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Introduction to University of Jinan

University of Jinan (website) is a key and comprehensive university in Shandong Province and is also entitled a distinctive institution of higher learning which is committed to producing applied-talented students. Enrolling students from all over China, it offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs and enjoys the right to recommend postgraduates exempting admission examinations.

Since its foundation, the University of Jinan has adhered firmly to its motto of “Magnanimity and Perseverance, Erudition, and Pursuit of Truth and Excellence” and its educational philosophy of “Diligence, Rigorousness, Unity, and Creativity”. In addition, the University of Jinan carries forward the spirit of “being industrious, keeping pace with the times, and pursuing excellence”. Nowadays, University of Jinan has become an important base of talent training for local and regional economic development, and more than 220,000 students have graduated from the University of Jinan.

University of Jinan has 24 schools, and 2 post-doctoral research center, there are 3 doctorates have been awarded first-level discipline, 26 doctorate has been awarded discipline, 20 master degree have been awarded first-level discipline and 144 master degree have been awarded discipline. There are 6 majors for masters and 92 majors for bachelors. There are ten kinds of major specialties including Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Technology, Medicine, Management, art, etc. There are 35916 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and foreign students.

University of Jinan boasts 1981 full-time teaching staff, of which 305 are professors, 707 are associate professors, 841 faculties who have earned doctoral degrees. There are 2 academicians who are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 persons who is selected in National Talents Project, 7 experts who are members of the National Education Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education, 2 professors who are elected in New Century Talents Project Supported by Ministry of Education. One teacher is awarded the honor of National Renowned Teacher and one team is selected as national excellent teaching team. 4 scholars are selected in the Taishan Scholar Climbing Plan and 20 distinguished professors are prestigiously titled Taishan Scholars. 41 are awarded the honor of outstanding experts at the provincial level and national level and 70 staff members enjoy special allowance of Chinese State Council. There are 12 Shandong Provincial Renowned Teacher and 6 Shandong Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams.

There are 54 key disciplines and research bases at the national or provincial level. In addition, there is one key national laboratory managed by the Shandong Provincial Government and one engineering research center under the Chinese Ministry of Education. Further, there are 14 key provincial discipline bases, 10 key provincial level laboratories, 4 key laboratories funded by the Shandong “Twelfth-Five-Year Plan”, 8 social science research bases approved by the Shandong Provincial Government, and 14 provincial-level engineering research centers.

University of Jinan has established 4 national-level distinctive specialties, 5 national-level quality courses, 2 national-level exemplary bilingual courses, 2 national-level quality public audio and video courses, 6 specialties training for Outstanding Engineers, 16 provincial-level distinct specialties, 9 specialties jointly supported by the school and enterprise, 53 provincial-level top-grade courses and 5 provincial-level experimental teaching centers. In recent years, the faculties have undertaken 6 national teaching and research projects and 55 provincial projects, published 8 textbooks guided by China, and won 3 national “Teaching Achievements” awards and 75 provincial “Teaching and Research Achievements” awards. In addition, the University has successively won a wide variety of honors for innovation and creativity, such as the “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular and Academic Contest, and China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The students have won 3133 provincial or national awards, of which 48 are first prizes and 125 are second prizes at the national level.

In recent years, University of Jinan has undertaken 347 national research projects including funds from the National Science and Technology Support Program, 973 project program, 863 project program, and support from the Natural Science Foundation of China, and Social Science Foundation of China, and 814 provincial projects. The University has won 238 national and provincial prizes for research achievements, one second prize of National Award for Technological Invention and 3 second prizes of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, and obtained 666 national patents. 4799 papers were indexed by SCI, EI or ISTP. 214 academic works, translations or textbooks were published. Eight journals are currently sponsored by the University of Jinan, including “China Powder Science and Technology”, “Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment”, and “Journal of University of Jinan”.

The University of Jinan has promoted policies of opening-up and internationalization. The university has been actively developing relationships with foreign counterparts by means of visiting scholar programs, academic exchange, and international cooperation and exchange programs and agreements. Up to now, University of Jinan has established international cooperative relationships with 74 foreign counterparts. The universities and institutions are in countries including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and etc. University of Jinan has established international cooperative relationships with 13 universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. In addition, 3 Confucius Institutes has been built up in the Republic of Congo in Africa, South Dakota and City and County of Denver in America.

The campuses in the University of Jinan cover an area of over 2.43 million square meters and its total construction area is 1.02 million square meters. The value of fixed assets totals up to 2.14 billion yuan (RMB) and teaching facilities are worth 370 million yuan (RMB). The construction area of the university library is 63,000 square meters, with a collection of more than 4.6 million printed and electronic books, 4,200 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals and possesses 23,000 kinds of electronic journals as well.

The long-term planning of University of Jinan is to build a comprehensive, open, international and characteristic high-level university.


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Number of Foreign Teachers: 15 “During the time of foreign teachers in our school, we regularly organize activities for them to visit cultural attractions, so that foreign teachers can have life-work balance and enjoying their weekend and teaching, we take teachers to experience the Chinese culture and experience Chinese customs.”


Foreign Teachers Apartment is provided free to foreign teachers employed


About Jinan

Jinan is the provincial capital of Shandong in the People’s Republic of China. It is located in the North-West of the province. In the South the city is flanked by the hills of The Tai’an massif, while the Yellow River passes North of the city. Jinan carries the nickname City of Springs because of the many artesian wells that bubble up within the city limits. The water from these springs flows North towards the main landmark, Daming Lake, and onwards to the Yellow River.


  • about 20 kilometers to downtown from school
  • 2 hours from Jinan to Shanghai by rail
  • 3 hours from Jinan to Beijing by rail


Jinan cuisine is famous for its scrumptious, aromatic, fresh and pure dishes.Being a political, economical and cultural center of Shandong Province, Jinan is equally with a time-honored food culture. Jinan food is celebrated for its faint scent, fresh and tender taste and pure flavor. Nutritious soup is an important feature of Jinan cuisine while shallot and garlic are widely used to create delicious flavors.


Jinan climate is cold in winter and hot in summer while in spring the weather often becomes mainly dry with some rain. So many people consider that the autumn is the best season in which to pay a visit. However, spring is really the preferred time to visit the Baotu Spring and it goes without saying that if you wish to see the wonderful snowscape of Daming Lake then you need to go in winter.


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