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Introduction to Xiamen Ocean Vocational College

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College (厦门海洋职业技术学院, website) is located in Xiamen, Fujian, a beautiful and welcoming sea garden city. It is a public higher vocational college affiliated with the Education Department of Fujian Province, a national defense education school of the Ministry of Education, a civilized school in Fujian Province, and a model higher vocational school in Fujian Colleges and universities, Fujian Province model modern vocational colleges and universities.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College started in Jimei School of Fisheries, which was founded in 1920 by Mr. Chen Jiageng, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader. In the course of running for nearly a century, the college has adopted “sincerity” as its school motto, carried forward the spirit of Jiageng, and trained a large number of high-quality technical and technical personnel for the development of the country and the Fujian marine industry. Excellent alumni have spread throughout the country and in five continents in the world Extensive reputation both inside and outside. In April 2000, the then governor of Fujian Province, Xi Jinping, wrote the inscription “Spring and Rain, Taoli Manyuan” for the 80th anniversary of the college, and had high hopes for the construction and development of the college.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College currently has two campuses, Siming and Xiang’an, covering an area of 712 acres, with a total planned area of more than 1,000 acres. It has navigational technology, biotechnology, information technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, business management There are 7 departments of the Ministry of Basic Affairs and the Ministry of Ideology and Political Affairs. The number of students in the school exceeds 10,000, and the number of non-degree education students is more than 20,000 per year. At present, there are 525 full-time and part-time teachers, of which 32% are teachers with a deputy senior title or above, and “double-qualified” teachers account for 74.8% of full-time teachers. Has a provincial teaching team “aquaculture technology professional team”, 1 provincial teaching teacher, 11 provincial professional leaders, 7 agricultural vocational teaching teachers. There are 152 on-campus training rooms such as large-scale ship manipulation simulators, various simulation training rooms, and 183 off-campus practice training bases. Among them, there are 3 training bases supported by the central government and 4 training bases supported by the provincial government. A total of 87.3035 million yuan worth of teaching instruments and equipment were allocated, and 500.75 thousand books were collected.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College has always adhered to the tradition of running schools in the industry and adhered to its positioning in serving the oceans and the places. Fully docking the Fujian Province’s marine industry chain to build a “big ocean” characteristic professional system, with five key specialty groups such as marine biotechnology, marine engineering technology, port logistics, marine information technology, and international commerce, and opening up navigation technology, port and shipping management 36 majors, such as aquaculture, international cruise liner management, optoelectronic technology application, and mechatronics, have basically formed a major professional structure that focuses on modern marine productive services and application engineering, serving the ocean and serving the locality. Since 2017, the college has added state-level projects such as the national vocational education professional teaching resource bank, the “One School, One Product” demonstration base of the Dragon Boat Movement; it has been approved by Fujian Province’s service industry specialty specialty group, and Fujian province ’s vocational colleges ’industry-education integration demonstration specialty points Provincial projects such as the professional group training base of vocational colleges in Fujian Province, the collaborative innovation center of marine biological application technology in Fujian universities, the collaborative innovation center of intelligent fishery application technology in Fujian universities, and the Fujian Province teacher training training base; Chemical equipment research was filed by Xiamen Key Laboratory.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College led the formation of Fujian Ocean Vocational Education Group and the Fujian Ocean Vocational Education Steering Committee. The school has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Xiang’an District of Xiamen City, Luoyuan County of Fuzhou City, Yunxiao County of Zhangzhou City and other coastal counties and cities in Fujian. Carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with provincial industry associations such as Fujian Ocean Fisheries Promotion Association. Build a school-school cooperation platform with Xiamen University of Technology and Ningde Teachers College. Established a “marine scientific research safety comprehensive skills training base” and a marine biological industrialization pilot technology research and development public service platform with the Third Ocean Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and jointly established a “fishery ship surveyor” with the State Fishery Ship Inspection Bureau Training Base”.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College closely focuses on the training target of high-quality technical and technical personnel, actively carries out the “supply-side” reform of talents, explores the “apprenticeship system”, “dual system”, and “collaborative innovation classes” for collaborative education between schools and enterprises Multiple training methods. Adhere to the two-wheel drive of innovation and entrepreneurship education and skills competition. Establish a Southern Ocean Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base with the National Southern Ocean Center. The college student innovation and entrepreneurship park covers an area of 7,500 square meters and is divided into three parts: innovation and entrepreneurship training platform, innovation and entrepreneurship incubator, and innovation and entrepreneurship accelerator. It is the provincial university student innovation and entrepreneurship park in Fujian province and Xiamen technology business incubator. The college has won 13 gold, 12 silver, and 15 bronze at provincial level and above for various college student innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Among them, the vocational education track of the 5th Fujian Province “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 3rd Huang Yanpei Strait Vocational Education Innovation In the entrepreneurship competition, two projects won gold awards. In 2019, the college won the first prize of the chip-level inspection and maintenance and data recovery of electronic products in the higher vocational group of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, the first prize of the design and implementation of photovoltaic electronics engineering group, and the second prize of the customs skills competition. Award, the first prize of the national vocational college ship and marine engineering assembly skills competition.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College focuses on the accumulation of technical skills and continuously improves its ability to serve the society. It is a seafarer crew training agency licensed by the Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural has a unique job skill appraisal station, a Taiwanese fisherman basic skills training institution, a civil servant training base in Fujian Province, one of the first batch of new professional farmer training bases in Fujian Province, and one of the five new professional farmer college education institutions in Fujian. In 2017, the new farmers Chen Zhiren and Li Jiming were awarded the title of “National Agricultural Model Workers” and were cordially received by Party and State leaders such as President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. The college has established a number of scientific and technological service teams such as aquaculture and processing technology. Active in serving the country’s rural revitalization. Among them, the smart fisheries research and development team led by Professor Wei Maochun of our school has 13 patents and 17 software copyrights. The intelligent aquaculture products developed by it have lifted the traditional culture from the situation of relying on the sky to eat, and only promoted the smart culture water surface in 2017. The area reached 32,000 mu, and the total application area exceeded 200,000 mu.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College vigorously implements the project of improving the level of running international schools and actively broadens the vision of opening schools. Established an international exchange and cooperation center, and signed educational and academic exchange agreements with maritime universities in Taiwan, such as Taiwan Ocean University, Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, and Taipei Ocean University of Science and Technology. Carry out joint school and teacher-student exchange visits with universities such as Blue Mountain International Hotel College in Australia, Boren University in Thailand, and Ocean University in Taiwan; organize and host various high-level international academic conferences on environmental sciences and computer science; implement international maritime convention organization standards The professional certification of the crew system and the professional certification of the IEET Sydney agreement promote the internationalization of talent cultivation; more than 40 well-known experts at home and abroad, including Academician Edward McBean and Academician Xiao Huining, are invited as part-time or specially-appointed professors. Promote the establishment of international cooperation platforms such as the “International Marine Environmental System Engineering Research Center” and “Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Research and Dissemination Center”. It is the only vocational college in Fujian Province that accepts overseas Chinese students of Chinese descent for the countries along the Belt and Road.

