The Tourism College of Changchun University

The Tourism College of Changchun University


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Introduction to The Tourism College of Changchun University

The Tourism College of Changchun University (长春大学旅游学院, website) is located in Changchun, Jilin Province, known as the “Northland Spring City”. It is adjacent to Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park, a national 5A scenic spot. Multidisciplinary private higher education institutions. The school was established in June 2000 with the approval of the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, and was recognized as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in 2004. In 2010, the school obtained the right to grant a bachelor’s degree, and in 2017 received the right to train master graduate students in joint training with Changchun University. The school is a director unit of the China Private Education Association, a standing director unit of the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Private Education Association, a director unit of the Education Branch of the China Tourism Association, a director unit of the China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, and a chairman unit of the Theoretical Research and Education Branch of the Jilin Province Tourism Association. Deputy Chairman Unit of Jilin Provincial Convention and Exhibition Association, Grade 5A private non-enterprise unit assessed by Jilin Provincial Department of Civil Affairs.

The college has 9 teaching units and 38 majors, covering five disciplines including management, economics, literature, art, and engineering. It has enrolled students in 27 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and currently has 8,903 full-time students. The school has 605 faculty members, including 392 full-time teachers, 147 full-time teachers and associate professors or above, and 288 master and doctoral teachers. The school has provincial teaching teachers, Changbai Mountain skilled teachers, provincial excellent teachers, provincial teaching rookies, advanced provincial teachers with moral ethics, and provincial outstanding foreign experts, etc., forming a noble morality, superb business, orderly, Reasonable and dynamic high-level teachers.

The Tourism College of Changchun University has perfect infrastructure and pleasant campus scenery. Built with a 2000 m2 indoor patio landscape belt, the landscape belt integrates landscape gardens and leisure sports. It is an organic unity of gardens, academies and paradise. It is presented to teachers and students with spring flowers, summer shadows, autumn fruits, and winter green. Pleasant scenery has become a unique campus landscape in colleges and universities in the province. The school has built a beautiful “Long Travel Night” lighting project. Whenever night falls, the beautiful campus under neon lights becomes a beautiful scenery of the school resident. School collection of more than 805,000 books, e-books of more than 3.85 million books, existing China HowNet series database, reading show academic search platform, State Council Development Research Center Information Network-Comprehensive Edition, Artlib World Art Appreciation Library, Yunzhou / Learning Link Digital resources such as FIF foreign language learning resource library and Edison Coson Online Lecture Hall provide resource guarantee and quality services for school teaching and research.

The Tourism College of Changchun University currently has 6 Jilin Province Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards; 3 provincial-level specialty programs, 1 provincial-level high-level specialty program (A category), 3 provincial-level undergraduate professional construction sites, and provincial-level brands 1 major, 2 provincial online open courses, 3 construction courses, 4 provincial excellent courses, 15 provincial excellent courses, 2 provincial “disciplinary education demonstration courses” project construction courses, the first batch of Jilin Province School-enterprise cooperative development and construction of 2 courses; 4 provincial-level outstanding teaching teams; 1 provincial-level college talent training innovation model test area; 1 provincial-level college students’ off-site practical education base; 6 “person projects”; 1 provincial “dual-teacher, dual-energy” teacher training and training base; 1 provincial key humanities and social science research base. In recent years, the school has won 15 outstanding achievement awards of the Provincial Institute of Higher Education, three provincial educational technology achievement awards, and one provincial educational science outstanding achievement award. The school undertakes more than 100 teaching and research projects at the provincial level, edits more than 100 textbooks, and publishes more than 1,000 academic papers.

The Tourism College of Changchun University is committed to the cultivation of applied talents, actively promotes the integration of production and education, promotes in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, insists on opening schools, and cooperates closely with industry management departments and related enterprises and institutions to form “Changchun University Tourism The College’s Applied Undergraduate Talent Training and Education Group “has established an in-depth cooperation platform between schools and enterprises. At present, more than 200 well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Hyatt Hotel Group, Sheraton Hotel Group, Disneyland Shanghai Park, Hangzhou Songcheng Group, Zhejiang Wuzhen Water Village and other domestic and foreign well-known enterprises have signed contracts to establish school-enterprise cooperation alliances. Through the group-based school-based talent training model, Create a broad platform of “internship + employment + entrepreneurship” for students. In recent years, the student employment rate has remained above 90%. In the 19 years since its establishment, the school has delivered more than 20,000 outstanding graduates to the society.

The Tourism College of Changchun University currently has 38 college student associations of various types, and actively participated in volunteer service activities at major exhibitions such as the Global Jishang Conference, Northeast Asia Expo, Changchun International Marathon, Auto Expo, and Agricultural Expo. Highly praised. The school attaches great importance to the quality of cultivating people and talents, as well as the development of students’ ability. In recent years, students have repeatedly achieved good results in various national college student competitions, and have won nearly 600 awards in various types. Won the first prize of the National Tourism College Service Skills Competition; the first prize of the National University Student Exhibition Creative Contest; the first prize of the second National University Student Mobile Internet Entrepreneurship Competition; the runner-up of the Chinese clothing buyer contest; the second prize of the National College Student Sand Table Simulation Management Competition ; In China University Student Computer Design Contest, National University Student Advertising Art Contest, National University Student Industrial Design Contest, “Foreign Research Institute Cup” National Foreign Language Contest, National University Student Finance Professional Competence Contest, National University Enterprise Value Creation Competition, National University Biological Flow Simulation Design Contest, etc. National and provincial competitions have won many awards. Many people have won the honorary titles of Chinese University Student Star of Self-reliance, Chinese University Student of the Year, Jilin Province Self-Strengthening Star Pacemaker, Jilin Good Youth, Jilin Provincial University Graduates Top Ten Pioneering Pioneers, etc.

The Tourism College of Changchun University has actively carried out international exchanges and cooperation in running schools. It has established inter-school friendly exchanges and cooperation relationships with 22 universities in the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Students go abroad to study for “3 + 1”, “2 + 2”, “3 + 1 + 2” undergraduate and master’s degree programs, and carry out scientific research and academic exchanges and visits; open new paths for international cooperation in education around the “Belt and Road”, Universities such as the University of Derby in the United Kingdom and the UUNZ Institute of Business in New Zealand have signed double-degree agreements; they have launched paid internship programs with more than 10 companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Japan.


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