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Introduction to Xiamen Huaxia University

Xiamen Huaxia University (厦门华厦学院, website) is an undergraduate-level university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is an applied technical university with a history of more than 20 years, distinctive characteristics, and good social reputation. The school is located in Xiamen, a famous sea garden city, adjacent to Xiamen North Station, a coastal high-speed railway hub station, where people, logistics, business and information flow converge.

Xiamen Huaxia University was founded in 1993 under the initiative of Cai Wanghuai, then chairman of the Xiamen Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and was founded by the Xiamen Municipal Political Consultative Conference. It is a new, non-profit, non-profit socialist university that is supported by the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Since its establishment, the school board has adhered to the “zero-return” school running model, and members of the board do not receive any remuneration; they adhere to the public welfare and non-profit positioning, the school’s legal person assets are not transferred, not divided, not lost, and a risk protection fund has been established It is a completely non-profit educational institution. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the school has always adhered to the not-for-profit school running philosophy. In 2010, it was included in the pilot institution of the educational system reform project of the “non-profit private college running system”. . In 2015, the Ministry of Education agreed to establish Xiamen Huaxia College on the basis of Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College, that is, the school was upgraded to an application-oriented undergraduate college, which mainly trains application-oriented talents needed for regional economic and social development. In 2016, the university joined the Alliance of Applied Technology Universities (College), and started a new journey of building applied undergraduate universities.

Xiamen Huaxia University implements the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. Successive principals of the school are well-known experts and scholars in various professional fields, and have administrative management experience in key domestic universities. The current principal of the school is Professor Yang Yuanyuan, a doctoral tutor. He graduated from Massachusetts State University in the United States with a doctorate degree, the director of the China Human Protein Organization, the director of the International Protein Organization, a member of the National Expert Panel on Protein Basic Research, and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Fudan University. Executive Vice President.

The Xiamen Huaxia University campus covers an area of ??more than 560 acres. A modern intelligent campus integrating teaching buildings, experimental buildings, libraries, student activity centers, administrative offices, and sports venues has been built; it has teaching and research equipment and equipment worth over 100 million yuan There are nearly 800,000 paper books, nearly 780,000 electronic books, more than 180 available database resources, and nearly 300 experimental training rooms and internship bases inside and outside the school.

Xiamen Huaxia University always adheres to the goal positioning of application-oriented talent training, and its professional settings closely meet the needs of regional economic and social development and people’s livelihood. It is guided by regional pillar industries and strategic emerging industries, and focuses on information and intelligent mechanical and electrical, environment and public health The four application-oriented professional groups, including business, management, and humanities, are also actively exploring and establishing a new generation of information technology professional groups. At present, four secondary colleges and more than 20 undergraduate majors have been established, forming a discipline and professional layout with engineering as the mainstay, supplemented by management and economics, and coordinated development of multiple disciplines.

Xiamen Huaxia University adhering to the strategy of strengthening the university by talents and people-oriented education concept, based on the strategic goal of building high-level application-oriented undergraduate universities, through internal training and external introduction, it continuously strengthens the size of the master team and optimizes the structure of the teacher team. The school attaches importance to strengthening pre-job training and post training for young teachers, supports teachers to study abroad and abroad, encourages teachers to actively participate in social services, and cooperates with enterprises to build a “dual-teacher and dual-energy” teacher training base to improve teachers’ comprehensive ability. Strengthen the introduction of high-level talents, introduce top talents, industrial talents, disciplinary leaders, and young and middle-aged talents from domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and industry, optimize the structure of the teaching staff, and promote the construction of school teaching and research teams.

There are currently more than 360 full-time teachers, of which over 40% are teachers with titles of associate senior or higher, nearly 70% are teachers with a master’s degree or above, and nearly 50% are teachers with dual skills and dual skills.

Xiamen Huaxia University adopts the school motto of “Diligent, Moral, Discernment, and Dedication”, and effectively implements the school-running concept of “School-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education”, creates a “natural, humanistic, harmonious, and simple” green campus culture, and continuously innovates. Talent training model, deepening the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and actively exploring application-oriented talent training The school was successfully selected into the “Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry-Industry Innovation Base” project, the Ministry of Education’s first batch of data, the list of China’s “hundred schools project” construction colleges, and the Ministry of Education’s first “Internet + Made in China 2025” production-education integration promotion plan Projects, and established cooperative relationships with over 200 companies including Ping An of China, Beijing Chaoxing Group, and China Telecom.

