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Introduction to Wuwei Occupational College

Wuwei Occupational College (武威职业学院, website) is located in China’s Outstanding Tourism City, China Wine City, National Historical and Cultural City, National Civilized City Nominated City Wuwei. It is a national backbone higher vocational college, a national green model unit, a national conservation public institution demonstration unit, and a national defense education feature Schools, Gansu Provincial Model Higher Vocational Colleges, Gansu Provincial Education System Advanced Collective. The predecessor of the college was Wuwei Education College, which was established in 1985. In 2003, approved by the People’s Government of Gansu Province, the Wuwei Vocational College was established by integrating Wuwei Branch of Gansu Radio and Television University, Wuwei School of Finance and Trade, Wuwei Normal School (founded in 1915), and Wuwei Tourism Vocational Middle School. In 2011, Wuwei Health School (a national key secondary technical school) was integrated into the college as a whole. In 2018, the Department of Education of Gansu Province, the People’s Government of Wuwei City, and the Institute of Advanced Nuclear Energy Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the “Chinese Academy of Low-carbon New Energy Technology” at the college. In the 2019 China Higher Vocational Colleges Competitiveness Ranking released by the Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation, the college ranked 240th in the country’s vocational colleges and universities and 4th in the Gansu province.

Wuwei Occupational College covers an area of 914 acres and a building area of 341,500 square meters. At present, there are 15,727 registered students at all levels, including 331 full-time undergraduates, 11,094 college students, 506 secondary school students, and 3,796 continuing education students. There are 845 in-service faculty members and 515 full-time teachers, including: 23 teachers with senior professional titles, 173 teachers with deputy senior professional titles, 144 teachers with master’s degree or above, 16 teaching teachers, 5 Chinese medicine practitioners from Gansu Province, There are 91 professional leaders, 187 backbone teachers, 469 “double-teacher” teachers, 5 provincial “gardener awards”, 5 municipal “gardener awards”, and 5 “Young Teacher Talent Awards” in Gansu Province. A resource pool of 400 part-time teachers has been established, with 292 external part-time teachers.

Wuwei Occupational College offers 62 full-time vocational majors and 106 adult-level and college-level majors. 7 national key specialties, 3 national high-quality specialties, 2 provincial specialties, and 4 provincial backbone specialties have been established, which have formed work-oriented, specializing in new energy and related medical specialties, and national level The key professions are professional layouts that lead the comprehensive development of literature, economics, agriculture, and art. 1 20 MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station, 1 “Tier 3 Class A” affiliated Chinese medicine hospital, 142 on-campus training rooms, 178 off-campus internship training bases, 1 national vocational skill appraisal institute, and provincial-level public creation space One, Wuwei University Science and Technology Park, a college student innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base, a city-level “creating youth and universal creative space”, a city-level engineering center.

The college has extensively carried out teaching research and technology research and development, and has been approved by 19 provincial educational planning projects, 43 scientific research projects of the Education Department, 1 scientific research project of the Science and Technology Department, 52 municipal scientific research projects, and 39 scientific research projects of the provincial level. 1 Achievement Award, 9 Education Achievement Award, 1 Second Prize, 1 Third Prize, 5 Second Prize for Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, and 3 Application for Technology Transformation, Created 7 scientific research platforms and published 92 issues of “Wu Wei Vocational Education Theory and Practice”. Teachers published 1,498 academic papers in national and provincial academic journals, published 71 monographs and 228 textbooks, and obtained 80 patents, including 1 national invention. Teachers won 1 first prize, 4 second prizes and 4 third prizes in the teaching competence of teachers in vocational colleges in Gansu Province. He won one outstanding case at the 2017 National Higher Vocational College Presidents ‘Joint Meeting, and at the 2018 National Higher Vocational College Presidents’ Joint Meetings, he won 2 technological R & D and application achievement awards.

Wuwei Occupational College accepted 4025 full-time college graduates in 2019 and reported 3761. Enrollment expanded to 1,340, and 939 were admitted. There are 406 students enrolled in technical secondary school. In the past three years, the average employment rate has reached more than 95%. The employer’s satisfaction with the graduates’ comprehensive quality evaluation has reached more than 95%. More than 85% of the graduates are satisfied with the employment position, working environment, salary and promotion space.

The college comprehensively deepened the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation, and established the school-run enterprise Wuwei Taifeng New Energy Co., Ltd. to build a 20 MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station. It has become a photovoltaic poverty alleviation base and a new energy professional production training base. . Cooperated with Changzhou Mengteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to build the “Mengteng Intelligent Manufacturing College”, and cooperated with Shanghai Zhongrui Education Group, Shandong Blue Ocean Group, Wuwei Experimental Kindergarten and other enterprises and institutions to build 178 off-campus practice training bases.

Wuwei Occupational College is working hard to promote the joint operation of the “Chinese Academy of Low-carbon New Energy Technology College”, and to cultivate a “high-quality, high-quality, high-quality” project for the construction of a national thorium-based molten salt reactor nuclear energy system Quality technical skills talents. Actively implement the cooperation framework agreement between the eastern and western regions for poverty alleviation signed by Gansu Province and Tianjin, sign the “Cooperative Development Agreement with Tianjin Vocational College”, unveil the establishment of Tianjin Vocational University (Western) Vocational Education Teacher Training Base, and carry out all-round substantial cooperation. Develop together. Entrusted Tongji University’s vocational teacher training base to carry out systematic training for the college’s teaching staff to improve the overall ability of the teaching staff.

Wuwei Occupational College will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, firmly establish the “four consciousnesses”, firmly “four self-confidences”, and resolutely achieve “two safeguards” Fully implement the spirit of the National, Provincial and Municipal Education Conferences, adhere to the Party’s education policy, adhere to the direction of running socialist schools, adhere to the fundamental tasks of cultivating people, adhere to high-level construction and high-quality development, and take party construction as the guide. Focus on professional construction, take teaching as the center, take employment as the guidance, and support cooperative development, deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, improve the level of education and teaching, enhance the ability to serve economic and social development, and strive to run higher vocational jobs where people are satisfied Education, make new and greater contributions to regional economic and social development!


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