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Introduction to West Yunnan University

West Yunnan University (滇西科技师范学院, website) is located in Lincang, Yunnan, with a pleasant climate, beautiful ecology, abundant products, and a wealth of humanities. Lincang is located in the southwestern border of the motherland and the China-Myanmar pass. It is the birthplace of the world’s tea culture, the hometown of “Dian Black Tea”, and the permanent host of the Asian Micro Film Festival and the “Golden Begonia” awards. Lincang has an average annual temperature of 17.2 ° C, the city’s forest coverage rate reaches 70%, and the air quality throughout the year is excellent. It is known as “the world’s best tea, the capital of Hengchun, and a health resort”, and is China’s top ten green cities.

West Yunnan University is a provincial public undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education and has a 40-year history of running higher education. The school takes Lideman as its purpose, adheres to the connotative development path of improving quality as the core, and always cultivates and practices the core values of socialism, enhances students’ social responsibility, and promotes innovation and practical ability throughout the entire process of teaching and educating people. We will focus on cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents with “excellent character, solid foundation, and skilled skills”. Since the establishment of the school, a total of more than 60,000 professionals have been trained in this specialty.

The West Yunnan University campus covers an area of 1084 mu, with a total construction area of 256,000 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is nearly 100 million yuan. There are 762,200 printed books, 206 thousand electronic books, and 175 experimental training sites on campus. There are 138 off-campus internship training bases. There are School of Marxism, School of Arts, School of Asian Microfilm, School of Aviation and Rail Transit, School of Management and Economics, School of Political Law and Public Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Teacher Education, School of Mathematics and Science, School of Biotechnology and Engineering, School of Information Engineering 14 secondary colleges including College of Art, College of Physical Education, College of Continuing Education, etc. Currently, there are 27 undergraduate majors and 65 specialized majors. There are more than 11,000 full-time students; students are from 17 provinces (cities, districts) in Yunnan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, and Sichuan; and from Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. More than 350 students from South Asia and Africa. At present, there are more than 450 full-time teachers, including more than 50 professors and more than 150 associate professors; there are 282 doctoral and master degrees; and 263 “double-teacher” teachers. Many teachers have been awarded national “People’s Plan” national leaders in philosophy and social sciences, national and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, national talents of tens of millions of talents, national cultural masters and “four batches” of theoretical talents, special government of the State Council Various honorary titles such as subsidized experts, national outstanding teachers, “Yunling Scholars” in Yunnan Province, Yunling Teaching Masters, experts with outstanding contributions in Yunnan Province, “Provincial Post” experts, and provincial excellent teachers. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the school established the school positioning and development ideas of “three natures, four groups, and five projects”, that is, highlighting the “local, application, and openness” of the school’s education positioning and characteristics, focusing on building services to China and Myanmar The four major clusters of channel construction, plateau-specific biological industry, teacher education, and new media and new engineering disciplines implement the “One Billion Project”. “One” means to build the school into a well-known applied national university at home and abroad; “ten” means to gather more than ten full-time and part-time domestic well-known experts and scholars; “hundred” means to gather more than one hundred well-known experts and scholars in the province; ” “Thousands” is the number of foreign students in Southeast Asia and South Asian countries, which has exceeded 1,000; “10,000” is the number of full-time students reaching 10,000 or more.

West Yunnan University adheres to the concept of opening a school and brings together high-quality school resources to promote leapfrog development. Hire Professor Chen Hong, Former Executive Vice-Chancellor of Nankai University, Professor Chen Li, Former President of Central University for Nationalities, and Professor Gao Honghua of Taipei University of Science and Technology as Principal Advisors; Researcher Hao Shiyuan, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Professor Luo Xiaosuo, Professor Chen Gang of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and other well-known scholars have lectured at the lecture; Hire Zhang Jianguo, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Hundred Talents Program”, and former Chinese International Radio Station Urdu host Tahir Chughtai and other famous scholars to the school Teaching; employ more than 100 senior managers, professional and technical personnel and high-skilled talents from industry companies to teach part-time.

West Yunnan University was approved by the National Civil Affairs Commission’s Ethnic Theory and Policy Research Base, the National Unity and Progressive Career (Provincial) Think Tank with Chinese characteristics, and the first batch of provincial post-doctoral scientific research workstations in Yunnan Province; more than 140 vertical scientific research projects were approved in the past 3 years, of which A major bidding project of the National Social Science Fund; in 2018, 6 projects were established by the National Social Science Fund, of which one was focused. It ranked 214th in the country and 5th in Yunnan Province. Has won 48 national patents, more than 20 provincial and ministerial level teaching and research achievement awards, 2 social science special awards in Yunnan Province, 2 provincial and ministerial first prizes, 6 minority literature horse prizes; There are 70 awards for department-level teaching and research achievements. 82 advisory reports adopted by party and government agencies; a number of special decision-making advisory reports were published in the National Social Science Fund Project “Achievements” and the Ministry of Education “University Think Tank Special Issue” to report to the party and state leaders, 1 decision The consultation report was approved by the central leading comrades. There are “Research Center for National Unity and Progress of Chinese Characteristics in the New Era”, “Community Research Center for Human Destiny”, “Belt and Road Research Institute”, “International Culture Research Center”, “Western Yunnan Plateau Ecological Characteristic Agriculture Research Center”, and “Ethnic Culture Research Center” Research institutes such as the National Studies Research Center of National Colleges and Universities, and the Research Center for the Honest Culture of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan; it is the core synergy unit of the nation’s first National Innovation and Collaboration Center for National Unity and cooperation with the “Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education” Unit; jointly established Dian Black Tea Expert Work Station with Dian Hong Group.

