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Introduction to Wuhan Business University

Founded with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2013, Wuhan Business University (武汉商学院, formerly Wuhan Commercial Service College, website) is a four-year institution of higher education. It is under the direct supervision of the Hubei provincial government. The construction and administration is by the Wuhan municipal government. Located at Houguan Lake in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the university covers an area of about 169 acres with floor space amounting to 320,000 square meters. Presently, it has more than 10,000 full-time students and aims specifically at cultivating applied talents, suited to economic and social development.

The university consists of 11 schools and departments: School of Business Administration, School of Commerce, Trade and Logistics, School of Physical Education and Equine Industry, School of Cuisine and Food Engineering, School of Mechatronics Engineering and Automobile Service, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Applied Arts, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Ideological Morality and Politics and School of Continuing Education.

The university features six undergraduate programs: logistics management, e-commerce, hospitality management, physical economy and management, cuisine and nutrition education and automobile service engineering, and 53 diploma programs. Among the diploma programs, are areas like: refrigeration and air conditioning, animation design and production, photographing, etc., which have a dominant position and great influence in similar colleges. The university has taken a national lead in setting up the Equestrian sports program.

Apart from that, it has received a series of 42 honors, like national and provincial Education Reform pilot majors; national and provincial Excellence Courses, “Capacity Building Programs of Specialized Service Industry” sponsored by central government, “Talents Cultivation Program of strategic emerging industries for Regular Higher Educational Institutions in Hubei” and provincial model training base.

During recent years, there have been five research projects awarded first, second and the third prize for the Hubei Teaching and Research Achievements.

Wuhan Business University holds a teaching staff of about 600 full-time teachers. Forty-seven percent have obtained a Master’s Degree and 39% are professors, assistant professors or highly qualified personnel. Among these teachers, there are six State Council, Provincial and Municipal Government Experts for Special Allowances and two Wuhan Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution. In addition, 15 teachers have been honored as Wuhan Academic Leaders. What’s more, there are 25 national industrial masters, three Provincial Teaching Teams, eight Chutian Masters and several provincial and municipal excellent teachers in the school.

Wuhan Business University has eight research institutes, namely Commerce Culture Research Institute, Modern Logistics Research Institute, Tourism Economy Research Institute, Equine Economy Research Institute, Vegetarian Research Institute and Vocational Quality Research Institute. It also hosts more than 200 National, Provincial and Municipal academic research programs. The school also publishes a journal. Teachers from the school have published 40 academic books and nearly 500 academic papers in key journals.

Upholding the principle of mutual development for a win-win situation, the university has established a strategic cooperation relationship with governments, and more than a hundred national and international enterprises. As the training base for skillful talents and first training base for service outsourcing personnel in Wuhan, the school carries out various vocational skill training. Furthermore, it owns the first Hubei Cuisine Museum with the approval of the Hubei Cultural Relic Bureau and hosts the first Inheritance and Development of the highly acclaimed Hubei Cuisine Forum.

Teachers and students of the school have volunteered in groups for the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo, Guanzhou Asia Games, Shenzhen University, Chinese Antarctic Expedition and the “Two Congresses” (NPC and the CPPCC). They were awarded the Chinese Youth Volunteers’ Outstanding Organization Award by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League—the highest honor for voluntary service in China.

Wuhan Business University has built a cooperative partnership with 15 overseas institutions in Britain, America, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Norway and Finland. There have been collaborative efforts in academic exchange and talents cultivation.

Wuhan Business University has always been the cradle of many excellent graduates who have takes positions like: national, provincial and municipal skill leader, well-known entrepreneur, chef of state banquet in the Great Hall of the People, and Wuhan spokesman. During recent years, the students have won more than 60 first prizes, both in teams and as individuals, in national and international professional skill contests. In terms of enrollment and placement, there have been outstanding achievements: the proportion of candidates’ applications to the final recruit is 2.7 to 1; the employment rate has been above 94%, showing that the school lives up to its high reputation. The University has been honored as Hubei Civilized Unit, Wuhan Wuyi Labor Medal and awarded Hubei Safety Campus consecutively for the past five years.


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