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Xiamen City University

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Introduction to Xiamen City University

Xiamen City University (厦门城市职业学院, website) is a full-time higher vocational college established in May 2005 by the Xiamen Municipal Government, which has integrated the resources of Xiamen Radio and Television University, Xiamen Education College, Xiamen Workers College, and Xiamen Urban Construction Secondary Vocational School. Level high-quality colleges and vocational colleges are also one of the most popular higher vocational colleges in Fujian province. The school is located in the main urban area of Xiamen, “the city of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship” and “city of high-value ecological gardens”. It is surrounded by mountains and sea, with a quiet environment and pleasant scenery.

Xiamen City University covers an area of 516.87 acres and has 530 faculty members, including 293 full-time teachers and 119 senior title teachers. 80.46% of full-time teachers are masters and doctors. They have a stable scale, a reasonable professional structure, and high teaching. A double-teacher teacher team with high level and strong practical ability. As of December 31, 2018, the school currently has 6,818 full-time higher vocational students, 7,913 students in open education and adult education, and a total of 193 foreign students from 9 countries.

Xiamen City University adheres to the school-running philosophy of “education-oriented, cross-border integration, service needs, and the pursuit of excellence”, adheres to student-centered schooling, strives for school-based governance, and is committed to training workers with professional dignity . In recent years, the school has passed the provincial second round of talent training work evaluation with outstanding results, and has been selected as the key construction project of the Fujian Province’s model modern vocational college construction project in 2019, the first batch of Fujian province’s first demonstration colleges to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and the “three The comprehensive reform pilot colleges and universities have won the honorary titles of the Fujian Provincial Civilization School and the advanced collective for the ninth meeting of leaders of the BRICS countries in preparation for and service assurance.

Xiamen City University adheres to the belief of “living for the city, living for the city”, and insists on training for high-quality technical and skilled personnel with professional dignity for the advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, and strategic emerging industries in Fujian and Xiamen. Based on the initiative of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the construction of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, the 36 higher vocational specialties established are closely linked to Xiamen’s eight hundred billion yuan industrial chain and ten pillar industries. The professional setting is highly compatible with local economic construction, and intelligent manufacturing has been formed , Tourism and exhibition, electronic information cloud and digital media art design and other four professional service industry groups. It has 5 national key majors, 1 productive training base, and 1 collaborative innovation base.

Xiamen City University brings together the resources of governments, universities, industries, and enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and educate people together. It has limited technical development with Xiamen Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd., LED National Testing Center, and Nanjing 55th Institute. The company, HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd. and other 185 companies and units have established cooperative relations, and launched “modern apprenticeship”, “order training”, “joint training” and other forms of school running.

Xiamen City University established the second-level college on the campus, the International Vocational Education College, and cooperated with universities in the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries to run schools to jointly cultivate professionals with an international vision and China’s “craftsmanship.”

Xiamen City University implements a variety of teaching reforms guided by “systematization of work processes”, and adopts a variety of teaching methods such as combination of work and study, project orientation, and task-driven to improve teaching quality. The school attaches great importance to the integration of students’ professional skills improvement and professional spirit cultivation. It is led by the Chinese masters and outstanding alumni “covering the rank spirit” and implements the “wait, accompany, support, believe, and strict” love education concept and cultivates Students’ professionalism and professionalism. The employment rate of our 2018 graduates is 96.72%, the professional counterpart rate is 92.15%, the provincial employment rate is 92.40%, the Xiamen employment rate is 76.07%, and the employer satisfaction rate is 97.80%, which has become an important force for the local construction of a modern industrial system.

Xiamen City University integrates education with Xiamen Radio and Television University and the National Open University (Xiamen Branch) to jointly carry out higher vocational education and open education. The school took the initiative to undertake the construction and operation of Xiamen Community College to meet the needs of citizens for lifelong learning and improvement of cultural quality.

Xiamen City University is studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, seizing opportunities, striving to cultivate high-quality socialist workers with professional dignity, and making contributions to regional economic and social development Greater contribution.


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