City College Southwest University of Science and Technology

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology


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Introduction to City College Southwest University of Science and Technology

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology (西南科技大学城市学院, website) is a full-time general college that is based on engineering and has been approved by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in China’s only science and technology city, Mianyang City, which enjoys the reputation of “Western China Silicon Valley”, with a mild and livable climate. It is adjacent to the China Academy of Engineering Physics, and is only one wall away from AVIC Mianyang Aviation City. There are many famous enterprises such as Changhong and Kyushu in the surrounding area. The atmosphere of science and technology is rich, and the resources for employment and entrepreneurship are rich. Minutes to Chengdu and convenient transportation.

Since its establishment, City College Southwest University of Science and Technology has gone through an extraordinary journey of entrepreneurship, development, and growth. In the context of deepening the reform of the higher education system, the development of the western region, and the construction of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City, the prestigious universities and enterprises are united to form a strong starting point and run at a high level close to the industry. , Professional construction, academic research, scientific research incubation and other aspects have achieved remarkable results, have been fully affirmed by the children and parents of the University of Guangzhou, enjoy a high social reputation.

Facing the beautiful Sanjiang River, the college is backed by a national-level scenic spot, and it is easy to travel to the natural and cultural scenic spot “Fangshan Mianzhou”, which is known for its garden architecture and the relics of the Three Kingdoms; the campus is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Xiuhuaxin, pleasant scenery.

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology has two campuses, Chengnan and Chengxi, covering an area of 800 acres and a building area of 300,000 square meters. There are nearly 10,000 full-time students, which has reached the most scientific and ideal scale for running a school.

The college shares teaching resources with Southwest University of Science and Technology, and employs a team of authoritative professors from Southwest University of Science and Technology to build the college’s dominant disciplines; makes full use of the “industry-industry-research” resources in Mianyang Science and Technology City, and introduces high-level “double-teacher” full-time teachers to create outstanding teachers; Actively carry out cooperation with foreign applied technology universities, signed sister schools with South Seattle University, and educate talents through international cooperation.

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology focuses on the lifelong development of students, and carefully builds a powerful dual engine of the “Innovation Professional Training Model” (vocational education, innovation and entrepreneurship education, personality education) and the “University Entrepreneurship Leadership Program” for Promote the 433-year training project for students. Students enter the school to graduate and even enter the society. There are professional Xicheng mentor teams in the past ten years to follow the whole process from career planning, learning guidance, life guidance, entrepreneurship navigation, etc., to allow Xicheng students to start a business There is a door, a job is a way.

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology has created a unique “Talent Bank” employment system to help students enhance their employment competitiveness, enhance their talent value, and store their ability to breathe. At present, more than 3,000 civil engineering students have obtained professional managerial positions of construction enterprises and institutions through the system; nearly 1,500 financial accounting students have obtained accounting qualification certificates. In addition, the number of registered employers in the employment system has exceeded 500. Among them, there are many large enterprises such as China Railway Group, China Nuclear Group, Changhong Group, etc., which has realized the supply and demand relationship of talents between schools and enterprises with zero distance.

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology Arts Center has art troupes, symphony orchestras, electro-acoustic rock bands, various associations, fitness centers, and sports teams. Students have a platform to show their personal style and special skills, and they can learn a skill from scratch, such as musical instruments, vocal music, dance, photography, art, etc., and become literary masters.

In accordance with the concept of running a school close to the industry and serving the local economy, the college strives to transform itself into an applied technology university. In order to cultivate honest and capable innovative entrepreneurs, the college has established a vocational education system, and strives to integrate innovative entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training.

The college revised its talent training plan, designed two main lines of theory and ability training, raised the practice credits to more than 40%, and highlighted “learning by doing”.

The college focuses on the strategic plan of “leading the development of the college’s characteristics with the technology industry, preparing for the registration of the technology industry GEM board of the college, and promoting a symbiotic relationship between the university and the industry”. Two major disciplinary groups: the establishment of a provincial-level experimental demonstration center-a building energy-saving engineering training center, relying on the technical force of the center, developed a new industry-leading multi-source multiplex heat pump central air-conditioning hot water system, and gradually formed mature products. The application is installed in the student apartment to improve the living environment of students, and on the other hand, based on this, a discipline group of new energy application engineering with an industrial background is established. In addition, the college responds to the national call and follows the modern medical and nursing integration of healthy and elderly care. Concept, build a training base of thousands of square meters of health care for the elderly, and form a deep school-enterprise cooperation relationship with Hong Kong Heng Ai International Co., Ltd., and build a health care superiority subject group with industry background.

City College Southwest University of Science and Technology will actively research and develop more diffractive scientific and technological achievements, and take the road of industrialization to establish a school-based industry and a local university science park to train students and serve the society. Gradually build the college into a high-level applied technology university with leading ideas, distinctive features, outstanding advantages, and perfect models, focusing on training students’ innovative spirit and entrepreneurship.


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