Tianfu Information Vocational College

Tianfu Information Vocational College

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Introduction to Tianfu Information Vocational College

Tianfu Information Vocational College (天府新区信息职业学院, website) is a non-profit full-time ordinary college (ie, the National Unified Enrollment) approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. In 2018, the admission rate, registration rate, and stability rate ranked first among similar schools in the province. In 2019, we will recruit students from Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang.

The college has a very advantageous geographical location, and is located in No. 2 Daxuecheng Road, Shigao Economic Development Zone, Tianfu New District, Sichuan, a national new district. The college is easily accessible. Metro Line 1 is directly connected to Science City, and there is a bus to Tianfu Avenue. The college has a beautiful environment, backed by Er’e Mountain with lush forests, close to the black dragon lake with blue sky, and adjacent to Huanglongxi, a thousand-year-old town, and Xinglong Lake in the urban wetland park. The college occupies an area of ??more than 820 acres, with a total area of ??350,000 square meters. It has a nationwide leading training workshop, complete teaching facilities, living facilities, sports facilities and office facilities. The community environment of the college is mature. Food industry, shopping malls, sky towns, furniture towns, movie theaters, e-sports halls, fitness halls, concert halls, hotels, banks, hospitals, supermarkets and other health industries are accompanied by the college, and they have everything.
The college strives to build a modern vocational education system and adheres to the “four integrations” such as “integration of schools and enterprises; integration of theory and practice; integration of teachers and teachers; integration of students and employees”. Promote a new type of talent training model of “teach middle school, practice middle school, play middle school, do middle school, and create new ones”. The college adheres to people-oriented, cultivates the professional skills of students with the spirit of craftsmanship, and cultivates the humanities of students with the academy concept; it promotes the culture of filial piety, and cultivates professional and social people with healthy personality and good moral will.

Tianfu Information Vocational College always adheres to non-profit school running, and strives to make the college a pioneer in higher vocational education with distinctive professional characteristics and close industry connections, and has built an important training base for high-tech industries in Sichuan Province.


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