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Xiamen University of Technology Xiamen University of Technology
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Introduction to Xiamen University of Technology

Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) is located in the national central city of Xiamen, which is known as the “high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship and the city of high-value ecological gardens”. It is a public undergraduate university in Fujian Province.

The university was founded in 1981 (predecessor Lujiang Vocational University). In 2004, it was approved by the Ministry of Education and renamed as “Xiamen University of Technology”.


The university has three campuses, Jimei, Siming and Xiaruan. It covers an area of 1927 acres and has a construction area of more than 500,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 520 million yuan, and the collection of paper books is 1.957 million. The school now has 19 institutes: School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, School of Optoelectronics and Communication Engineering (Microelectronics Institute), School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Environment School of Science and Engineering, School of Design Art, School of Economics and Management (Straits Business School), School of Cultural Industry and Tourism, School of Fashion and Fashion, School of Applied Mathematics, School of Foreign Languages, School of Marxism, Department of Sports, School of Software Engineering, School of Continuing Education International Institute of Education and Graduate School.

The university has a total of 19,943 full-time students (including 330 graduate students and 138 international students); 1063 full-time teachers.

International Cooperation

The university’s international exchanges have diversified and developed, and the cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan has yielded fruitful results. The school has deep cooperation and exchanges with 68 universities in more than 20 countries including the United States, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. In cooperation with the University of Missouri, the second-level institution of Sino-foreign cooperative education at the undergraduate level — the Missouri College of Xiamen University of Technology was successfully approved by the Ministry of Education.

The university has established a rail transit research center with the University of Newcastle, UK, and has jointly established the “China-US (Xiamen) International Offshore Incubator” (the first Chinese university) with the University of Texas at Austin.

The school also cooperates with Victoria University of New Zealand and University of Regina, Canada to implement the “Sino-Foreign Cooperation Program”.

The school has conducted teacher-student exchanges with 10 overseas famous schools such as Cranfield University, University of Western Australia, and Politecnico di Milano, and jointly trained undergraduate and master students.
The school employs 40 overseas experts to teach and research cooperation every year.
The school helps recruit high-quality international students and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao students to study in cooperative universities.

The universities and colleges on both sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly built laboratories and research institutes. The school has established a joint training center for teachers and institutions in Fujian Province with the University of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Taipei University of Science and Technology, and Yuanzhi University.

The rapid development of the school has been widely recognized by the community. The development potential of our school ranks 6th among the 11 key universities in Fujian Province.


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