West Yunnan University hired a number of experts from the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education to guide the professional construction, optimize the professional structure, cultivate specialty specialties, and comprehensively revise the talent training program, forming four major professional clusters. Multi-channel deepening school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, with Taiwan Chinese Pu’er Tea Association, Taiwan Western Development Corporation, Taiwan Chinese Cross-Strait Touring Car Association, COSCO Logistics, Tsinghua Kaidi, Central New Film Group, Oracle OAEC Talent Industry Base, Dana Group, Dianhong Group and others jointly carry out the training of application-oriented talents; established strategic cooperative relations with Taiwan’s Chaoyang University of Science and Technology and Taiwan Shude University of Science and Technology, and cooperate in all-round, multi-level, and wide-ranging fields to cultivate talents, and develop new applications-oriented talents. This situation has effectively improved the quality of talent training. Insist on both introduction and training, strengthen the construction of the teaching team, and build a mechanism and environment for outstanding talents to stand out. The construction of a “double-teacher” teacher team has achieved remarkable results. In recent years, our teachers have won more than ten awards in provincial and higher teaching skills competitions. . Up to now, 59 projects of teaching quality and teaching reform in Yunnan Province have been established, including 5 provincial teaching teacher studios, 3 provincial teaching teams, 6 provincial quality courses, and 1 provincial key specialty. Four achievements, including “Practice and Exploration of Chinese Education in Frontier National University” and “Exploration of Training Mode for Applied Talents in New Media Specialty” won the second prize of Yunnan Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. “Reform of the teaching content and curriculum system of the Internet of Things specialty” and “Construction of a comprehensive Internet of things intelligent application laboratory” were approved by the Ministry of Education’s school-enterprise cooperation production-education integration collaborative education program; successfully applied for aviation RV (RV) on-campus training bases and materials Central financial projects such as the Network Innovation Experimental Training Center; the ethnographic research teacher team was awarded the title of “Yuan Danian-style teacher team” in Yunnan Province; successfully applied for 1 key project of comprehensive education reform in Yunnan Province; Teacher Training Base. ”

West Yunnan University adheres to the construction of the China-Burma Corridor, strives to create a “China-Burma higher education exchange and cooperation experimental window”, and has made outstanding achievements in promoting people-to-people and cultural ties. There are more than 300 international students. Short-term training of more than 500 Chinese teachers in Manbang, Myanmar, and hosted the “Chinese Myanmar Youth“ Root-Finding Trip ”Lincang Travel” activity of the Overseas Chinese Office in Yunnan Province, which was highly appraised by the higher authorities and the government of northern Myanmar. Widely praised. It has cultivated more than 1,200 Chinese teachers for Myanmar and Thailand, and has established friendly and cooperative relations with universities in Myanmar, Thailand, India, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Brunei and other countries, and the level of education internationalization has significantly improved.

West Yunnan University places emphasis on achieving full employment and higher quality employment. Starting from cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents with “one specialty and multiple capabilities,” extensively carry out interactive cooperation on campus, school-enterprise, school-school, and school-research, and integrate innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment education into the teaching of each course, from admission to graduation. The whole process. Established a stable team of full-time and part-time entrepreneurial mentors. Graduate employment and entrepreneurial work ranks among the top in Yunnan Province. The employment rate of graduates has reached over 99% for three consecutive years. In 2017, the employment rate of graduates reached 100%, and the admission rate for undergraduates was 84.87%. It is the only university in the province to achieve full employment. In the past three years, the “double certificate rate” of vocational and technical graduates has reached 100% and the “three certificate” rate has reached more than 96%. Students have received more than 50 provincial-level awards and have performed well in various national and provincial competitions. Previous graduates have been widely praised by employers for their “use and good work”. The school has built a provincial youth entrepreneurial demonstration park, selected into the provincial-level crowd-creation space “Cloud Science Gathering Space”, and set up a project to build a practical education base for innovative and entrepreneurial talents in western Yunnan. The school won the “Yunnan Graduate Employment Goal Assessment First Prize”, “University Graduate Employment Work Innovation Award”, “Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Work Quality Improvement Award”, “Yunnan Top Ten Entrepreneurship Parks”, “Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park” And other honors.


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