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Introduction to Tianfu College of SWUFE

Tianfu College of SWUFE Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (西南财经大学天府学院, website) is an independent college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. After more than ten years of development, the school has successively won “China’s Most Independent Independent College”, “Asia-Pacific Region’s Most Potential Brand College”, “China Design Education Achievement Award”, “21st Century China Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration College”, “Innovation” Advanced Schools for Entrepreneurship Education, “Top Ten Private Independent Colleges”, “Top Ten Demonstration Bases for Educational Innovation in Asia-Pacific”, “Undergraduate Colleges with the Most Employment Competitiveness”, “Excellent Undergraduate Colleges for Graduate Employment in General Colleges,” “Chinese Service Outsourcing Education Institutions” Top 10 Best Practices “, advanced units of” Safe Campus “for security work in colleges and universities in northwestern Sichuan, Sichuan Province, the advanced collective of the national education system, the first Sichuan Civilized Campus, and the Sichuan Province educational system information work advanced unit. In February 2017, the school passed the ISO9001: 2008 certification audit and became a university that has obtained the certification of an international quality management system. In the latest ranking of the China Alumni Association, the school is ranked 15th in the Independent College of China and 2nd in the Independent College of Finance and Economics.

Tianfu College of SWUFE has three campuses in Mianyang, Chengdu and Deyang, covering an area of more than 1,900 mu. The Mianyang campus is located in China Science and Technology City, the second largest city in Sichuan Province—Mianyang; the Chengdu campus is located in the Longtan Headquarters Economic City, the second section of the East Third Ring Road in Chengdu; the Deyang campus is located near the highway exit of Luojiang District, Deyang. The high-speed train connects the three campuses in 40 minutes.

Tianfu College of SWUFE has modern teaching, scientific research, sports, and logistical living facilities. There are ample teaching venues, advanced and complete facilities, and excellent student accommodation. The school has more than 500 modern multimedia classrooms of various types; the library has 1.27 million paper books, 1.19 million electronic books, 4559 teaching computers, complete teaching equipment and facilities in the experimental building, and can meet more than 25,000 students. Students’ computer internship and experimental teaching requirements; the backbone Gigabit campus network extends to each classroom, each student dormitory and each desktop of the laboratory, with a total of 40560 information points, rich online teaching and scientific research resources; various types Sports facilities and equipment are complete, including standard artificial turf football fields, plastic track and field fields, standard plastic basketball courts, standard plastic volleyball courts, standard plastic tennis courts, and standard swimming pools.

Tianfu College of SWUFE fully relies on the excellent educational brand of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics for more than 90 years, adhering to the high-standard, high-starting school running philosophy, taking “Chongwen Shangwu, Minsi Practice” as the school motto, and “one mind (innovative thinking), two Tools (English and information technology), three habits (confidence, self-discipline, self-learning), and four qualities (loyalty, integrity, integrity, hard work) are the training goals, and we are the first to realize the internationalization of educational models, the informatization of teaching methods, the language Bilingual (Chinese, English). The school adheres to the professional thinking of economics, management, literature, arts, engineering, law, medicine, and education as the mainstay, and economics and management as the main disciplines. Each discipline supports, intersects, and develops in a coordinated manner. It changes educational thinking and reforms. Teaching methods, vigorously promote the internationalization of the curriculum and curriculum system, cultivate firm political thinking, have a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, have solid professional knowledge and humanistic qualities, be proficient in foreign languages and information technology, have an international perspective and financial thinking Mind, application-oriented, compound senior specialized talents suitable for the needs of modern social development and economic construction.

Tianfu College of SWUFE currently has 23,964 students and 982 faculty members. Bachelor’s degree in 32 majors and 25 majors, covering 8 disciplines including economics, management, engineering, literature, art, law, medicine, and education, with accounting, intelligent finance, intelligent technology, architecture and engineering, modern 8 secondary schools in service management, art design, health care, and international education. The five majors of accounting, environmental design, computer science and technology, engineering cost, and social work are provincial application demonstration majors, and the four majors of accounting, art design (senior design direction), computer science and technology, senior service and management It was included in the construction project of quality improvement plan for key specialty of private universities in Sichuan province. The school has two provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers of accounting experimental teaching center and modern enterprise management experimental teaching center. Schools and the University of Missouri, University of Missouri University of Technology, University of Northern Arizona; University of Coventry, Huddersfield, University of Plymouth, University of Demonford, University of Chichester, University of West England, Portsmouth University of Australia; Deakin University of Australia, Victoria University, University of Western Sydney and other well-known universities in the United States, Europe and Australia have established long-term cooperative relationships. Undergraduate graduates can directly study for graduates from famous foreign universities, and graduates of universities can directly study for undergraduates from foreign universities. . The British National Higher Education Diploma International Exchange Project Centre established by the school has been rated as the first A-level centre in China. The independently designed and developed “3 + 1, 2 + 2, 1 + 1” curriculum system has been recognized by nearly 60 overseas institutions. . The school also participated in the Future University Alliance consisting of 12 universities across the country and carried out student exchange and mutual credit recognition activities.

