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Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College Logo

Introduction to Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Located in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province and the largest city in central China, Wuhan University of Science and Technology (武汉科技大学, WUST, website) is a key public higher learning institution claiming traditional strengths in engineering and sciences, which are integrated with contemporary popular disciplines such as medicine, economics, management, humanities, art, law, and philosophy. The University dates back to Hubei gongyi xuetang (Hubei Technical Institute) founded in 1898 by Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), Viceroy of Huguang Province in China’s late Qing Dynasty. It began offering undergraduate degrees in 1958 upon the establishment of Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute, the University’s forerunner in the modern times. In 1995 the institution was granted university status and was renamed Wuhan Yejin (metallurgical) University of Science and Technology when Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute merged with other two local colleges under the then Ministry of Metallurgy, PRC. The University acquired its current name in 1999 following its 1998 handover from China’s Ministry of Metallurgy to the local Hubei Provincial Government for main administration. Since late 2013 WUST has come to operate under the joint aegis of Hubei Provincial Government, Ministry of Education of PRC and 5 largest mega steel enterprises in China.

WUST is a forward-looking university with a global vision. It has now forgedpartnerships with more than 30 overseas universities and institutions:Electronic and Information Engineering Program in cooperation with University of Bridgeport; Mechanical Engineering Program with Deakin University; Network Engineering Program with Birmingham City University.

City College, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

The City College of WUST (武汉科技大学城市学院, website) was established in 2002 with the approval of the People’s Government of Hubei Province, and approved by the Ministry of Education for the record in 2004. It is an independent college at the undergraduate level with independent legal personality.

Located on the shore of Donghu Lake in Wuhan City with beautiful scenery, the College enjoys the beautiful scenery of Donghu Greenway, a famous scenic spot in Wuhan. Campus north of Wuhan Railway Station, high-speed rail, subway, bus coverage, travel is particularly convenient.

At present, the college has 33 undergraduate majors and 13 specialized majors, covering eight university disciplines such as science, engineering, management, economics, law, literature, medicine, art and so on. It mainly focuses on general undergraduate education and faces the national enrollment with more than 13,000 students.

WUST is fully responsible for the teaching and daily management of the college. The management and key teachers are mainly selected by Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The college has a strong faculty, with nearly 700 full-time teachers, including nearly 300 teachers above the Vice-Senior level.

The Institute adheres to the principle of open education, and has established long-term cooperation and exchanges with more than ten universities in Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It employs eight foreign teachers all the year round.


Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College Logo

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Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College Logo

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Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College Logo

About Wuhan

Wuhan (Panorama) is the capital of Hubei province, China, and is the most populous city in Central China. it is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities. Because of its key role in domestic transportation, Wuhan was sometimes referred to as “the Chicago of China” by foreign sources.

Wuhan is recognized as the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China. Wuhan has the largest lake within a city in China, the East Lake, as well as the South Lake. In the spring time the shores of East Lake become a garden of flowers with the Mei blossoms as the king and the Cherry Blossom as the queen among the species. Another famous flower is the lotus. The lake has a long history and especially the Chu Kingdom is well represented around East Lake. At East Lake you find fascinating gardens like the Mei Blossom Garden, Forest of the Birds, Cherry Blossom Garden and monuments from ancient times, beautiful hills and green nature. Moreover, in the Moshan Botanic Garden there are many types of plum blossoms, as well as lotus flowers.


Wuhan food is generally a mix of Shanghai, Chongqing and Sichuan cuisines,therefore it is absolutely a wonderful place for tourists who haven’t got enough time to travel. There are a variety of snacks, for instance, the succulent, spicy duck’s neck, dumplings, hot and dry noodles (re gan mian), chili-spiced pigeons, the delicious and often squirty soup buns (tang bao), salty doughnuts (mian wo) or doupi (sticky rice, egg, beef, mushrooms and beans wrapped in a pocket of soy skin). Take an opportunity to eat, gorge or snack.


Wuhan has a warm sea climate with very moist, hot summers. It can get very hot in summer. They say Wuhan belongs to one of the three ovens in China. Winters are pretty mild. The temperature rarely drops below freezing and it snows occasionally.


Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College Logo

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