Xiamen Ocean Vocational College attaches particular importance to the integration of university spirit and professional education. Take the spirit of Jiageng and Mr. Chen Jiageng’s “sincerity” school motto as a source culture that is passed on by fire and fire, and enter the campus, the classroom, and the mind. Pay attention to the influence of the professional spirit of blue craftsmen on students, introduce marine culture into the campus, and embed it in talent cultivation and rich campus culture. Dragon boat sport and sailing sport have become the characteristic educational achievements of the century-old sea academy with important influences in China. They have won the fifth place in the 100m straight race and the fifth place in the 200m straight race of the Chinese Dragon Boat Race (Fuzhou Station). 4th in the 5th China Dragon Boat Tug of War Open (Jimei Station), 2018 Ninth City Club International Regatta J80 Class Championship and Long Course Championship, 14th China Club Cup Regatta Group Championship, 12th The runner-up of Group 37 of Bavaria and the runner-up of Group IRC-C of the China Cup Regatta.

New era, new mission, new journey. Xiamen Ocean Vocational College will firmly grasp the direction of running a socialist school, seize the opportunity of innovation and development of higher vocational education in the new era, take the opportunity to welcome the centennial school celebration, and take the promotion of connotation and strong schools as the basis. “Local” school positioning, adhere to the “close industry, integration into the business” model of deep integration of production and education, deepen reform and innovation, highlight open integration, rely on the ocean, based in Fujian, facing the country, radiating countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and strive The ocean power, ocean power province, and regional economic and social development provide diversified social services such as technical and technical talents with strong innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, high comprehensive quality, social training, applied technology research and development, cultural heritage and innovation, etc. The province is leading, domestic first-class, and internationally renowned high-level marine vocational colleges.


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