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University For Science and Technology Beijing


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Introduction to University For Science and Technology Beijing

University For Science and Technology Beijing (北京科技职业学院, website) is a full-time, comprehensive, private, private higher vocational college that is approved by the Beijing Municipal Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school was founded in 1997. Eighteen years after its establishment, Beijing Vocational College of Science and Technology upholds the purpose of “educating people and serving the country” advocated by Comrade Zhou Jiting, the party’s party secretary, and has achieved super-conventional and leapfrog development and achieved great achievements in school construction. The Changping Shahe Campus and Badaling Campus, which cover an area of 2875 acres of forest trees, green grass, birds, flowers, mountains, rivers and pavilions, have been formed. The total building area of the existing education and teaching buildings is more than 700,000 square meters, the total value of teaching equipment is 138 million yuan, and 180 full-time and part-time teachers.

In 2007, the University For Science and Technology Beijing passed the “Assessment of Talent Training in Higher Vocational Colleges”. While attaching great importance to professional teaching, the school attaches great importance to ideological and political education and moral education. It regards “building morality, educating people and cultivating souls” as its fundamental task, takes party building as the lead, takes the socialist core value system as the core, and “three systems (System, mechanism, responsibility system) to ensure that all staff and students do ideological and political work.

In 2008, the school’s voluntary service activities for students reached an unprecedented level. They actively donated blood and donated materials during the earthquake relief. They contributed selflessly in participating in the Olympic service process, which effectively improved the ideological awareness and comprehensive quality of students. The school has nearly 3,000 people directly involved in the Olympic pacesetters, game volunteers, urban volunteers, actors at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, actors at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games, leading pilots, and ticket workers. There are Paralympic bands and cheerleading teams. 10,000 volunteers; more than 60,000 people participated in Olympic service activities. The students actively participated in the Olympic service, and were rewarded by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and highly praised by the party and national leaders.

University For Science and Technology Beijing fully implements the party’s education policy, further updates the educational concept, clarifies the school running ideas, and clarifies the school’s positioning. Actively adapt to the functional positioning of the four centers of the capital and the needs of economic and social development and Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park (our hospital is located in the core area of Zhongguancun), adhere to the purpose of service, employment-oriented, and follow the development path of combining production and learning. Under the guidance of integrated development, with quality improvement as the core, professional construction and teacher construction as the focus, outstanding school characteristics and development advantages are highlighted. Focusing on transformation and the development of specialized training, we will innovate institutional mechanisms and increase vitality, actively promote school-enterprise integration, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development. At the same time, we will deepen the reform of education and teaching, pay attention to the overall development of students and enhance their professional ability, continuously improve the quality of talent training, and continue to strengthen the service for the economic and social development of the capital. Firmly implement the development strategies of “quality, characteristics”, “concentric diversity” and “one master, multiple assistants” proposed by the board of directors of our school, that is, to take higher vocational education as the main body (or center), and take characteristic education, such as elderly education, Early childhood education, special education, physical education, international education, training education in cooperation with enterprises, etc., are multi-assisted development patterns, pushing the Beijing Academy of Sciences to truly embark on the “excellent” development path.

University For Science and Technology Beijing adheres to the development policy of “quality characteristics, concentric pluralism”, follows the “excellent professional” development path, and strives to build a boutique university with professional characteristics after 3-5 years of hard work. The so-called “precision” has the following seven points. The first is that people who are engaged in education must be capable. The second is to be superb. The third is to work carefully. The fourth is to have good equipment. Fifth, the campus must be beautiful. The sixth is quality. The seventh is that students are proficient in practical ability.

University For Science and Technology Beijing adheres to the leadership of party building, takes belief culture as the core content, takes moral cultivation as the foundation, and guarantees the “three systems” (system, mechanism, responsibility system). . Establish a team of counselors with class teachers as the main body, and create a new model of ideological, political and moral education and comprehensive quality education for college students.


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