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Introduction to Tongren University

Tongren University (铜仁学院, website) is located in Tongren City, Guizhou Province, a “famous city in western China”. It is located at the foot of Fanjing Mountain and Chuanxiong Education Park on the banks of the Jinjiang River. The campus is magnificent and magnificent. Project construction colleges, Huang Yanpei vocational education award “Excellent School Award” winning college, Ministry of Education scientific work capacity improvement plan construction colleges, Guizhou Province “12th Five-Year” master degree awarded to the project construction unit, Guizhou Province the first batch of transition to application Pilot universities and national and provincial civilized units and national unity and progress model units. In the “Ranking 2019 Best Universities in China” list, the school ranked 520, ranking sixth in Guizhou’s comprehensive undergraduate colleges, and first in cities and universities.

Tongren University was founded in Mingde School, founded in 1920. It has passed through several generations and evolved into a full-time undergraduate college in 2006. In 2010, it passed the evaluation of bachelor’s degree awarding units; in 2013, it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment; in 2015, it was relocated to the Chuanxi Education Park, which achieved the goal of “one school, one site”, and opened a new chapter in the transformation and development of the school.

Tongren University covers an area of 910 acres, with a building area of 339,000 square meters, an experimental training center of 50,000 square meters, and a total value of 150 million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment. The library holds 992,000 paper documents and 2.833 million e-books.

The university currently has 10 colleges, 2 characteristic colleges-Wujiang College (School of Government and School Cooperative Education Demonstration College) and Tian Qiu Writing College (Character College specializing in writing and communication), 1 graduate school, and 1 continuing education college. There are 33 undergraduate enrollment majors covering education, engineering, science, literature, management, arts, agriculture and other disciplines; there are 7,938 full-time undergraduates, 527 foundation students, and 668 international students (among them, graduates 259, 409 language students). Jointly trained 133 full-time graduate students.

The university currently has 1,007 faculty members, of whom 530 are full-time teachers, 146 are doctors, and 337 are masters; 131 are senior professional titles (2 are second-level professors, and 7 are third-level professors); “dual-faculty and dual-energy” teachers 329 people; 79 master supervisors. 2 State Council Special Allowance Experts, 1 National 863 Plan Chief Expert; 1 Guizhou Province Core Expert, 2 Provincial Management Experts, 2 Provincial Government Special Allowance Experts, 6 Guizhou Philosophy and Social Science Academic Leaders, Guizhou 2 outstanding young scientific and technological talents in Guizhou, 9 “thousand” level talents in Guizhou Province, 1 innovative talent and entrepreneurial talent in Guizhou Province, 1 innovative talent in philosophy and social sciences in Guizhou Province; 6 experts in urban management in Tongren City; provincial philosophy There are 2 social science innovation teams, 12 provincial college science and technology innovation teams, 1 provincial teaching team, and 1 provincial teaching management team.

Tongren University has undertaken 40 provincial and ministerial teaching reform projects, 73 national college students’ practical innovation training programs, and 126 provincial-level education programs in the past three years. There are 1 majors of national outstanding agricultural and forestry education training programs (rural regional development), and national culture 1 Heritage and Innovation Demonstration Program (Visual Communication Design); 1 Guizhou Regional First-Class Cultivation Program (Garden); 4 Guizhou Provincial Talent Training Programs; 6 Guizhou Professional Comprehensive Reform Pilot Programs; Guizhou Specialty Program 2; 1 Guizhou Province Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and 1 Provincial Counselor’s Workshop (Qianqian Counselor’s Workshop).

Tongren University currently has 1 first-class training discipline (educational) in Guizhou Province, 7 provincial key construction (including support) disciplines; 1 academician workstation and branch station, 1 post-doctoral research workstation, and Guizhou 2011 collaboration 1 Innovation Center, 1 National Theory and Policy Research Base of the National Civil Affairs Commission, 1 University Science and Technology Park of Guizhou Province, 1 Provincial Science Popularization Demonstration Base, 1 Provincial Humanities and Social Science Demonstration Base, Guizhou Provincial Key University Characteristic Laboratory 3 3, Guizhou Provincial University Engineering Centers, 5 Guizhou Provincial University Industry-University-Research Bases, 1 Guizhou Provincial University Humanities and Social Sciences Base, 1 Provincial Professional Technical Base, 1 Guizhou Traditional Ethnic Sports Training Base, and Municipal Humanities Club 1 science and technology demonstration base, 5 Fanjing Educational Research Institute, Fanjing National Cultural Research Institute, Fanjing Ecological Research Institute, Tongren College Zhonglao (Laos) Research Center and other university-level scientific research institutions. Over the past three years, the school has obtained a total research funding of RMB 15,999.6 million. It has undertaken more than 1,000 projects at various levels, including 28 national projects and 188 provincial and ministerial projects. It has published 2498 academic papers, including SCI, SSCI, 170 papers published on CSSCI; 733 authorized patents, 136 monographs and 70 textbooks published; 26 provincial and ministerial-level teaching and scientific research awards, including 17 awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Guizhou, and Guizhou Province 5 scientific and technological progress awards.

Tongren University has established close relationships with more than 200 administrative institutions and enterprises including Tongren Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Tongren Food and Drug Administration Bureau, Tongren City Big Data Administration Bureau and Dane Group, Witton Chemical, Red Star Manganese, Huafeng Agricultural Investment The industry-university-research cooperation relationship has carried out effective project cooperation, and has formed a talent training and social service integration model of “introducing social service, filling the field of talent training”. The quality of talent training and the construction of dual-teacher teachers have achieved remarkable results. Effect.

Tongren University currently has 668 international students from 16 countries including Thailand, Russia, Mongolia, and Indonesia. Over the past three years, it has established long-term friendly and cooperative relationships with more than 80 universities (educational institutions) abroad; it has sent more than 300 students and 90 teachers to universities abroad (international) for exchange and study; “Cambodia undergraduate talent training base” is the only university in Guizhou Province that has established a partnership with the Ministry of Education of Cambodia.

Looking to the future, Tongren University will strive to “build a high-level application-oriented university” as soon as possible and build the school into a distinctive high-level application-oriented university and strive


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