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Introduction to Wuzhou University

Wuzhou University (梧州学院, website) was founded in 1985 and was formerly Guangxi University Wuzhou Branch. In October 2003, the former Wuzhou Education College and the former Wuzhou Normal School were merged into the Guangxi University Wuzhou Branch. In February 2006, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of Wuzhou College on the basis of Guangxi University Wuzhou Branch. Wuzhou College is a multi-disciplinary public undergraduate college that implements a management system of “district-city co-construction, city-oriented”. Wuzhou College is located in Wuzhou City, Guangxi, which is known as the ancient city of a thousand years, a century-old commercial port, and the world’s artificial gem capital. Wuzhou is the birthplace of higher education in Guangxi. In 1928, Guangxi University established a school in Wuzhou.

Wuzhou University campus is located on the west bank of the Guijiang River. The campus covers an area of more than 1,700 acres. There are three campuses in North Campus, Normal Campus and East Campus, with more than 270,000 square meters. The university has 14 teaching and teaching auxiliary units, which recruit students from 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. There are 16,970 full-time college students and 188 international students. More than 1,100 faculty members.

Wuzhou University has 51 undergraduate majors and 22 vocational colleges, covering 10 university disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art. Information and communication engineering is a first-class discipline (cultivation) in Guangxi, signal and information processing, industrial economics, software engineering, machinery and automation are key disciplines in Guangxi, tourism management is a key cultivation discipline in Guangxi, and electronic information engineering, international economy and trade are national College specialties, tourism management, art design, software engineering, electronic information engineering, forestry chemicals, environmental design, international economy and trade, pharmaceutical engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, and automation and product design are Guangxi specialties. Gemstone cutting design technology is recognized as a first-class undergraduate course in autonomous region-level virtual simulation experiment teaching, and software engineering is recognized as a first-class undergraduate course in autonomous region-level offline.

Wuzhou University has accumulatively obtained 35 autonomous education reform quality engineering projects, 107 autonomous region education reform projects, and 11 autonomous region teaching achievements. Construct a national “Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course”, a national off-campus practice teaching base, a Guangxi innovative talent training base, an autonomous region-level college teaching team, and four autonomous-level quality courses. The college is the first batch of national-level crowd-creation space, a demonstration base for entrepreneurship of Guangxi university students, and a pilot university for the overall transformation of Guangxi. Relying on the Comprehensive Development Center for College Students, a micro-enterprise incubation park for college students, a cultural and creative industry incubator park in Wuzhou, a maker space, and a Microsoft IT college have been established as innovation and entrepreneurship platforms. Obtained 241 national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program projects and 1 national college student’s off-campus practical education base construction project. Students in China University Student Computer Design Competition, National University Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, National University Student Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition, National Foreign Trade Employment Ability Competition, “Creating Youth” National University Student 10 Entrepreneurship Competition, Chinese University Student “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National He has won more than 90 national awards in discipline competitions such as university art performances.

Wuzhou University has accumulated more than 800 scientific research projects in recent years, including 27 at the national level and 114 at the provincial and ministerial levels. Received 1 Guangxi Innovation-Driven Development Special Project (Major Scientific and Technological Project) with a funding of 13 million yuan. 24 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. In 2018, 82 new patents were granted, including 12 invention patents, 59 utility model patents, and 11 design patents. 11 software copyrights. At present, the college has 4 authorized master’s degree programs, 1 Guangxi Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 Guangxi Engineering Research Center, 4 Guangxi University Key Laboratories, 1 Guangxi University Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base, and Guangxi University Humanities. 1 social science research and development base. Focusing on local needs, the college has completed a number of major regional and municipal tendering projects, providing useful research results for the construction of the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt and the development of local industries. The college has successfully developed (developed) more than 20 (sets) of application software and equipment. The series of intelligent processing equipment for artificial gemstones has reached the domestic leading level. The “Changzhou Water Conservancy Ship Lock Dispatch Management Information System” has filled the Xijiang Waterway intelligent ship lock dispatching system. Blank, “360-degree panoramic imaging processing system” has been exported to European and American markets.

Wuzhou University currently has 715 full-time teachers, 88 PhDs, and 239 associate titles. There are 1 autonomous region-level teaching team, 1 Guangxi innovative talent training and teaching team, 5 candidates for the “Guangxi Excellent Talents Funding Scheme for Higher Education Institutions”, 3 candidates for the “Guangxi University Top 100 Young and Middle-aged Key Teachers Grant Scheme”, and “Guangxi The backbone teacher training plan for colleges and universities is to train 9 candidates, one is to be funded for the Guangxi High-level Innovative Team and Excellent Scholars Program, and three is to be funded for the Guangxi College Outstanding Teachers Study Abroad Project. 1 mid-term training apprenticeship project in the United States, 1 candidate, 9 candidates for the “Guangxi High School Backbone Teacher Training Program”, 5 “Guangxi Outstanding Middle and Young Backbone Teacher Training Projects”, and “Special Project for Talent Training in the Western Region” There are 4 trainees, 3 trainees of the “Ten Hundred Thousands” in Guangxi, and 10 trainees of the “Ten Hundred” level, 2 outstanding teachers in the autonomous region, and 1 chief expert in the “Situation and Policy” course of the ideological and political theory course in Guangxi universities.

Wuzhou University campus is more than 270,000 square meters. The campus building is mainly European-style, built on the mountain, and is unique and unique. Mingli Building, library, gymnasium, tennis center, A11 student dormitory, etc. are the landmark buildings of the college. By the end of 2018, the total assets of teaching and scientific research equipment were more than 156.92 million yuan, and the library had more than 1.6 million volumes. It has a campus network security platform, Wuzhou College website system, and educational administration management system, including 10 information management systems. It has built 4 online teaching platforms, 5 subject websites, 32 course websites, 31 secondary department websites, and 6 special websites. The campus network runs more than 70 various servers.

In 2015, when Liu Yunshan, then a member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Secretariat, paid a high praise to the college’s party building work and innovation and entrepreneurship education work when he visited the college. The college has repeatedly been rated as the outstanding unit of employment and entrepreneurship of ordinary college graduates in the region, the safe and civilized campus of Guangxi colleges and universities, the advanced collective of the three pairs of innovative action plans of colleges and universities, and the advanced collective of college student funding in the region. It has also obtained advanced institutions for the socialization reform of colleges and universities in the country for ten years, the second batch of nationwide demonstration units of conservation-oriented public institutions, autonomous units of civilized units, autonomous units of military, police, and civilians, harmonious schools in autonomous regions, excellent health schools in Guangxi universities, and autonomous regions. Advanced sanitation units, Guangxi Forest Campus, advanced fire safety publicity and education institutions in autonomous regions, and the first batch of demonstration schools for administering schools in accordance with the law, demonstration schools for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education, and many other honorary titles above the autonomous region level.

Wuzhou University actively supports the implementation of major strategies such as the construction of the “Belt and Road”, “Beibu Gulf Economic Zone”, “Pearl River—Xijiang Economic Belt”, and “Guangdong-Guizhou Cooperation Special Experimental Zone”, serving Guangxi and Wuzhou electronic information engineering, Chemical, pharmaceutical, gemstone jewelry product design and processing, logistics, tourism, finance, international trade, e-commerce, tea planting and processing, network information security and other industrial developments, and strive to build Wuzhou University into a distinctive high-level application-oriented university.


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