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Xi’an Eurasia University


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Introduction to Xi’an Eurasia University

Xi’an Eurasia University (西安欧亚学院, website) is an international application-oriented undergraduate university with the coordinated development of art, literature, education, engineering, etc., which is approved by the Ministry of Education. We understand the individual characteristics of students and the freshest changes in the market economy today, and we are proactive in grasping the demand for talents in modern society. We are committed to developing unique graduates with professional talents, lifelong learning capabilities, and critical thinking to cope with a global work environment.

After 20 years of continuous construction, Xi’an Eurasia University has become one of the most beautiful university campuses in Shaanxi. The experience of green campus construction provides a reference model for the construction of green cities in Xi’an. In 2016, Eurasia also received support from the World Bank Finance Corporation (IFC) for further development of the Eurasian Green Campus.

Xi’an Eurasia University library, student living room, Southern District teaching building, Qindao and other buildings are from the hands of well-known architects at home and abroad. They not only meet the learning and living needs of teachers and students, but also enhance Eurasia. Aesthetic and artistic bit.

In 2014, the school proposed the “Green Campus” plan, which will build Eurasian into a regional green campus model in 5-10 years, and become a promoter of green cities. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the “Green Campus” plan, since September 2015, with the support of the school leaders, and with the joint efforts of the Finance Department, Infrastructure Department, Logistics Group and other departments, the World Bank International Finance Corporation has been successfully carried out. (IFC) due diligence in various aspects, and finally successfully applied for IFC’s 10-year 227.5 million yuan funding support.

Xi’an Eurasia University combines the current development trend of education informatization with the construction of a “smart campus” as a college from the five dimensions of informatization serving teaching and learning, learning and knowledge-based organizations, operational excellence and management, intelligent environment, and industry-university-research. The strategic goal of informatization work will further improve the overall level of the college’s informatization and better provide services for teachers and students.

Xi’an Eurasia University’s smart campus is based on intelligent access and sensing devices. Under the ubiquitous campus network environment, it uses cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and mobile Internet to form a smart space environment. “All the people and physical objects of the organization exist in the form of data, and the associations and interactions are connected with data wisdom. On the basis of solving application requirements, combining the status of the college’s informatization construction, continuous innovation guides the development of business In order to provide a full range of intelligent services for school teaching, operation management, production, learning, research, etc., improve the level of teaching management and the information experience of teachers and students, and improve the efficiency of space resource management and utilization.


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