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Introduction to Xiamen Nanyang University

Xiamen Nanyang University (厦门南洋职业学院, website) was co-sponsored by 15 scholars and entrepreneurs enthusiastically educated at home and abroad such as Lu Jiasheng. The school is located in the beautiful and warm sea garden city of Xiamen. The campus covers an area of ??600 acres and has a designed building area of ??310,000 square meters. It is designed by a well-known Swiss architect and integrates modern, ecological, digital, and environmental protection concepts. It is greened by Xiamen City. The committee rated it a “garden-style unit”.

Xiamen Nanyang University has an experimental training area of ??nearly 30,000 square meters, a total teaching equipment value of more than 50 million yuan, and a collection of 800,000 books. The school has perfect teaching facilities, complete living facilities, and convenient transportation. The school has 8 secondary colleges including the School of Information Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Cabinets, the School of Art and Design, the School of Foreign Languages ??and Tourism, the School of Architecture and Engineering, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the Department of Ideological and Political Education. Networking application technology, mechatronics, engineering cost, clothing design, hotel management, etc. 46 majors, covering equipment manufacturing, civil construction, electronic information, finance and commerce, tourism, culture and arts, and other majors, including engineering majors 25 This has gradually formed 7 major professional groups including advanced manufacturing technology, electronic information technology, modern service and management, culture and arts, civil engineering, finance and economics, and commerce and trade.

Xiamen Nanyang University currently has 301 full-time teachers, selected as one of the national outstanding vocational education principals, one “Famous Vocational School Principal” in Fujian Province, three provincial professional leaders, six provincial education evaluation experts, and Fujian youth One research and innovation talent, one Xiamen young innovation talent, won two first-class teaching achievements above provincial level, 50 national patents, provided 51 consulting reports for the government and enterprises, published more than 300 papers, and published 110 monographs For the rest, he has compiled 6 sets of the first series of professional teaching materials for cabinets in China, and has been approved for 80 municipal-level or higher subjects.

Xiamen Nanyang University adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “people-oriented, characteristic school running, comprehensive education”, adheres to the “entrepreneurial, innovative, and open” school, and focuses on training outward-looking, compound, and application-oriented talents. Teaching quality, from Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and other national key institutions to hire a large number of full-time and part-time professors, associate professors, lecturers to teach at the school, and specially invited foreign teachers, entrepreneurs to teach the school. The school promotes the school-enterprise cooperation and the Fujian-Taiwan “school-enterprise” joint talent training model, and implements dual-track teaching of diploma education and certificate education. The proportion of graduates receiving “double certificates” is nearly 90%. The school strives to connect with domestic and external rails. At present, it has established cooperative relationships with more than 30 universities such as Kunming, Jinan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, and Singapore. After completing relevant courses at the school, students can choose the best and recommend them to overseas cooperative colleges. The university continues to pursue bachelor and master degrees.

Xiamen Nanyang University is located in a special economic zone and has the prerequisites for open schools, employment and entrepreneurship, and graduates are favored by enterprises. Each year, the school hosts a “hundreds of thousands of” campus recruitment fair. Each year, thousands of companies come to recruit graduates from the school. Each graduate has at least five employment opportunities in the school. The average employment rate of graduates has remained at 99.9% for 16 consecutive years. High. In 2005, the university established the “University Entrepreneurship Fund” to provide start-up capital support for student entrepreneurship. At present, this fund has reached 13.7 million yuan. Two graduates of Zheng Zhiyong and Liao Jianghu received the first batch of RMB 120,000 in 2006. In order to nurture his alma mater, Zheng Zhiyong, an alumnus of successful entrepreneurship, donated 1 million yuan to his alma mater to establish the “Huiying Education and Entrepreneurship Fund” to support alma mater graduates to start their own businesses.

Xiamen Nanyang University has established classic recitation clubs, art troupes, model teams, etiquette teams, basketball teams, football teams, literature clubs, entrepreneurship associations, English associations, Japanese corners, PC clubs, guitar associations, comics clubs, tennis teams, etc There are several student associations, including the Classical Reading Club, which was named as one of the top 50 student associations in Fujian in 2016. The art troupe, model team, etiquette team, basketball team, football team, etc. have also become the school’s characteristic brand associations.