Xiamen Huaxia University actively responds to the country’s guidance on developing co-creative space and advancing public entrepreneurship, with the goal of cultivating application-oriented talents with innovative ability, entrepreneurial spirit, and entrepreneurial qualities. It guides interested students to set up innovative entrepreneurship teams and establish special innovations. Start-up funds, equipped with professional instructors, support student teams to start their own businesses from all aspects. At the same time, in order to support students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, the school allocated nearly 8,000 square meters of teaching and practical land for the construction of entrepreneurial parks. At present, there are nearly 40 registered companies on campus, and more than 60% of students have participated in practical projects such as college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. The school became the first batch of municipal-level creative space in Xiamen in 2016. It was approved as a provincial-level creative space in 2017. It was selected as a national star-creation space in 2018 and passed the identification of Xiamen technology business incubator in 2019.

Xiamen Huaxia University has a good enrollment situation and has maintained a stable lead among similar universities in Fujian Province. In 2019, the employment rate of the first undergraduate graduates reached 96.34%. Since the school was launched, it has delivered graduates to the society, and the quality of talent training has been widely recognized by the society.

In the past three years, school students have performed well in various disciplines at home and abroad. They have won 3 international awards such as the mathematical modeling competition for American college students, and more than 100 domestic provincial or higher awards such as the National University Biological Flow Design Competition. More than 100 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, 15 of which were selected as national-level projects. The student’s work won the gold medal in the arts and crafts category of the 9th Fujian College Art Design Competition.

Xiamen Huaxia University aims to serve regional economic development, and actively develops innovation platform construction and social services. On the one hand, the school and the Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau jointly established the “Xiamen Applied Technology Research Institute”; together with the Institute of Geoenvironment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they jointly established innovative research platforms such as the “Atmospheric Environment Research Center”. At the same time, the school has a number of provincial and municipal key laboratories, engineering centers and provincial scientific research platforms, and has undertaken more than 300 scientific research projects at various levels, including the Spark Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National 863 Program. National projects, etc .; owns over 640 patents. On the other hand, relying on food-related majors, the school helped Xiamen Yinxiang Group ’s “Meat Food Quality and Safety Control Laboratory” be approved as a “National Key Laboratory”; it has cooperated with enterprises to carry out technical research and developed online heavy metal water quality analyzers, A series of new products such as dithiocarbamate pesticide rapid detectors have brought millions of sales revenue for enterprises; entrusted by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the school undertakes the detection of ambient air pollutants in the city, and the cleaner production of more than 100 enterprises in the city Audit and evaluation; undertake technical service projects such as “the third monitoring service for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects”, “environmental monitoring center station”, and “rural sewage station monitoring”; and have been successfully selected into the state-level Xingchuangtiandi.

Xiamen Huaxia University was included in the “13th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of Xiamen City” and became a key unit of the “13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Biomedicine and Health Industries in Xiamen”. In the “Monitoring Report on the Development Potential of General Colleges and Universities in Fujian Province in 2018”, the school’s national high-level talents and national scientific research projects ranked first in the province’s private universities.

Xiamen Huaxia University gives full play to its geographical advantages and closely meets the needs of important national and regional development strategies. It actively promotes the Silk Road spirit of “openness, tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation.” Learn advanced experience of vocational education in developed countries or regions, carry out academic exchanges and Chinese language and culture promotion, and “invites” to introduce new international vocational education models and high-quality talents from overseas. University of Little Rock, Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taipei City University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Xiuping University of Science and Technology, and Tzu Chi University of Technology have signed exchange and cooperation agreements to exchange teachers and students. In recent years, the school has sent more than 200 students to universities in the United States, Taiwan, and other countries for exchange and study.

Looking forward to the future, Huaxia College adheres to the non-profit school running purpose, firmly follows the road of running a university of applied technology, down-to-earth, seeks new and pragmatic, builds characteristics, and establishes a brand, and continuously moves towards the goal of building a national first-class university of applied technology.

(Updated in November 2019)


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