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Wenjing College Yantai University


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Introduction to Wenjing College Yantai University

Wenjing College Yantai University (烟台大学文经学院, website) was established in 2003. It is a full-time undergraduate general university and is the first batch of independent colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education. There are currently more than 13,000 students. In 2005, the college passed the special inspection on the running conditions and teaching work of the independent college of the Ministry of Education with outstanding results; in 2006, it was unanimously praised by experts in the inspection of the implementation of the “Regulations for the Management of General College Students” (Order 21) by the Ministry of Education; He passed the comprehensive inspection of Shandong Independent College and the bachelor’s degree award in Shandong Province. In 2015, he was elected as the standing director of the China Independent College Cooperative Association. The college has successively won “Shandong Province University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration College”, “Shandong Province Education International Exchange and Cooperation Advanced Unit”, “Shandong Province University Dormitory Management Excellent Unit”, “Shandong Province University Logistics Advanced Unit”, “Shandong University Campus” It has won honorable titles such as the “Advanced Unit in Greening and Management” and won the “Excellent Organization Award in Shandong Division of National Mathematical Modeling and Electronic Design Contest of National College Students” eight times.

The college is located in Laishan District, Yantai City, facing the Yellow Sea in the east and Qingshan in the west. It has an elegant environment and a pleasant climate. It is an ideal place to educate and manage the school. The campus is adjacent to Yantai University, with independent, well-equipped school conditions and comprehensive student comprehensive service facilities. Has completed teaching buildings, libraries, dormitory buildings, restaurants and other buildings; has multimedia classrooms, large computer network classrooms, voice rooms, various laboratories and other modern teaching infrastructure; there are college students’ sports centers and complete stadiums, tennis courts , Volleyball courts, basketball courts and other sports venues and facilities; books and materials, laboratory equipment, etc. can meet the needs of teaching.

Wenjing College Yantai University focuses on full-time general undergraduate courses, and recruits students nationwide. There are Department of Chinese and Law, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Department of Economics, Department of Accounting, Department of Management, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Food and Biological Engineering, and College of International Education and Exchange. Chinese Language and Literature, Law, Journalism, Korean, Japanese, English, Business English, International Economy and Trade, Investment, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Electronic Information Science And technology, computer science and technology, communication engineering, automation, internet of things engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, vehicle engineering, metal materials engineering, automotive service engineering, architecture, engineering management, visual communication design, environmental design, biological engineering 32 undergraduate majors including Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (Sino-German cooperation); Secretarial, Business English, International Economy and Trade, Business Management, Marketing, Leisure Services and Management , Accounting, financial management, mechatronics technology, construction project management, real estate operation and management, food nutrition and testing, etc. The college continuously optimizes the professional structure, determines its own school running position in accordance with the needs of local economic construction and social development, strengthens the construction of professional groups, and has formed five major professional groups of humanities and arts, economic management, information technology, mechanical engineering and bioengineering technology to cultivate composite talents. Created favorable conditions.

Wenjing College Yantai University has formed a team of teachers with reasonable structure, high teaching level and experience, and strong scientific research ability. The school’s unique “teacher teaching development center”, as an engine for teaching development and a paradise for teacher growth, has played a special role in promoting the rapid growth of young teachers. There are 907 faculty members, of which 660 are full-time teachers, 36.36% have professors and associate professor titles, and 89.85% have doctoral and master degrees. There are 1 national outstanding teacher, 5 provincial teaching teachers, and 1 provincial outstanding teacher. In the past three years, teachers have made outstanding achievements in participating in various types of teaching competitions at various levels. They have won one national third prize, two provincial first prizes, eleven second prizes, seven third prizes, and eight outstanding prizes.

Wenjing College Yantai University has achieved remarkable results in talent training in the past five years. 1066 students have passed the graduate degree examination, of which 275 graduate students will be admitted in 2019; organized students to participate in various provincial discipline competitions across the province, and won 45 national first prizes, 149 second prizes, 281 third prizes, and awards 1 award, 2 excellent awards, 17 provincial special awards, 84 first awards, 142 second awards, 173 third awards, 50 awards, 8 awards, and 4 awards 3 awards, a total of 959 awards; helped nearly 20,000 graduates to find employment, and established nearly 140 mature and stable internship bases with off-campus enterprises and research institutes; the college student employment and entrepreneurship experimental park is a unique cultural classic Undergraduate self-employment and employment internship base provides a “double innovation” platform for school students. More than 60 projects have entered the experimental park, 24 project registration companies, and more than 1,000 graduates have participated in it.

Wenjing College Yantai University has accelerated the pace of foreign exchanges and open schools. In 2008, the college was approved by the Provincial Department of Education to receive qualifications for receiving foreign students; in 2010, it was qualified to hire foreign experts after being approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs; in 2017, the International Education Exchange College was established to integrate Sino-German cooperation in running schools, international business management programs and Resources such as education for international students provide a broader space for international development for teachers and students. At present, it has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 20 universities such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, etc., and has created opportunities for students to exchange and study at the partner colleges, upgrade to undergraduates, and upgrade to masters.

At a new historical starting point, in accordance with the requirements of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” development plan, the college will grasp the pulse of the times and explore the laws of education with a more open mind and a more macro perspective. Competitiveness, distinctive characteristics, comprehensive universities that provide outstanding undergraduate education for the cultivation of application-oriented talents and reach the domestic first-class level of similar universities.


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