Tianfu College of SWUFE vigorously creates a “small society, large classroom” education environment on campus, advocates positive education attitude of appreciation education and “caring for the mind, refining the mind”, and has extensively carried out a series of comprehensive quality development such as college student career planning activity. Through the assessment of vocational ability, hobbies and other aspects, it helps students discover their own advantages and specialties, and provides scientific basis and reference for students’ professional choice and future development direction. Through one-on-one counseling, group counseling, peer counseling, and psychological lectures and workshops in personal development counseling, students are guided to understand themselves, develop their potential, and prepare students to enter and adapt to society. At the same time, through the implementation of the dual mentor system and the senior system to establish a good communication relationship between teachers, students and peers, to help students adapt to the university environment, improve comprehensive quality, implement career planning, and achieved good results.

Tianfu College of SWUFE vigorously promotes Athens-style classroom teaching reforms typified by cloud teaching, case-based, experiential, and project-driven, and strives to cultivate students’ practical and innovative abilities. The school attaches importance to integrating theory with practice, and strengthens cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle Corporation of the United States, Maersk Logistics, the world’s largest third-party logistics company, and established Oracle e-commerce application system, IBM e-commerce system, and Kingdee K3 system. And set up e-commerce application laboratories such as the barcode logistics engineering office of China Logistics and China Article Numbering Center, and integrate these application systems into classroom teaching, so that students can use international-level electronics directly on campus. business platform. The school also works with Bank of China Sichuan Branch, Bank of Communications Sichuan Branch, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Sichuan Veo Group, Sichuan Changhong, Mianyang Jiuzhou Group, Jiangsu Jingdong Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch, Accenture (China ) Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch and other advantageous enterprises have established long-term student internship employment bases. The school actively carried out “double innovation” education and became the first batch of “National University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base” in China. In addition, the school has also established an e-commerce simulation environment, an e-government simulation environment, a commercial bank simulation environment, an electronic tax simulation environment, and a scenario management simulation environment, which have laid a solid material foundation for the cultivation of innovative and practical talents and created excellent Educational conditions.

After years of teaching experience, the school’s “Biology” course has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the first batch of bilingual teaching demonstration courses in China. In 2012, school students won the silver medal of the “First National Graphic Design Competition”. In 2013, school students won the first prize of the Sichuan-Chongqing team in the final of the 6th UFIDA National College Student Accounting Informatization Skills Contest. From 2011 to 2013, school students won the gold medal in the national finals of the “National University Student Entrepreneurship Contest” hosted by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. In 2014, school students won the National Silver Award of the “2014 Always Follow the Party” Ninth China Youth Art Festival Competition, the “First Sixth National University Marketing Competition” Sichuan Province First Prize. In 2015, students of the school won the first prize of the comprehensive prize of the “sixth BIM construction management sandbox and software application competition”, the first prize of individual project planning, and the gold prize of “the second national graphic design exhibition”. In 2016, school students won the first prize of the “National Cup Finals of the 3rd” Discover Cup “National Internet Software Design Contest, and the” 7th Blue Bridge Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition-Software Entrepreneurship Team Competition ” “National Grand Final Special Award. In 2017, school students won the first prize of the Sichuan Provincial Contest of the “Eighth ‘Blue Bridge Cup’ National Software and Information Technology Talent Competition” and the first prize of the “PPT Four Colleges and Universities League”. In 2018, school students won the first prize of the “Seventh POCIB National Foreign Trade Practice Ability Competition”, the first prize of the second “National Youth Cup” National College Art and Design Competition, and the fourth China University Student Human Resources Vocational Skills Competition Southern Division Special Prize. In 2019, school students won the “National New Retail Buyer Entrepreneurship Practical Skills” Skill Competition Special Award, and the 4th “Creative Education Cup” National Human Resource Management Knowledge and Skills Competition Third Prize First Prize.

The school insists on strengthening the school with talents, developing the school academically, based in Sichuan, facing the west, and radiating the whole country, and strives to build Southwest University of Finance and Economics Tianfu College into a national first-class, characteristic and influential application-oriented undergraduate college.


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