Xiamen Nanyang University has set up a student work-study assistance center to provide on-campus and field-study student assistance services to students. Every year, thousands of students use evening, weekends, and winter and summer vacations to work part-time in Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises in the special zone. The school has set up a psychological counseling center and a four-level health care system.

The school implements a diversified school running model, promotes talent training modes such as school-cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, Fujian-Taiwan cooperation, and international cooperation. It is one of the first batch of pilot universities in Fujian and Taiwan to jointly train talents in Fujian and Taiwan universities. qualifications. Xiamen Nanyang University cooperates with the Fujian Province and Xiamen Cabinet Chamber of Commerce and gold medal companies to establish the first cabinet college in China to train urgently needed talents in the cabinet industry; cooperates with 6 Taiwan universities and more than a dozen Taiwan-funded enterprises to launch “school-school enterprises” Cooperation project, introducing outstanding teachers and courses from Taiwan universities, constructing six Fujian-Taiwan cooperation majors such as tourism management, logistics management, applied electronics technology, mold design and manufacturing, etc., sending students to universities at home and abroad to study and exchange, and fostering the urgent need for the construction of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits Innovative and skilled talents with an international perspective; cooperate with universities in the United States, Britain, Singapore and other places to carry out exchanges of visits between teachers and students, introduce international advanced education concepts and universal vocational qualification courses, and cultivate students’ international perspectives.

In the past two decades of school running, the school summarizes and promotes the “six persistence” strategy for school management: adheres to the positioning of higher vocational education, adheres to the innovation of educational ideas and educational practices, adheres to winning with quality and characteristics, and adheres to employment-oriented education. Adhere to the party’s leadership of the school’s ideological and political work, and adhere to the road of modernization, internationalization and openness. Under the guidance of the “four educating people” concept of teaching, educating, managing, serving, and environmentally educating, a group of outstanding students have been cultivated: “Top Ten People in Xiamen in 2003” Lin Jie, “Ambassador of Love” Zhang Liangjian, the first person to donate bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells in Fujian Province, Zhong Xiaojian, champion of the Fujian IBM E-commerce Software Design Competition in 2004, Wang Lei, Miss Asia champion in 2005, and 2006 One Liu Qiang and Tian Cui, Miss World Champion of Shanghai Division, Xiamen Tourism Image Ambassador Wu Jie, Yu Kai, Lu Kongjin, Zhao Jianzhi, winners of the first prize of e-commerce software design for cross-strait college students’ vocational skills competition, Star of Tour Guide Qin Xueli, the first prize winner, the first prize winner of the 4th Future Guide Star Competition, and the first prize winner of the first foreign language group of the first National Vocational College English Writing Competition (Fujian Division) …

Xiamen Nanyang University was awarded the “First Provincial Civilized Campus” by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and the “Five-Star Workers’ Home” by the Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions. Public enterprise and social organization party building work training base. ” Since 2010, it has won honors such as “4A-level Chinese Social Organization in Fujian Province”, “5A-level Safe Campus in Xiamen”, “Green Campus”, “Garden-style Units”, “Advanced Collective of Vocational Skill Appraisal” and “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”. In 2011, it was ranked first in the province’s vocational colleges and universities in the employment evaluation of college graduates in Fujian Province. In 2014, it was awarded the “Outstanding Achievement of Party Building and Ideological and Political Work in the Third National Private Colleges and Universities” by the Department of Ideology and Political Affairs of the Ministry of Education. Special Award, successfully hosted the 3rd National Private University Party Construction Work Forum in 2015, was awarded the “Special Contribution Award” by the National Private University Party Construction Research Branch, and was published in the “2015 Fujian Private Higher Vocational College Development” The “Possible Ranking” ranks first in the province. In 2016, it was identified by the Xiamen Municipal Government and Fujian Province as a private university that supports the promotion of higher education, and was included in the provincial and municipal “13th Five-Year” development plan.


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