Project Department, Beijing Holding Group, Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Xi’an Rail Office (Subway Corporation) and other development zones, industry authorities, large enterprises and institutions have established long-term Cooperation relations, talent export based in Shaanxi, facing the whole country, the employment rate has remained above 95% in recent years, and graduates have been well received by employers for their excellent quality, solid professional theoretical foundation and skilled professional post skills.

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College, together with Alibaba Cloud and Huike Group, jointly established the Alibaba Cloud Big Data Application College, which is committed to training more application-oriented talents that meet the needs of industry companies and support the development of the big data industry in Xi’an and the entire western region. The college actively implements a number of cooperative school-run projects with foreign universities and educational institutions, strengthens cooperation and exchanges with the University of Stroud, UK KDU University, Tampere Vocational College in Finland, and Daelim University in Korea, and expands the talent reserve base. , Has formed a “complementary advantages, mutual benefit, dynamic operation, orderly development” cooperation model.

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College is currently “National High-skilled Talent Training Base”, “National Logistics Vocational Education Training Base”, “Shaanxi Province Animation Talent Training Base”, “Xi’an High-tech Industry Development Zone Skilled Talent Training Base”, “Xi’an Public Mechanical and Electrical Training Base”, “Xi’an Retired Soldier Training Base” and Xi’an Chuangye (employment) industry training designated institutions, to undertake advanced job appraisal of multiple types of work.

Xi’an Vocational and Technical College strives to build local vocational colleges with distinctive characteristics of running schools, excellent education environment, excellent teaching conditions, excellent quality of talent training, and outstanding social service capabilities, and make new contributions to the construction of an international metropolis in Xi’an .


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