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Wuyishan Vocational College


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Introduction to Wuyishan Vocational College

Established in 2007, Wuyishan Vocational College (武夷山职业学院, website) is a full-time general higher vocational college founded by Taiwanese investor and approved by the provincial government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college has completed a garden-style campus covering an area of 500 acres and a building area of 80,000 square meters.

The college takes “learning by knowledge, knowing good practices” as the school motto, and “study based on Wuyi, connecting the two sides of the strait, serving Fujian, radiating the whole country, and building a vocational college integrated with modern service industry” as its school positioning. Relying on the world-class business card of Wuyi Mountain’s “Two World Heritages”, it has actively integrated into the new Fujian economic construction and the large Wuyi tourism economic circle to build the college into a local vocational college of medium scale, distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages. In terms of professional construction, six “one” professional construction goals were proposed, that is: each professional has at least one professional leader with a senior title from a related industry; each professional has at least one on-campus productive training practice base; Each major must have at least one school-based textbook jointly compiled with the enterprise; each major group must have at least an intermediate-level vocational skill appraisal agency; each major must cooperate with at least a large and stable enterprise; each major group must have at least one There is a cooperation project with Taiwan Brother School. At present, the college has established 5 professional groups (tourism and catering professional group, financial and professional group, tea industry group, construction engineering group, and visual design group) based on the demand of skilled talents in northern Fujian. Established 23 higher vocational programs.

In June 2009, the college was identified by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education as the first batch of Fujian-Taiwan joint-run schools to run first. In recent years, the college has actively carried out Fujian-Taiwan higher vocational education exchanges and cooperation, and explored the Fujian-Taiwan “school-school-enterprise” cooperative school running model. Cooperated with North Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Wufeng University of Science and Technology, Nanrong University of Technology, Meihe University of Science and Technology and other institutions in Taiwan to sign a “Cooperative Education Agreement” on the exchange of teachers and teaching materials. Work with Taiwan-funded enterprises Huaxia National City, Xiamen Riyuegu Hotel and other units to formulate a “school-school-enterprise” talent training program and jointly develop teaching materials. Professor Li Fudeng, the “Godfather of Meal Travel” in Taiwan, was hired as the honorary dean, and Taiwan teachers were introduced to the school to carry out module teaching. There were 3 Fujian-Taiwan cooperative talent classes. Our institute has hosted 5 cross-strait vocational education exchange seminars and 4 Zhuzi cultural exchange meetings. So far, more than 70 students have gone to Taiwan to study, and 20 teachers and administrators have gone to Taiwan’s partner colleges to study and exchange.


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