The National Police University for Criminal Justice

The National Police University for Criminal Justice

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Introduction to The National Police University for Criminal Justice

The National Police University for Criminal Justice (中央司法警官学院, website) is the only ordinary higher police institution directly under the Ministry of Justice. It is located in Baoding, Hebei, a historical and cultural city. The campus has lush trees and green grass, and the environment is elegant. It is a garden-style unit in Hebei Province. The school was founded in 1956, formerly known as the Ministry of Public Security Labor Reform Cadre School, and was placed under the administration of the Ministry of Justice in 1983. In 1985, the Central Institute of Reform-through-labor Management was established. In 1995, it was renamed as the Central College of Judicial Police Officer Education. In 1999, it began to apply for the establishment of ordinary colleges and universities. As the nation’s highest judicial administration system and a leading institution of criminal justice, the school is a training base for the judicial administration system, a training base for judicial officials and senior police officers, and a research and innovation base for judicial administrative theory.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice covers an area of 295,000 square meters and a total fixed asset value of approximately 460 million yuan. As of March 2018, the school has 468 faculty and staff, 317 full-time teachers, of whom 102 have senior professional titles, 109 associate senior titles, and 12 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council. At present, there are 6,264 students (including 5,924 ordinary undergraduate students, 129 postgraduate law masters, and 211 students recruited in the pilot system reform training system for political and legal police), and 1,105 adult correspondence students. At the same time, in order to implement the central government’s “education to assist Xinjiang” policy and support the development of education in the central and western regions, the school has started a joint school operation with Xinjiang Judicial Police School since 2015, recruiting a total of 1,184 college students.

Currently, the university has a prison school, a law school, a correction education department, an information management department, a police management department, a basic course teaching and research department, a Marxist-Leninist teaching and research department, a police sports teaching and research department, a continuing education department, a training department, a graduate education department, and modern education There are 12 teaching units including the Technology Center, 7 research institutions such as the Judicial Administration Science Research Institute and the Lawyer Work Research Center, and 19 party and government institutions. The school library has a collection of 847,000 books. It has the only prison drug detoxification information center and lawyer’s document information center in the country. It also has a key laboratory of the Ministry of Justice—modern correction technology laboratory, drug rehabilitation rehabilitation technology laboratory, and judicial information security laboratory. 16 modern laboratories and 40 teaching and research practice bases have been established in judicial administrative agencies across the country.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice takes advantage of prison science and corrective education, and has established a discipline system of law, management, education, sociology and other infiltrations and coordinated development. Among them, prison science has been established as a key discipline of the Ministry of Justice for correction. Pedagogy has been approved by the Ministry of Justice as a key construction discipline at the ministerial level. Criminal law has been approved as a key discipline by Hebei Province, and prison science and administrative management (police management) have been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as specialty construction sites for universities. At present, the university offers 19 undergraduate majors and professional orientations, such as prison science, law, investigative science (inside prison investigation), law (corrective education), administration (police management), and information management and information systems.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice implements strict policing management, and has formed a school running characteristic of “adhering to political education, strengthening professional quality, focusing on practical ability, and exerting industry advantages”. Civil servants of state agencies such as the public security, prosecution, law, and customs, industry, commerce, and taxation have always maintained a good employment rate and quality of employment.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Justice, actively undertakes the training tasks of the judicial administration system. Since 2002, it has held 493 training courses for leaders of national judicial administration systems, senior police officers, senior lawyers, and various business training courses , Trained more than 51,000 trainees, and averaged over 3400 trainees per year. It has made important contributions to the construction of China’s judicial administration team. At the same time, the school closely combined with the actual development of judicial administration reform and carried out theoretical research around major theoretical and practical issues in the field of judicial administration. It has applied for more than 140 provincial and ministerial-level topics, published more than 340 monographs, and published more than 4,500 papers. The reform and development of judicial administration provided theoretical support.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice was approved by the State Council ’s Degree Committee in October 2011 as a pilot unit for the construction of postgraduates with a master ’s degree in law. In August 2012, it was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a “national continuing professional education base for professional and technical personnel”, taking the lead in becoming the national political and legal system and the first national continuing professional education base for universities in Hebei Province, marking the level of school training A historic leap from the training base of the Ministry of Justice to the national training base has been achieved. In November 2012, the Central Editorial Board approved the addition of the National Lawyer College brand to the Central Judicial Police Academy, and officially established the only National Lawyer College since the founding of the Republic. In December 2014, he was awarded the “Civilized Unit” by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. In February 2015, it was awarded the honorary title of “National Civilized Unit” by the Central Steering Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization. In December 2016, the school was approved by the Hebei Provincial Degree Office as a construction unit authorized by the Master of Laws, Master of Laws, and Master of Police Affairs.

The National Police University for Criminal Justice stands at a new historical starting point and faces a major historical opportunity to comprehensively advance the rule of law and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. In order to actively adapt to the new situation and new tasks after the reorganization of the Ministry of Justice, the school is conscientiously implementing the spirit of the Ministry of Justice’s leadership instructions, seizing opportunities, and taking advantage of the situation to scientifically plan for medium and long-term development plans, and strive to create the Central University of Judicial Police, in order to comprehensively promote compliance Governance has made new and greater contributions.


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